Chapter One: Miss Invisible

Keavy O'Hare is the very definition of Miss Invisble.

Three girls in their four inch heels and their vintage dressed, clomped their way up to the top of the small bleachers. Sitting, down in a row they looked out to the football players practicing. One of the guys looked over, smiled and waved. The girl sitting in the middle waved back.

            “Kasey,” the girl on the left whined. “You cannot be serious.”

            Kasey looked over at the frail blond and smiled devilishly. Her red hair whipped in her face as she turned her head back to the field.

            “I am always serious,” she replied. “Scott told me that Dave was totes into you. It’s destiny, Dev.”

            The blonde on the right looked over at Kasey in astonishment. “You can’t believe that, can you Kase? He can’t be into her. I like him longer. And he knows that,” she yelled. Her sickly blonde hair made her look like a grease head as she stared at Kasey in anger.

            “I do believe that.”Kasey said, staying calm. “Dave likes Dev. And Charlie was looking at you earlier like he wanted to take you to bed, Helen, so don’t even start with the yelling. You know Charlie is one of the hottest guys in school. That is why I decided to tell y’all the news. Charlie will be asking you out sometime soon.”

            Getting up, Kasey grabbed Dev’s hand and dragged her down the bleachers leaving Helen behind. I held my breath. I happened to be under the bleachers. It was not like they would notice. No one noticed me. I was an outcast. Some sort of Miss Invisible that no one really cared if she was there or not.

            Helen looked out to the field and smiled. It must have been the thought of Charlie liking her passing through her pea sized brain.  Her purple Gucci rip-off clinged to her body like a piece of art as she stood up and swayed down the bleachers.

            As soon as they were out of sight, I let out a huge sigh that had been pent up like a bird in a cage. They were finally gone and I could enjoy the rest of my lunch in peace. I faced the outside seating near the cafeteria behind the bleachers as I ate. Football players did not interest me as much as watching people. They avoided me and I avoided them.

            I devoured my sandwich and packed up the packaging from it and sauntered into the school. Time to go to class.

            The bell had not rung to release lunch goers to go to class. But since no one noticed me walking down the hallways, I was the only person in the hallway, not including the assistant principal who nodded to me as I passed. I smiled and walked by quietly.

            My next class was English. Oh, how I loved English. When we had a book to read, I lost myself in the story. I become the supernatural character and feel everything they feel, emotional and physical. I live their adventure. I am them. But then I stop, and I’m harshly slapped back into reality and my world nearly crumbles.

            I approached the class room to find a group of stoic teachers glaring at me. Only one of them smiled friendly as I entered. She waved me over and turned back to the teachers.

            “Well lunch must be almost over,” She started. “So lets wrap this up.”

            “The students don’t need a study guide,” an old gray haired shriveled old lady of  a teacher replied. “They need to know this stuff already. They will only wait to do it in class then never look at it again or they will just not do the darn thing. They don’t learn from it. They only cheat form the darn things.”

            This is a very difficult decision,” my teacher replied. She turned to look at me. “What do you think, Kaevy?”

            I stared at her wide-eyes. I am pretty sure I looked like a deer in head lights. “I think,” I paused. I did not want to get on any teacher’s bad side.

            “Study-guides are good,” the only guy English teacher said. He wore a navy suit as his deep brown hair gleamed off the light. He looked at me like I was going to argue.

            “I think that study guides are,” I paused again to stare at the women. “I believe they are good. If we fill them out in class and never look at them we are still learning. It’s called Kinetic learning. We are writing it down. If kids choose not to write it down then they choose to fail, right Ms. A?.”

            The group of professionals looked at me in astonishment. Did that really come from a teenager’s mouth? I looked down and trudged over to the dry erase board.

            “I think that about sums it up,” Ms. A wrapped the meeting up. “I will see all of you later. I need to get ready for class.”

            The educators left one by one, chit-chatting on the way out as Ms.A scrambled about her desk looking for some kind of paper. I kept erasing the marker board as the male teacher approached me.

            “Kaevy,” he said. “You are intelligent indeed. Florence was right.”

            “I am always right,” Ms. A murmured as she shuffled papers about her desk and scraped them into the trash can.

            “Thank you Mr. Connors,” I replied to the compliment. “That was very kind of you sir.” I turned around to look at him. His golden eyes glittered in the incandescent light. I averted my gaze to his nose.

            “My pleasure, Ms. O’Hare. You have pleasant manners.” He held his hand out to shake mine but I moved my hands behind my back.

            He looked at me confused.

            “Sorry, I’m kind of a germ nut,” I blurted out a lie. But he bought it.

            He smiled again, bowed, and left kindly without questions. I sighed and glanced over at Ms.A who kept her head down, shuffling through the same papers.

            I turned back towards the board and cleared it off as a good girl would do. When I was finished, I happened upon Ms.A’s desk and sat on the edge. A gleaming red apple sat by the picture of her husband.

            “Who gave you the apple,” I asked looking at it shine in the pre-lit room.

            She looked up and glanced at it before staring at me. “I brought it,” she replied. “I’m kind of on a health kick.”

            “Oh,” Was all I said. I glanced at the clock. Lunch was about over and our time to talk would be up.

            “My nephew will be coming into town tomorrow,” Ms A started when she found the paper she had originally been looking for. “He will be in town for a while. He is looking for something specific here. But I believe he will need a tour guide and I was thinking you will be perfect for the job.”

            I looked at her panic-ridden. “No, Ms.A, I can’t.”

            Her crystal blue eyes pleaded for me to accept. Her onyx hair darkened somehow as her features turned into a pleading mess. She gripped the table in front of her and leaned toward me.

            “Kaevy, I only trust you with this job. No one else is good for this job like you. You know the town like the back of your hand.”

            I resisted the urge to use my favorite Robots reference. I cringed instead and looked down.

            “Okay, I will,” I gave in as I looked at my Ariats.

            “Great,” she exclaimed as the bell for lunch to release pierced the heavy air that had settled around the room.

            I rushed to my seat in the back of the classroom. It was separate from the rest of the desk. Not that I liked to alienate myself, or because I was a germ freak like what I told Mr. Connors. I did not like to be touched because when I touched someone I saw who they were. I saw their whole life story. I feel what they felt. I see what they saw. For a split nanosecond in time, I am them. Then I snap back into reality and I am changed forevermore.

            I sunk into my desk as the teenagers start to arrive in the class room. I sink lower into my desk and pretend I am busy as they enter and take their seats. Chatter fills the room as they tardy bell rings.

            The girls from the bleachers prance in giggling and whispering to each other. Kasey clears her throat slightly and saunters over to one of the football players sitting in the front row. She leans down seductively and whispers in his ear. He looks at her cleavage as she talks. He laughs and stands up and kisses her on the forehead as he moves around her to sit in the chair behind.

            Scott was a real sucker.

            I sigh once more and open A Brave New World and pick up where I left off as the chattering stops and Ms.A gets the show on the road.

            This was my  life.


The End

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