Chapter one: An anyomous warning

This story is about a Antichrist and a angel waging war against each other.


I was in the ruins of a temple, waiting for Damien, Kate, and Peter. This was the time. Now or never. All my other attempts had failed, but not this time. I kissed the dagger for luck and waited till Damien least expected it as he was now standing in front of me. I took a deep breath and sneaked out of my hiding place. But Damien must have felt my presence as he suddenly grabbed Peter and the dagger penetrated his body. I glared at Damien as he smirked at me cruelly. You monster! I screamed as I tackled him. We wrestled violently for ages. He grabbed my throat and threw me against the wall. I screamed angrily and lunged for him again, lunging at his throat. Kate and Father De Carlo stood at the sidelines helplessly as I fought with my bare hands, the dagger forgotten beside me. Damien punched me and I fell to the ground. I crawled away as Damien grabbed my hair. Let go! I yelled as I clawed at his face. He pushed me against the wall and held me back with one hand as he reached for his gun. He pressed the barrel to my head. Now it's your turn! He declared as he got ready to pull the trigger. But just then I kicked him in the shin and he fell. Quickly moving, I grabbed the dagger and held it up as he came towards me, knocking me onto the ground. He started to crawl over me as the sun came up and I quickly stabbed him. I saw him grunt as he stared in horror at me and then the dagger. Then he died on top of me. I pushed him off me and gasped as a vision of Christ appeared before us. Christ stated that Damien had won nothing. Then Father De Carlo appeared, carrying Peter in his arms. I stared at the dead figure of Damien. Was this truly over? Could I have the life I always dreamed of? Possibly.

(Real world)

My eyes slowly opened. I was in my bed, staring at the ceiling. It'd been a while since I had thought about Damien. It'd been a while since I had thought about Damien. Even though he was dead, he still lived on in my mind. Let's hope he doesn't make a surprise comeback. After all, we had all gotten our lives back on track and we didn't need Damien messing it up for us. I got out and stretched my slender body as a smile escaped my lips. I went into the shower and felt the water running over my body as I put shampoo in my long brown hair. Within half an hour I was done and ready. I skipped lightly down the stairs, my hair flying out behind me. I had to boogie if I would get to work on time. I grabbed a brush and ran it through my hair. Then I grabbed my jacket and my car keys and dashed out of the house and ran over to my car. As I was leaving, I noticed a guy in a suit and sunglasses watching me. I felt scared as I slid into my car. Why was I being watched by a stranger? I eased the car out of the drive and headed off to work. Just wanted to get away from the creepy stranger.I put my sunglasses on and turned on the radio.Just don't let it bother you. I thought. I arrived at the workplace's parking lot and parked my car. I got out and noticed the person had followed me. I took my sunglasses off and frowned at the person. What the heck was going on? I didn't know. I walked into the office as my friends smiled at me kindly. Hey, Lizzy. They said. Hi. I replied. They had no idea of my secret life as an angel. I wasn't about to tell them either. Not now. Not ever. I thought. So what's happened today? Any messages? Anything at all? One of my friends beamed at me. Actually, yes, even though we don't know who sent the note. My friend explained. Oh...okay. I said, looking at my desk. I sat down and unfolded the note. I read it.

Dear Angel,

I have to see you immediately. I can't tell you why. I need to warn you that someone has been watching you and your family very closely. Almost certain to know your every move. I need you to meet me when you have your lunch break. I will be waiting for you, please come! Your family's life may depend on this. Ok. I'll tell you everything you need to know when we meet.

They were right. No signature. I looked at my friends. I don't understand. I said. But nevertheless I'll go because I feel that it's just important that I go. Just a feeling I have. I thought. I slumped, doing my job as I possibly thought about what this person whoever it was needed to tell me. I had this feeling before and wasn't exactly enjoying this feeling.

The End

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