Chapter one: New girl

A girl from 1864 arrives back in Mystic Falls to come face to face with a guy from her past, Stefan Salvatore.

I stepped into the car park as I fixed my eyes on the school. Here I was, back in Mystic Falls, after travelling the world on my own. And I was finally going to settle down and do something with my abnormal long life. I can't die, I can't age, and somehow I can perform magic because I'm from a lineage of witches. I was Katherine Pierce's maid back in 1864. But after she got killed, I left. Got out before I was found and went to travel for a bit, gain some perspective. And now I came back here. I stepped into the school and realised I had to locate the office. I approached a friendly blonde haired girl and asked her where the office was. She smiled, sensing I was new, and offered to take me, which I accepted gratefully. On the way, she introduced herself, her name was Caroline and she told me I wasn't the only new person in school. When I asked who, she told me all about the mysterious but gorgeous Stefan Salvatore. I cocked my head and pondered the name. Why did the name sound familiar? I shook the thought from my head as we approached the office. I thanked her and she said she would see me around. I quickly told her my name and walked into the office. I noticed a guy talking to another secetary and approached the free one, offering a smile. My name is Elizabeth Wootton, I'm new here. I said. She got me to fill in some forms and I was given a class schedule. Thank you. I murmured. I walked out to leave and hit a hard chest. Sorry. I said quickly, gazing up. Then my face paled when I saw who it was. It was one of the Salvatore brothers from 1864. He hadn't aged a day. This must have been Stefan Salvatore. It's impossible, I saw both of them dead. Unless...They were turned into vampires and had Katherine's blood in their system. Excuse me. I said quickly, a horrible feeling in my stomach. I walked out of the office, my heart pounding as I walked to my first class. He was here, just like me, probably to start over. So, it'll be okay, rght? I thought as I sat at the desk and took out my books. Little did I know my problems were just beginning. And they all started with a confrontation...

The End

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