Chapter one: A new mission

This is about a girl who is sent away to a brand new job by her boss, thus leaving behind everything she has ever known.

I drove to work that day, feeling prepared. Or what was close to preparation because I wasn't sure what the day would throw at me. I worked at Torchwood. I had learned to accept the strange after my first day. Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Tosh and Owen had all accepted me. But I had never expected this. I newver knew they would send me away when everyone else was way more experienced. I pulled in and went inside. Hi guys! I exclaimed, feeling happy. My current mission was protecting people from the school from anything. Lizzy! Jack wants to see you. Ianto called out. Oh...ok. I replied, seeing the serious look on Ianto's face. What had I done? Nothing that I knew of. I walked up to his office and saw Jack staring at me gravely. Did I do something wrong? I asked. Jack shook his head and started heaving oout a file. You're moving to the L.A. to protect someone else. His name is Josef. He explained. I threw my arms out in protest. What! What about everyone else! I exclaimed. I just can't leave them. Who will protect everyone else? I protested. Jack threw down the file and glared at me. Lizzy! You will go or you will be fired. I am not asking you, I am ordering you. He said. Fine. I said, sullenly. He regained his calming composure. Good, I don't expect you to argue with me. So, when I am leaving? I asked, avoiding his eyes. I winced as he said. Straight away. Ok, goodbye Jack. I said. I walked out of his office. Tears fell down my cheeks as I thought of everyone that I had no choice but to leave behind. Gwen spoke up. Lizzy, what did he say? I looked at her. I have to leave. I replied. Explosion of conversation came around the hub. Did he fire you? Tosh asked. No, I have to go to L.A. to work for someone called Josef Kostan. I know nothing about him. I replied. Oh...well at least you're not fired. Owen said. Yeah, I may not be but I never get to see anyone from here ever again. I continued glumly. Suddenly, the office door burst open and a vice like grip was around my arm. Come on, Lizzy. A voice said. Jack, I was just about to leave. Yeah, but you're taking your time so I thought I'd do you a favour and drive you to the airport. But I need to pack. I said. Your stuff is already over there. He said quickly. What, how? I asked. We packed it while you were out during a mission. He explained. Oh...I trailed off. Bye guys. I said. They mumured bye. I was sad as I was put in the car and the door was shut. I put my seatbelt on and leaned against the seat. I didn't want to go. Jack then got in. I think that you should have a look at his file. It might interest you. Uh huh. I nodded. I opened the file and scanned the information about Josef.

Information file:

Name: Josef Kostan

Age: 30

Business man

There was no picture. Well, I guess it can't be that bad. But I have to leave everything else behind that ever meant something to me. And everyone. For a person I have never met before. I slumped and shut the file. Jack, do I have to go. Can't you send someone else more experienced? I asked. No, you're the best one for this job. He replied. I sighed. Lizzy, this is a chance of a lifetime. He said. I know Jack, but I was happy here. I said. I know you were, Lizzy. But I think L.A. will be good for you. He said. You've thought for me all my life and some of the decisions you make are good but I don't think this is the best choice. I said. Well, I think this guy will be GOOD for you. He said. In what way? I asked. In every way. He said. You mean as in getting hooked up? I asked. He smirked. Jack, whoever this dude is who is unable to look after himself. I will not be interested in him. I said, looking at his information. I blushed faintly. He looked OK. I wouldn't say he was a turn on but there was something about him that shone out to me. Even if I didn't want to admit it there and then. We arrived at the airport and headed for the private flights. I have a private flight reserved for Miss Wootton here to L.A. Jack explained. Ah yes. The flight clerk said. Here is your ticket. Now go to Departure Lounge 1. He said. Ok. I said, obediently. Jack walked up there with me me and we stopped at the doors. He put his hands on my bare shoulders and gazed at me intently. Lizzy, we will all miss you. Good luck and be careful. He said. I will. Jack then kissed me on the forehead and sent me inside. Goodbye Jack,and thanks for everything, even if you are trying to hook me up. He smirked at me and walked off. Bye...Jack.I said, softly as I turned away and walked into Departure Lounge 1. I sat down and watched the planes take off. I had never imagined they would send me away like this. I never thought they would. How is this supposed to be right up my alley? When I know nothing about this guy. Soon, I was on the plane to L.A. and I was nervous. Not that I was sure L.A. was where I wanted to be. But I was willing to help a person in need. But I guess I should get to know him before making any judgements. I reached into my little bag and noticed that I had my diary. So, I decided to write in it about this event.

