Chapter Five: Something Sinister


It all happened so fast.  Angelina was coming home from a walk with her friends and looking forward to a nice warm bubble bath and a bowl of ice cream.  The next thing she knew, she was running and screaming.

“Bye!” she had yelled to Monique and Tessa as they continued on up the street.  She strode down the long driveway, turned her key in the lock, and stepped inside.

“I’m back!” she yelled, mainly for the benefit of her dad, who was always worrying about his pride and joy.  Then, Angelina turned to walk up the stairs, thinking about the homework she still needed to do before the next morning.  Second semester was turning out to be a lot more work than she had bargained for.  She glanced out the window on the way up the steps and was surprised to see Monique running under the carport screaming, “Angelina!  Angelina!”

Angelina sighed and turned around to go back down the basement steps and open the door.  What could Angelina have possibly needed to say that she couldn’t have three minutes ago?  She lifted the latch and opened the door to see a panic-stricken look on Monique’s face.  Something was seriously wrong.


            “One of your neighbors passed out!” Monique cried as Angelina began to scream, “What!?” and dash out the door.  It was then that Angelina stopped thinking clearly.

Monique began yelling again, this time asking Angelina to go get her parents.  Right.  Logical thinking.  Not that hard.

She dashed back into her house but before she made it all the way to the den, her dad was screaming “What?” and “Who?” and “Where?”

“Someone’s passed out!” Angelina screamed.  “Call 911!”  And with that she dashed outside again, both parents at her heels.

Angelina, her mom, her dad, and Monique began walking briskly down the driveway toward the direction of the neighbor’s house, up the street.  They soon broke into a jog.

Tessa was at the scene, needing guidance as to what she needed to do.  Should she call 911?  Should she attempt CPR?  As she asked these questions, a small crowd of passersby was forming around the seemingly lifeless body.  It was only when Angelina squeezed through the crowd to stand by Tessa’s side that she realized the still form lying on the ground was Mrs. McJunkin.

But Mrs. McJunkin was in California, right? Angelina asked herself.  How did she get here?  And what happened?  Something very weird was going on.

The End

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