Chapter Five:Ambush at Sora's

Sora had gone out for the day. After I had finally persuaded him I would be fine. But things got messed up when I heard someone trying to get in. Shoot! They've found me. I cursed. I ran down the stairs, grabbed the huge dining table and shoved it in front of the door. I instinctively ducked as a gun shot blew a hole in the door. I saw Damien's men through the hole in the door. Suddenly, I heard smashing glass and saw them climbing through the window. I ran upstairs and barricaded the door desperately. I shoved a bookcase, a table, a bed, a couple of chairs and then I got ready to climb out the window. But then the window got stuck! I squealed, trying to open it. I banged on it, trying to smash it. I grabbed a stick and tried once again to smash it. But to futile efforts it wouldn't. I fell to my knees, feeling useless as I heard them running up the stairs, shouting orders on how to apprehend me and cart me off to Damien. I looked towards the door in despair. If they had a gun I had no chance. I screamed as they shot a hole through the door. The door's been barricaded. She must be inside! A familiar voice shouted. My ears perked up at the voice. Roxas...why is he leading them? I pressed my fist against my mouth in fear. He was going to kill me, it had just hit me. Suddenly, the door flew open and they marched in. Roxas, how could you just do that to me. I asked, glaring. He ingored me and stood right behind me as they dragged me out and down the stairs. He'll know it was you, you know. I threatened. They ingored me and dragged me outsude and pushed me into the car. Roxas got in the back with me and completely ingored me. I couldn't help but look at him. Was he ever going to talk to me? I stole a glance at the front. Or was he waiting till they were gone before he tried to seduce me? They brought me back to Damien's mansion and put me in the same room. This was bad, Damien had the Dagger Of Satan and he had me. What was I going to do now? I wasn't going to trust Roxas ever again. I don't care how he felt about me. I sat on my bed and stared at the window. I was sick of this charade that Damien played. I put my hands over my face and silently sobbed. This was the end of my life. But I shouldn't have to go down without a fight. Just then the door swung open and Roxas was standing there, not looking at me, kind of staring at the floor. I didn't look at him. I was angry at him for leading them straight to me. Suddenly, he marched up to me and firmly grabbed my chin. He lifted it up and made me look at him. Get lost? I snarled, angrily. His eyes narrowed into slits. What's your problem? You're going to be killed soon, you could at least show some manners. He snarled, releasing me. What, did Damien tell you that before he twisted you and turned into one of them? I asked, glaring at him. And what do you care if I die? All of his servants will see it, it will be a glorious moment for all of you, I'll be dead and out of your hair.  And when I'm dead, I expect you to go to Sora and tell him to get out of the country, seek refuge. And I want you to keep him a secret from Damien. Got it? I said, clenching my fists. He looked bewildered at me. I continued staring angrily. I'll do what I can. He promised me. Roxas looked freaked and then just suddenly left, shutting the door behind me but not locking it. I cocked my head, confused. Then Damien walked in, smirking cruelly. I gasped in fear and backed off. He looked like he wanted to tell me something , something that would ruin my life altogether. What do you want? I asked, glaring up at him. Manners, Lizzy. Didn't your relationship with me as a teenager teach you anything? He asked. You were different then. I replied. Your point is? He asked. Forget it. I replied. Oh, you're probably wondering why I'm here? He asked. You just figured that out, you're thicker than I thought. I mumbled. Sit down. He suggested, looking polite. I did as he asked. I sat on the bed and gazed up at him, curious. What is it? I asked. You have no idea how special you are, do you? He asked. No, I don't. I replied, raising an eyebrow. I couldn't help but wondering where this is leading. Well, let me tell you, and I swear this isn't a lie, Lizzy. You know I have never lied to you. He said, halting my protest. Go on. You have my attention. I replied. You know you're going to be killed, right? He asked. Of course. I can't deny the inevitable. I muttered, bitterly. Well, I have a use of you, you're a very important part of my plan. He tried to explain. Important? I exclaimed. Yes. He said. He sat on the bed beside me. There was a still cruel look in his eyes. I felt angry. Why am I important? Tell me. I ordered. Before I kill you, I take your power. You're still alive and energetic, but you will be deemed defenceless. He explained. I looked down. And what do you do with that power? I asked. I use it for my own evil needs. He said, laughing somewhat cruelly. How much time do I have? I asked. You have till nine. He replied. At night? I exclaimed, tears in my eyes. He nodded, smirking at my emotions. I will leave you to say goodbye to your loved ones, Lizzy. Lest you have any I know nothing about. He got up and left, leaving me to my grief. My doom was thrust upon me. I got out my mobile and rung Sora. He anwsered. Sora...I have to leave the country. I don't want you to come after me. I just wanted to tell you, I love you, more than ever. Tears spilled down my cheeks as he protested to my plans. Sora, don't. I have to do this. Bye. I love you. I whispered. He told me he would always love me. We said bye and he hung up. I put my phone on the bedside table and hugged my knees, crying into my knees. Well, this is it. I thought, sadly. My death. Just like it was destined. There is nothing I can do. Everywhere is heavily guarded. I would never get away.

