Chapter one; An anoymous warning

The return of the antichrist

I was in the ruins of a temple, waiting for Damien, Kate, and Peter. This was the time. Now or never. All my other attempts had failed, but not this time. I kissed the dagger for luck and waited till Damien least expected it as he was now standing in front of me. I took a deep breath and sneaked out of my hiding place. But Damien must have felt my presence because he suddenly grabbed Peter and the dagger penetrated his body. I glared at Damien as he smirked at me cruelly. You monster! I screamed as I tackled him. We wrestled violently for ages. He grabbed my throat and threw me against the wall. I screamed angrily and lunged for him again, lunging at his throat. Kate and Father De Carlo stood at the sidelines helplessly as I fought with my bare hands, the dagger forgotten beside me. Damien punched me and I fell onto the ground. I crawled away from Damien but he grabbed my hair. Let go! I yelled as I clawed at his face. He pushed me against the wall and held me back with one hand as he reached for his gun. He pressed the barrel to my head. Now it’s your turn! He declared as he got ready to pull the trigger. But just then I kicked him in the shin and he fell.

The End

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