Chapter three: Two completely different people, but the same feelings.

Roxas had left ages ago and I was lying on the bed, thinking of the guy on the street. Oh, he looked so handsome. I didn't even get to learn his name, unfortunately. I suddenly became aware of someone outside my window as I got off the bed and pushed the window open. It was the guy. I looked at him, bewildered.What are you doing here? I asked. Came to see you. I didn't know that you lived with the ambassador. He said, smiling at me in a way that made my heart flutter. That made it sound even more stupid to me that he thought I lived with Damien, but I was actually Damien's prisoner. Yeah, I live here. I said, hating every word. Hey, I didn't catch your name, what is it? I asked, smiling at him and fluttering my eyelashes. He smiled and said. It's Sora. I'm Lizzy. I replied, sliding onto the window ledge as I continued to look at him. Suddenly, I heard someone come upstairs. I looked at Sora quickly. Stefan. I gotta go. Ok? I said. Bye, Lizzy. He said, smiling cutely. I shut the window quickly and sat down on the bed. I was surprised to see that it was Roxas. And he looked concerned. Roxas, what's the matter? I aked. I have to get you out of here, Lizzy. Can't let Damien kill you. He said. He smiled cutely at me and then my heart began thumping. I bit my lip as my cheeks colored pink when he took my hands and pulled me up so that our lips were almost touching. His eyes looked so soft, so warm. I could feel his hot breath and smell his cologne. A small smile played at my lips as I tried to remind myself that he was bad but that wasn't working. I could feel his arms strong around me. Strong and safe. He was like posion. Going through my veins. Intoxicating me. I've tried to fight it, Lizzy. But you're too beautiful. He whispered, sending shivers down my spine. Suddenly, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. Then I felt his hand in mine. Come on. They've went out. Let's get out of here. He said as he led me out the room and down stairs. He took me to the door and opened it and led me outside. Then he stopped. Roxas? What you doing? I asked, suddenly afraid. You need to go alone. I have to stay here. He said, looking at me sadly. Pain clutched my heart as I blinked away tears. Come with me, Roxas. I said, clutching his hands and staring up at his handsome face. He wiped a tear away and said. I can't. Why not? I asked. Because Damien will know that we have run away together. He said. Roxas...I know this may sound crazy because we've only just met. But I'm gonna miss you so much. I said. He smiled sadly. I know, Lizzy. He stretched his arms out and I fell into them. He wrapped his arms around me. I know, I know. He said.

Roxa's p.o.v

As he hugged her, he could feel her heartbeat against his chest. It was fast at times and really slow. She was so warm in his arms. Then they broke apart and he said. Go. She nodded. She was gone in a heartbeat. Roxas walked back inside the house feeling sadder than ever. He was sure that he loved her. More than ever. That's why he had to let her go. He knew he would get in trouble off Damien but he didn't care.

My p.o.v

I was thinking about Roxas as I walked down the street. I didn't want to love him but he was sweet and he rescued me when it seemed like there was no more hope. I thought of Sora as a stab of guilt hit my chest. I was rightfully his, since he had found me first. But Roxas had rescued me when I least expected him to. Was he planning it? My emotions were in a whirl. I didn't know where to turn. I just knew that I felt the asme for Sora and Roxas. And someday I'd have to choose between them. Sora was sweet and so was Roxas. I was thinking all this as I walked down the street. And then suddenly I burst into tears. I wanted someone to hug, anyone who could comfort me at the time. I wasn't aware of the person behind me. Or who it was either. I just know that they were radiating warmness and that made me turn around and I was surprised to see Sora. He smiled warmly but frowned concerned when he saw my tears.

Sora's p.o.v

She was crying. And he didn't know why. But he was concerned. Suddenly, he was knocked back as she hugged him, burying her face into his shoulder. He put one hand on her head and wrapped his arm around her waist. She shuddered at his warm touch and her heart began to pound. She wrapped her arms around him and breathed in his warm scent. Sora...I think...She trailed off. He released her and looked at her flushed face. What? He asked, amused. I love you. She said, pressing her lips against his. His eyes closed as he put his hands on her hips. He sunk into the kiss, feeling her taste on his lips. A feeling that he'd never had before was coursing through him. He didn't even get this feeling of his supposed "soulmate" Kairi. When she finished kissing him, he hugged her, feeling happy and light. Like he'd finally found the girl he'd been looking for. Like they would last forever. He hoped they would.

My p.o.v

Sora nuzzled my neck and I giggled softly. I felt good in his arms but felt guilty when I remembered how Roxas said he couldn't come with me. Because Damien would have known we'd run away together. I guess I was torn between the two even though I was happy in Sora's arms. I pressed my chin against his shoulder. What do I do? I never imagined I would be stuck in this problem. Two guys. I both loved them. And Damien had the advantage. Because if Damien found out that I had feelings for Roxas, imagine what he would do. It would be use the thing you love against you day. And Roxas knew that he couldn't betray Damien because Damien would kill him. Damien would do that to anyone, no matter who they were. He killed his adopted family. He killed his aunt and uncle and cousin. And I didn't want anyone else to die. Not Sora or Roxas. This is why I wouldn't act on my feelings doe Roxas. Because Damien would know, but I JUST couldn't ingore him. It would be too hard, especially if I ended up captured again. And he will be careful, I hope at least. I thought as me and Sora parted ways with a longing, passionate kiss. Things were about to get worse the next day.

The End

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