Roxas' p.o.v

He was arguing with Lizzy's boyfriend Sora over the phone. She isn't here. He didn't capture her! Don't be stupid. She has left the country. Sora was angry as he shouted. I know he took her, my house is a mess. Something happened. Maybe she's just a messy person. Roxas replied. That's what she said but I don't think it's true. And I know you two have met. She may have told you where she has gone. Sora argued, pleading tones in his voice. Fine. She went to Rome. Roxas lied. He couldn't let him find her not when Damien was so close to killing her.

My p.o.v

I was having an uneasy sleep. Nine o clock was ticking closer and my death was coming quickly with it. Despite the uneasiness I was having a deep sleep. I didn't hear them entering my room to come and take me to the sacrifice rendezvous. I didn't hear his protests as Damien forced him to take me to the ruined temple. I didn't know what was going to happen.

Roxas's p.o.v.

Don't make me do this. He thought as he advanced towards her. But Damien was there, making sure he did what he was told.

 He didn’t want her to die, but at least Damien would be free to do as he pleased. He picked her up bridal style and carried her down the stairs and out the door. The acolyte held the car door open for him and he put her in carefully so as not to wake her. He got in beside her and looked at her in concern. Was he ready to watch her die? He wasn’t sure. He found himself thinking. He watched her peaceful sleeping form as they pulled up to the temple. One of the acolytes lifted her out and carried her into the depths of the temple. Roxas felt his chest heaving with guilt. He had let this happen. But what could he do? He loved her, yes, but he couldn’t save her. Because then he would be killed. She began to stir.


