Chapter Two: Hard at work

From the moment I got up I knew somehow I was going to be very busy as Josef had announced from the moment I had ran down to breakfast wearing a fresh blouse and some pants that I just happened to find on a chair for me. My shoes clackered on the floor as I desperately ran because Josef wasn't half shouting my name. I'm coming! I shouted, getting flustered. I arrived at the dining room and started catching my breath as I struggled to remain calm. What is it, Josef? I asked. Sit down. He said. Uh-Oh. He didn't look happy. We have a long day ahead of us, Lizzy. He said, looking at me firmly. I almost cringed but forced myself not to.  No matter how magical last night was, it wasn't destined to last forever. Ok. Josef. I nodded, smiling. Come with me. He beckoned. I got up and walked with him to his car. He opened the door and got in. Where are we going? I asked, getting into the car. My business. It isn't far from here. He said. I stared at him increduously. He seemed darker somehow. And I hated to admit the fact that I was scared. I didn't know why but I hinted something that reminded me of Damon, and I hated that. But I wouldn't allow myself to think of that. Not now. I assumed your business was in the house. I said, trying to make conversation as I tried to stop my heart hammering in fear. No. It's not. I know I have a big house, Lizzy but it's not that big.  He said, forcing a very dark smile. He even smiled like Damon when he was angry. Dark energy was here in L.A., I didn't want to admit it but it was here. And it wasn't Josef if that's what you think. It was something else all together. Something powerful, more powerful than Josef anyway. Josef, are you and Mick the only vampires here? I asked. He looked at me as we stopped at a traffic light. Here, yes. But there is a town that isn't far from here called Mystic Falls that was once notorious for having a whole family of vampires living there. He explained, calming down a little. Oh? What was the family name? I asked. Salvatore. The Salvatore family. He anwsered. My eyes went wide and I bit my lip. The only person who has dark energy and power is Damon and I don't wanna admit that to anyone. It was like the colour had been drained from my cheeks. Josef didn't have to look at me to know that something was totally wrong with me. I wasn't bothered by Damon, I was bothered more by Josef. The way he made me feel was amazing, but he seemed to have forgotten in his sudden mood swing which I just thought was common for vampires. So, I leaned against the seat and sighed, looking out the window. Trying to fight my desire. What's wrong with you? He asked, glancing at me slyly. Nothing. I muttered, not really wanting to talk about my feelings. What is it, Lizzy? You can tell me, I won't bite. He said, smiling slyly. I smiled shyly, having a feeling he already knew. I think that I need to go to Mystic Falls. To check something out. I said, proposing what was probably a lie, and hey, maybe it was. But I had to go. He looked at me. You're lying. He said. What? That's a bit blunt. I'm not lying. I protested too quickly.

The End

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