Chapter Two: Confrontation

I felt so sick. I couldn't believe he was alive.  Katherine made sure she got her way, but she got carried off and I was left alone. I have no idea what happened to Emily, her witch friend. But he was alive. And well. And I was pleased to discover that. I listened to the teacher, but my mind kept wandering. What was I going to do? Confront him? Ingore him? I have to talk to him, he probably recongizes me anyway. He spent a lot of time with Katherine, and obviously I was there. The day seemed to drag and I seemed to get more agitated till it was lunch. I played with a bottle cap, spinning it across the table. A hand caught it and I looked up at the person, and my face paled once more and my throat closed as I stared up at Stefan Salvatore. So, you're the mysterious new girl. He said. It was more of a statement than a question. Yes. I murmured, answering him anyway. And you look very familiar. He mused as he studied my face. I said. I could say the same about you. I looked at him as I sat back in my seat. He smiled, admiring the fact that I could keep cool under pressure.

The End

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