Chapter One: Angelina Gets a Date

            Lockers slammed.  Books dropped.  Kids laughed.  Angelina got the heck out of there.  There was nothing she liked more than leaving her small high school on Friday afternoons.  “There’s no way I’m staying here a second longer than I have to,” she thought as she grabbed her Geometry and Biology books from the messy floor of her locker and threw them haphazardly into her bag.

            It wasn’t that she didn’t like school.  Sure it had its downfalls like crazy teachers and loads of homework but overall she liked school.  It was a place to be serious; to get work done.  Angelina needed structure in her life and high school was the right place to get it.

            But Friday meant freedom.  It meant a tofu party with Monique, her vegan friend, and a family breakfast on Saturday morning.  It meant church on Sunday and relaxation before school began again on Monday.  There was no way she was wasting an ounce of any weekend lingering in the hallways at school.

            Angelina strode out the door and into the crisp autumn air.  The brown, red, and orange leaves spun around in circles as cars passed by the front of the school building.  Autumn was a time of change and Angelina reveled in it.  She loved shedding her summer wardrobe for more comfortable clothes.  She loved her typical outfit of a hoodie, jeans, and potato shoes.  She loved carving pumpkins and raking leaves and Halloween.  Angelina loved everything about autumn except for one thing- the Halloween dance at her high school.

            She had never been to the annual dance before because, in her school, it was considered unacceptable to attend the major social event of the year without a date.  Angelina couldn’t possibly find a date.  She certainly wasn’t ugly as people constantly admired her titian blonde curly locks and her pale blue eyes and full rosy lips.  She wasn’t shy; she could make friends in the blink of an eye and loved to have parties.  She was just too serious for most people; quiet and serious.

            “No matter,” she thought to herself as she crossed a hazardous intersection.  “I’ve got plenty of plans for this weekend.”  She thought ahead to her weekly get together with Monique and could just taste the tofu they would eat on her tongue.  She knew that on Saturday she would start off with eggs and bacon and biscuits.  (Just because Monique was vegan didn’t mean that Angelina couldn’t enjoy her weekly bacon and eggs.)  She would rake leaves for a little bit of extra cash and she would carve a pumpkin to sit on the back porch.  All this would surely help her forget all about the social event on Saturday…right?

            Just then Corey Brown caught up with Angelina at the top of her street.  “Oh no!” she thought.  “What does he want?”  She was sweating already.

            Corey Brown was known to be the smartest- and cutest- guy in the sophomore class at River Ridge Academy.  He NEVER talked to Angelina.  She was considered a “nobody” in her class except by her closest friends which was mostly fine with her.  But she always dreamed that someday Corey might actually want to talk to her.

            “Angelina!  Wait up!  You’re walking so fast!”


            “Well I’m just glad I finally caught up to you.  I’ve been yelling your name for the past block and a half!”

            “I was a little lost in my thoughts.  I‘m sorry.  So, what’s up?”

            “I was wondering…I know it’s kind of last-minute and all…but…I…Umm.  Will you go to the Halloween dance with me tomorrow?”  He blushed.

            “I…I…That would be great.”  (Insert silent girly squeal here.)

            “Great!  I’ll pick you up around 7:30 tomorrow night.  Where do you live?”

            “Um…”  Brain overload! “789 Oakmont Road.”

            “It’s a date!  I’ll see you tomorrow,” he called out as he walked back up the road in the opposite direction of her home.

            “It’s a date!” she thought to herself as she walked down her circular driveway.  “I’m going to the Halloween Dance with Corey Brown!”

The End

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