Chapter two: What is more important-family or myself?

I was clearly expecting the worst as I headed to the cafe. Trying to stay positive after everything I had been through was harder than I thought. I ordered a cup of coffee and sat at a table and watched the people come in. Then I saw a old woman come and sit at my table. I studied her with my blue eyes. It seemed like I could trust her, right? I'm glad you could meet me, angel. She said, offering a small smile. Yeah, thanks. What's the problem? Who's been watching my family? I asked. One thing at a time, angel. I told you I can't tell you. Not when my own life is at risk. I can just tell you, you need to go back to London. Stay undetected. I got up and said. Ol. I'll leave straight away. I ran out of the cafe and back into work, throwing an apology over my shoulder and farewells. I ran out again and drove home, when arriving I packed my case. I threw everything in and slid into the front seat. I gunned the ignition and sped down the road. My family?! What if they are in danger? I didn't know. But my bad feelings came back and I rushed towards the airport and swerved into the parking lot. I got out and ran into the airport as I headed for the nearest place to but a ticket for a flight to London. London, please. Hurry! They gave me the ticket and I ran up to the departure lounge. I waited an hour and half for my flight and was soon on the plane. Within two hours I was on London ground. I climbed out of the plane as went to baggage claim. I retrieved my case and headed out to catch a cab. I got taken to my house and I was reunited with my car and everything. I slipped inside and flopped onto my couch. But then I found a note on my table. Fear slipped inside me as I realised who the note was from. Oh my god! I thought. No, please don't say he's back. This can't be. Not after all this.

Dear angel,

I know where you are. I know that you're in London. I have just the weapon to kill you. Don't try anything smart or you'll suffer the consequences. Watch your back, Lizzy dear.

Yours sincererly, Damien Thorn.

I've gotta go to them. What if they're in danger? I thought as I ran to their house and was happy to see that their car was in the drive. I burst in without thinking. Mom! Dad! We need to get out of here before Da--I stopped as I saw Damien smirking at me as my parents and sister and brother was held down by his men. I honed in on the guns that were being pointed at their heads. Let them go! I insisted. Damien walked towards me and smirked. Little Lizzy. I would have known that you would have come if your stupid little family was at risk. He grabbed my throat and yanked my head up. You haven't changed since the last time I saw you. He said, grabbing my head and digging his nails in. I yelped and pushed him off me. You better leave her alone! My big brother exclaimed. He turned to him and smirked. She is far more precious than you think. He turned and smacked me across the face. I touched my cheek and felt it burn. Your monster. My mother said. His acolytes grabbed me. Now, my dear, you need to make a decision, what is more important, your family or yourself? He asked, smirking cruelly. I stared at my family as tears came to my eyes. Of course I would pick my family over myself. My family are more important. I snarled. I broke out of my captors grip. Oh and I forgot to tell you, bye! I exclaimed, flinging the door open only to find more men. I attacked the men holding my family down. Come on! I yelled as the guns began to fire. We ran upstairs and jumped out the window.

Damien's p.o.v

That darn angel always had a trick up her sleeve. He thought as her and her family ran up the stairs. They then heard a smash of glass. Leave her family! I want you to apprehend the angel. He saw flashes as her and her family ran past the door with men chasing after them. He looked at Harvey Dean, one of his closest friends. I don't care how! Just get her!

My p.o.v

Me and my family stopped, catching breath. What was that about? My older brother yelled, staring at me. Can we possibly discuss this later? I asked. Right, here's the plan. They're here for me so we're all going to split up. I'm going to go through the streets where they can find me easily. You lot go through the alleys. My mother looked ready to protest. No arguements! We don't have time. Suddenly my younger sister began tugging my arm. What is it, Mandy? I asked, bending down. She pointed down the street as I followed her finger. I saw Damien and his acolytes looking at me as fear filled my eyes. Run!! I shouted as we all ran in different directions. So much for quiet and peaceful life! I dashed around the corner and into a shop and posed as a mannequin. They ran right past me. I sneaked out of the stop and ran down the other way. Go! My brain screamed as I willed myself to go faster. Of course I didn't see the guy in front of me and screamed as we went crashing down. I'm so sorry! I exclaimed. It's alright. A male voice exclaimed. I looked at the person I knocked down and went a light shade of pink. Uh...I didn't see you. I said, helping the person up. Then I saw Damien and his men. This time Damien had a dagger! I stepped back from the person and said. Bye. Catch you later. I ran off again. But then I didn't notice the guy with his arms outstretched. Oof! I grunted. It was one of Damien's acolytes. His arms closed around my waist. Let go of me! I exclaimed. Damien and his acolytes appeared in front of me. Oh no. I whimpered. Damien stepped forward and grabbed my chin. He lifted it so we made eye contact. Silly little Lizzy. He said, smirking at me as the acolyte held me back. My heart was pounding against my chest. He revealed the dagger, and honestly, my body was reacting badly. First of all, I automatically recoiled. Then my entire body starting shaking. And a whole lot of stuff as I tried to keep away from the dagger. I looked at Damien as he smiled at my reactions. What type of dagger is that? I managed to whisper. He laughed tauntingly and then turned to his acolytes. Ha! She doesn't know. The only girl who can kill me doesn't know the weapon of her own downfall. His hand slipped down to my neck. I breathed heavily, my heart in my mouth. Please don't. I begged. Listen to that, she's begging. I wonder if I should take pity on her. He was messing with me. And he was enjoying every moment. Damien, stop. I pleaded. The acolyte that was holding me back spoke up. What should we do with her? He asked. I winced. I dreaded the answer. Damien smirked at me. I don't know what should we do with her? He asked. He played with the dagger, waving it in front of my eyes. Should I kill you now or take you to my mansion? He asked. He stared at me intently. You're not funny, Damien. I remarked. He ingored me. You're coming with me, angel. He said. No way! I said. He turned to me and grabbed my neck and squeezed it tightly. His face looked darker and his eyes were cold as he hissed. You don't have a say in the matter. I wasn't going to argue with him, not like that. Damien snapped his fingers and a car pulled up, almost like Damien knew he was going to catch me. I was shoved into the front as Damien got into the driver's seat. There was a blond haired guy with penetrating blue eyes sitting in the back. I looked at Damien. Who's the guy in the back? I asked. Damien said. Oh. That's Roxas. Recently joined us. I nodded, stealing a glance at the guy in the back. He seemed tall for his age. Taller than me. If he wasn't bad I would have said he was handsome. Such a waste. I thought as we turned a corner. I was postitive that he was just as cruel as the rest of them. We pulled up to the mansion and got out. Roxas ingored me as I was taken up stairs and into my new room. The door was locked. What in the world do I do now? I had never been one for just sitting and waiting for rescue. I thought as I explored the room for an escape route. None. I sighed. Obviously frustrated. My heartbeat increased as I spun towards the door to see Roxas standing, slouching, and watching me calmly. I half expected him to go tell Damien I was planning my escape. But he didn't. I tried to make conversation. You're not like them, are you? I asked. He eyed me intently. Yes, I am. But I think you deserve your chance to escape even though I know you won't get past any of us. I flew into a temper. Don't mess with me or you may regret it.

Roxa's p.o.v

He studied her. She was quite good looking. You're not like them, are you? She asked. He smiled at her. Yes, I am. But I think that you deserve your chance to escape even though I know you won't get past any of us. She flew into a temper and her eyes flashed with anger. She stomped towards him and glared up at him, since she was smaller than him. He smiled, amused. Don't mess with me or you may regret it. She threatened. Oh really? He asked. Yeah. She replied, without thinking.

The End

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