Chapter Three: Grouchy Neighbor

A kiss…hmm.  Angelina pondered this new idea as she pedaled her bike up a steep hill towards her house.  She had never kissed anyone before.  It was a very scary thought.  How would she handle it?  How would she know what to do?  How would she know when?  She began to panic.

            A car horn blared near Angelina and snapped her back to reality.  She realized that she had crossed an intersection and cut the car off.  The angered driver was her grouchy old neighbor, Mr. McJunkin.  How she dreaded him!  She quickly pedaled to the other side of the street and glanced back to see Mr. McJunkin flip her the bird.  What a nasty man!  She had never done anything to him.

            When Angelina was 7 years old, she began to develop a great neighborly relationship with the McJunkins.  She often found herself at their house to keep the elderly couple company after school and when her mother was out of the house.  She and Mrs. McJunkin would pull weeds in the garden, read mysteries together, and have picnic lunches by the goldfish pond in the back yard.  Mr. McJunkin would sit on the back porch and play tunes on his banjo while the neighborhood cats screeched.  Nobody, including Angelina, liked Mr. McJunkin.

            Angelina was 9 when Mrs. McJunkin disappeared. 

The End

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