Chapter Two: What is more important-family or myself?

I was clearly expecting the worst as I headed to the cafe. Trying to stay positive after everything I had been through was harder than I expected. I ordered a cup of coffee and sat at a table and watched the people come in. Then I saw an old woman come and sit at my table. It seemed like I could trust her, right? I'm glad you could meet me, angel. She said, offering a small smile. Yeah, thanks. What's the problem? Who's been watching my family? I asked. One thing at a time, angel. I told you I can't tell you. Not when my own life is at risk. I can just tell you, you need to go back to London. Stay undetected. I got up and said. Ok. I'll leave straight away. I ran out of the cafe and back into work, throwing an apology over my shoulder and farewells. I ran out again and went home, packing my case. I threw everything in and went out to my car and put the case in the boot and slid into the front seat. I gunned the ignition and sped down the road. My family?! What if they are in danger? I didn't know. But my bad feelings came back and I rushed towards the airport and swerved into the parking lot. I got out and ran into the airport and swerved into the parking lot. I got out and ran into the airport as I headed for the nearest place to buy a ticket to a flight to London. London, please. Hurry! They gave me the ticket and I ran up to the departure lounge. I waited an hour and a half for my flight and was soon on the plane. Within two hours I was on London ground. I climbed out of the plane and went to baggage claim. I retrieved my case and headed out to catch a cab. I got taken to my house and I was reunited with my car and everything. I slipped inside and flopped onto my couch. But then I found a note on my table. Fear slipped inside me as I realised who this note was from. Oh my god! I thought. No, please don't say he's back. This can't be. Not after all this.

Dear angel,

I know where you are. I know that you're in London. I have just the weapon to kill you. Don't try anything smart or you'll suffer the consequences. Watch your back, Lizzy dear.

Yours sincerely, Damien Thorn.

I've gotta go to them. What if they're in danger? I thought as I ran out the door. I ran to their house and was happy to see that their car was in the drive. I burst in without thinking. Mom! Dad! We need to get out of here before Da--I stopped as I saw Damien smirking at me as my parents and sister and brother were being held down by his men. I honed in on the guns that were being pointed at their heads. Let them go! I insisted. Damien walked towards me and smirked. Little Lizzy. I would've known you would have come if your stupid little family was at risk. He grabbed my throat and yanked my head up.

The End

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