My p.o.v


I was lying on something cold. Didn’t know what it was. My eyes opened to see I had somehow ended up outside. God. My head hurts. If I could just get up. I thought. But I realised with fear that my arms and legs were chained to what I realised was a stone altar. My breathing got shorter and faster as I realised what was going to happen in just a few seconds. I looked torwards the crowd and realised that all of his followers were here. Damien! Don’t do this. I shouted, looking at him with pleading eyes. He cupped my chin. It’s your destiny, you know that.  He murmured. Don’t talk rubbish! I snarled. I pulled against the chains restraining my arms and legs but to no avail, I couldn’t get free. I rested my head on the altar, chest heaving in panic. Roxas. I looked towards him desperately. Help me. Please. I know you have been against this. Please. Just save me from him. I was starting to shout. Everyone looked interested in what Roxas would do. I was begging for my life here, he couldn’t afford to say no. He looked at me; his eyes were hard and cold now. I was stunned by the hostility I saw there. He wasn’t going to help me, no one was. Fine. I accept my fate, but my death is going to be on your hands. I muttered, angrily. Good. Now that blockage is out of the way, we can continue the ritual. Damien said, calmly as he addressed his disciples. Tonight we rise to the highest ascension of power, tonight our only challenge is to die, but before I take a pleasure in killing her, I have something to take. Her power, her heavenly sent power. He put his hands on my chest and sucked whatever was in me come out of me. It was painful and I screamed, struggling against the chains that held me down. I screamed Sora’s name over and over again, crying out. Stop this! I managed to gasp. Suddenly, the pain stopped and I fell back against the altar. I was shaking and twitching with the pain. Now, we kill her. Damien said, reaching for the dagger. I so would have loved to kick that arrogant smirk off his face, right now. I would off if I wasn’t in chains. I had one last bid of help, to scream for Sora. SORA!!! I screamed. My scream echoed through the silent ruins. But there was nothing to show that he was coming for me. Suddenly, I saw him. He was here! My blue eyed, brown haired prince had come for me after all. He swung down on a rope and kicked Damien to the ground, managing to grab the dagger. Sora, how did you know where I was? I asked. I didn’t. He replied. He waved the dagger furiously at everyone and then turned to me to release me after grabbing the keys from Damien. My eyes widened as I saw Damien get up. Sora, look out! I screamed. Sora turned around to see Damien grab him and throw him to the ground. You jerk! I growled, glaring at Damien. Sora, come on get up. I pleaded, watching him as he began to stir. He got up and attacked Damien before he could penetrate my flesh with the dagger. Sora quickly threw Damien to the ground and ran to me, unlocking my chains and pulling me up and kissing me as he wrapped his arms around me. I took in his scent, his taste, his warmth. Everything. I’m so glad you’re okay. He said, hugging me tighter. I’m glad you came for me. I replied, kissing his lips. I took the Megiddo daggers from one of his men and stood over Damien, glaring. Give me one good reason not to kill you. I muttered, pressing the dagger to his neck. I’m gonna rule your country. He suggested. Wrong answer. I hissed, plunging the dagger into his heart. He grunted in pain and I plunged the dagger deeper. This is for all those people you killed. This is for Mark, this is for your adopted family. And this is a goodbye present from me. Good riddance! I yelled. When I was sure that he was dead, I got up and returned to Sora’s side. I turned to his disciples. Your Master is dead. I suggest that you go back to your former lives. Then I turned to Roxas and said. You’re free now. You have your whole life ahead of you now. You don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Go and live your life to the full. I said, stepping closer to him. And even though, you never saved me when I practically begged you to, we can still be friends. He smiled and gave me a friendly hug. I stepped back into Sora’s comforting arms. I have somewhere I want to take you. He said, mysteriously. I smiled at Roxas. Bye. I will see you again. I said. The mysterious place seemed to be a restaurant. Sora, I’m so sorry I lied to you. I didn’t want you to come after me. I thought you would get hurt. I said, trying not to cry. Do you think I brought you here to wrangle an apology out of you? He asked, looking slightly amused. Then, what is it? I asked. I was stunned when he got down on one knee and took my hand in his. Lizzy Wootton, these last few months have been fantastic. I love you more than life itself. Will you marry me? He asked, smiling my favourite smile. I pressed my fist to my mouth as tears filled my eyes. Yes, I will marry you. I said. He laughed joyously. He pulled me up and spun me around, somehow finding my lips in the twirling. I hugged him tightly. All the trouble was over. After all this time of trying. I suddenly broke down in Sora’s arms, after everything I had been put through, it was over. I still couldn’t believe it. Lizzy, what is it? Sora asked. I can’t believe he’s dead for good. I’m so overjoyed! I shouted, throwing my arms in the air in total hyperness.  Sora smiled at my ecstatic joy. I kissed him passionately as he slid the engagement ring onto my finger. Oh, Sora, it’s beautiful. I said in a state of emotion. He took my hand and led me out of the restaurant as he paid the bill. Sora, I love you so much. I said. I know, babe. He said, winking at me which caused me to blush. A soft giggle escaped my lips and my cheeks reddened even more. I knew what this meant, our life was going to be great. Not just average great, proper great. I was marrying the man of my dreams. And this was just the beginning. The beginning of a adventure.


The End

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