Chapter one: Recurring Nightmares

Basically, it's a mixture of stuff from different places. A girl and her vampire friend are trying to escape from the vampire's evil brother but he keep finding them.

Stefan's p.o.v

No, stop, please. He heard her whimper as he shot up, concerned for her. She was tossing and turning, struggling against whatever was in her dreams. It was probably him again. Who? His brother. He had joy in tormenting Lizzy, even in her nightmares. She grabbed her pillow and threw it on the floor as sweat broke out on her body. Help me Stefan! She shouted, fighting an invisible person. She screamed in agony as id she was being bit. Stefan got over there and pulled her to him. She seemed to know it was him and she hugged him. She was sticky with sweat. She breathed heavily. He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. Hey, you ok? He asked. Yeah. She said. Just a nightmare. She replied. Yeah, some nightmare. He said. Then he noticed two marks on her wrist. Lizzy, what's this?! He exclaimed, grabbing her wrist and examining it. I...I don't know. She stammered. It was a dream, Stefan. How could it be otherwise? She asksed. I don't think so. I think it was something else. He said. What do you mean? She asked. He got up and looked at her.

My p.o.v

Only one person could invade your mind like that, Lizzy. Someone who knows how to get inside your head. Someone who knows how much you mean to me. I got up from my bed. I was getting worried as I looked around me. Stefan, who? I asked. Damon. He muttered. No way. He's here in Mystic Falls. I whispered, looking as if he could hear me. Yeah. He has to be. Stefan said. Listen, Lizzy. I want you to stay in crowded places. He said, eyeing me carefully. I nodded, ready to do whatever he said. Was I scared? Yes. I was. But I had to hold it together for Stefan, all because I loved him. I hadn't told him. But one day I would. When all the danger was past. We got changed and headed out. It was the holidays and we were soaking up the days we were spending together. Nothing could seperate us. I felt happy. Suddenly, the sun was hidden by dark clouds and wind blew fiercely. Stefan! I screamed, reaching out for him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into him and covered us protectively with his body as a tree stump flew over us. I screamed, again. What was happening? Stefan was fighting tooth and claw to keep hold of me. I grabbed his jacket, pulling him to me as I fought against the wind. It was almost like it was trying to pry us apart. But I wasn't going to let it. It picked up and got stronger. No! Stefan screamed as my grip loosened and I fell to the ground. I coughed as the wind suddenly stopped. Suddenly, Stefan was by my side, holding me in his strong arms. I gasped and buried my face in his chest. If it was who I thought it was, he hadn't succeeded in taking me away from Stefan. I clutched at him as he helped me to my feet. The sun came out and I felt the sunlight warm me. We walked on, keeping close. I didn't know what to think or do anymore. I was confused.

The End

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