Chapter two: Unexpected meeting with Damon!

I was alone, but in a crowded place. I just needed some air. I didn't know what to do anymore. It's like I wasn't me. It's like nothing made sense. I heard a squawk and looked up and saw the biggest crow I had ever seen in my life. It seemed to be watching me intently. Like it wouldn't dare take it's eyes off me for a second. If it did, it probably thought I would do a runner. My heart beat faster when I realized that the place I was in absolutely deserted. I better go. I thought, getting ready to leave. But a strong hand grabbed my upper arm, stopping me from going anywhere. Ah,ah. Where do you think you're going? A cold voice asked. Home. I replied, turning around. Silent screams echoed inside me when I looked at who had grabbed me. Let go! I demanded. He simply grabbed me tighter and said. You haven't changed a bit, little undying one. Even if you can't die, your fire hasn't burned out either. He said, stroking my neck. It was like he was imagining the blood inside me. I opened my mouth to scream Stefan's name but he clapped his hand over my mouth. Don't think he's going to come and rescue you. I'd rip him apart in a heartbeat. He said. The thought was enough to kill me but this wasn't the right time to think about that. I took my chance and hit him where it hurt-hard. He let go of me with an anguished yell and that's when I took off running. Not daring to look behind me for a second. There was no one around. I was scared out of my mind. I heard footsteps behind me and then suddenly a crow swooped down and morphed into Damon. I stumbled back and went to turn around but he was there. How are you doing this? I shouted, close to tears. Simple, Lizzy, I'm a vampire. I can do this stuff. He smirked, stepping towards me with a cruel smirk on his face. What do you want? I asked. You. He said. Suddenly I was over his shoulder, clutching his waist. Put me down! I demanded. Why would I do that? You're bait for Stefan. He said. Suddenly, he leaped into the air with cat like grace. There was no way I could escape this even if I tried. He was too strong and too powerful. All I could do was hold on and hope that Stefan would come for me. I knew he would.

Stefan's p.o.v

She'd been gone for ages, he was scared. What if Damon got her? What if he found her and took her away with him. When she wanted to be here. He was even more scared when he found a note on his pillow.

Dear Stefan,

This is your brother Damon, writing to you on regards of your dear friend, Lizzy. Yes, don't think I don't know about her. Because I do. In fact, she's with me right now. In a place perfect just for the two of us. Ask yourself this, Stefan. Do you want her back? Are you missing her and worried about her as you read these words? She's locked in a cell with me, so if I get hungry, she will be the first thing I feed on. I suggest you come straight away, Stefan. If you want to see her alive...again. I can imagine how empty your life would be without her. I've already had a taste of her delicious blood antd to tell you the truth Stefan. I'm thirsty for more. You should have seen her when I first bit her. I've never seen so much passion in trying to stop me. Not that she could. Not when I had her pinned down on the floor. And she can't fight against me. That fire in her is slowly burning out, Stefan. That fire inside her. She needs you, Stefan. More than you know. She insists that she knows that you will come for her, but will you? Will you risk your life for a girl? And will you dare go against me, your much older and stronger brother? I must warn you, that if you lose and I decide to spare you, she will be mine. Come and get her if you dare...


Stefan felt his body tense. He'd taken her without a care in the world. He re-read the letter. He had to go and get her. He left immediately, knowing that he'd be keeping her at the graveyard. He was afraid of this, afraid that Damon would have taken her to lure Stefan to him. And now it was. Now he knew that he had to go and get her. He could sense that radiant personality that was slowly dying as each second was spent in the cell.

My p.o.v

Aah! I screamed in agony. He had hold of my wrist, and was sucking blood from it. Stop! I yelled. He let go of my wrist as I clutched it and moved away from him as fast as possible till my back hit the wall. Why? It tastes so delicious. He said, smirking cruelly. He's coming for me, you know? I said. I can feel him. I said. Are you so sure? He asked. I stopped and looked at him. Stop Damon! Just stop! Just leave me alone! I shouted. Hey, hey, hey. Calm down. He said. I narrowed my eyes. Don't look at me like that. He said. I'll look at you anyway I want. I replied. You're losing your fire, Lizzy. The longer you spend in here, the longer you lose your determination. Your only hope is Stefan. Isn't it? He asked. I could get out myself. I said. If I had the strength. I thought to myself. Where is Stefan? I wondered, wearily. He had taken too much blood from me and if Stefan didn't get here soon. I wouldn't have any blood. Stefan, please get me out of here. I thought. Please. I prayed silently. I had no way of knowing that he was on his way to rescue me.

Stefan's p.o.v

He got closer to where Damon was holding Lizzy against her will. He could feel her fire, her radiant personality. No wonder Damon had found her. With a personality like that, a universal strength. He burst through the door and saw Damon staring at him. She was in a cell, but that fire was back in her eyes and she was smiling at Stefan in a way that she never had before. Foolish little brother. I warned you not to come. Now you're going to lose her either way because you're not powerful enough to fight me. So, either way, she's mine. He said. These words seemed to enrage Stefan as him and his brother began to fight. She go to her feet and began to cheer Stefan on. That fire had returned, now all he had  to do was rescue her. Even if he was weaker than Damon, the thought of losing her was enough to make him stronger. Eventually, he managed to beat Damon and Lizzy was released. She ran to Stefan and glared at Damon. One thing I gotta say to you, Damon: Stay away from me. It's not a warning, it's a serious threat. Don't come near me like this or any other way. Ok? She said. You'll be mine one day. He said. In your dreams. She replied. When they left the graveyard, she took Stefan's hands and looked at him. Thank you, Stefan. She said. No problem. He said, smiling kindly at her as her personality glowed softly with a light that said she loved him. He stepped closer to her and gently lifted her chin and pressed his lips against hers in a tender kiss. She pulled him down to her and deepened the kiss. His teeth prickled with joy. Stefan, I love you. She whispered. I love you too. He replied. Then, everything just got better for both of them at that exact moment in time. They were happy. Damon was still around but they had each other now.

The End

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