Chapter one: Katherine's arrival.

a beautiful woman called Katherine arrives and two close brothers fall for her. Then one of the brothers meets Katherine's maid and falls for her, but fate is against them. this brother is due to marry another girl. will fate tear them apart or bring them together?

Stefan stepped out of the house, ready to go riding on his horse and read like he had been doing for several days. He had been told by his father to hold off enrolling at the University, and he was too restless to be told how to run the estate he lived on. He really had no one to talk to, as his brother Damon was off fighting and his father was always busy. He didn't want to talk to Robert, because the conversations were exhausting. He knew he would have to pay a visit to the Cartwrights later on to woo his so called betrothed, Rosayln. He didn't really want to marry her. But he would always do as his father told him. That was why he was doing this, really. To please his father. But Stefan didn't really love Rosayln, he wanted someone like him, someone he could have a real conversation with. He rode off, feeling the cool wind on his face.

The End

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