Dear Diary,

I got sent away to L.A. today by my boss Jack. I used to work for Torchwood. But not anymore. Now, I work for someone else. I am his protector and personal assistant according to this job description. I don't know what personal means to him. I hope it's nothing more than colleagues. Jack seemed shifty when letting me go. Like, there was something about Josef he wanted to tell me before I left. Honestly, this guy can't be remotely dangerous or no one would be going to assist him. I don't know what to think. It's hard to think straight. I just know there has to be some catch to this whole thing. That's all I can say, for now anyway. We land in about one hour. Maybe I should look something up about him. Not that the little information I have isn't helpful. But I think I should know something more about my client. The client that requested me in the first place. And if Jack was truthful about hooking us up, then I have the right to know about him as much as possible. I guess I better find out now.

I closed my diary and frowned, confused. I got out my laptop and switched it on, ready to do some background research on this guy. Even if it wouldn't get me anywhere. I accessed the internet and typed in Josef Kostan. Huh? It's almost like he doesn't exist. Sure, there is information on him, but's it very sketchy if anything. I clicked on a profile of him and scanned the information What in the world? Most of this stuff has unknown or no information about him. It makes no sense. What crazy world was Jack sending me into? I tried to make sense of this but it was too late as we were landing so I had to discover this all for myself. Who was this guy? Why was there hardly any information on him? I th0ught as the plane touched the ground. Half an hour later I had my suitcase and was walking out of the airport. How do I get out of the house? I thought. Then I noticed a limo. Whoa. I walked towards it and asked. Is this limosuine for anyone in particular? Yes, it's for Josef Kostan's new employee. The man replied. That's me! I exclaimed. What's your name? The man asked. I'm Lizzy. I replied. Oh, well, put your stuff in the back and then climbed into the back of the limo. I decided that this was my chance to ask some questions about my employer. Can you tell me anything about Mr. Kostan at all? I asked the driver. Sorry lady. I'm just a hired driver. So, I can't help you at all. He said, apologetically. It's ok. I just know nothing about him. I said, resting against the chair and helping myself to some champagne. Soon, we arrived at possibly one of the biggest houses I ever saw.Well, people in L.A. did like to spend. I thought as I got out of the car and the driver put my suitcases on the pavement. Is he in? I asked. I don't know. He replied. You'll have to see for yourself. Goodbye. He said. Thanks for the lift. I said. No problem. He said. I got my suitcases and walked up to the house. I found that the door was already open so I walked in. Hello? I called. Anyone there? I asked. My name is Lizzy. I am the new employee and personal assistant of Mr. Kostan. I called. Suddenly, a man appeared and said. Are you the  new girl? Yes that's me. I am called Lizzy. I said. He smiled and shook my hand. I'm a friend of Josef's. You may call me Mick. He said. Pleased to meet you. I replied. Josef here? I asked. No. I don't think so. Tell you what. Why don't you take your things up to your room which is on the second floor, first door on the right and then look around the house. He suggested. Yeah, ok. I replied, grabbing my suitcases and walking up the stairs. I was wearing leather pants, a white top and a black leather jacket. My long brown hair tumbled down my back. I found my room and put my stuff away and then took off my leather jacket and then brushed my hair and then headed back downstairs, my heels clicking on the hard marble floors. This house was huge. I was disappointed to discover my boss wasn't here, but meybe he was busy. I wandered around his house and checked out all the rooms, gaping with wonder. This place was amazing. I checked the time on my mobile. It's later than I thought. Where is he? Is this some sort of practical joke. I thought as I checked out his office. Suddenly, Mick came in. Lizzy, Josef is here. He wants to meet you. He said, leading me out.

Josef's p.o.v

Mick returned with his new personal assistant. It was a young girl. She was wearing a white top that showed off her slim figure and her gorgeous tan. She had long brown hair cascading down her back. She wore leather pants and black high heeled shoes. Hello, Lizzy. He said. She smiled and said. Hi, Josef. He showed her to a seat and sat fairly close to her. I trust that you 'll be my personal assistant, you know, helping me out with everything I do. How old are you? He asked. i'm sixteen. She replied. You're so young and yet you look so experienced. He complimented her. She flushed pink as Mick shook his head at Josef. But Josef just smiled and continued the little game he was playing. You worked for Torchwood and you got sent here from there? He asked. Yes. She anwsered, professionally. What could he say? He was a player. Josef, what will I be doing for you? She asked. Well, what do you think a personal assistant does? He asked her. She thought about it for a while. I gather I will be doing more than work by the way you're looking at me. I've seen that look before. I've worked with Jack Harkness. I know the way guys like you work. She said. You're right. How clever. He complimented her. We have a lot of parties here. And you are invited since you work for me, to every single one. She smiled. Fine, I can live with that. She replied. Good! First party starts tonight. Go and find yourself a pretty dress and I will meet you here. He said. Yeah, bye guys. She said, flashing an eager smile. Josef grinned and watched her leave. Josef, what are you doing? She's sixteen years old and you're four hundred and nine. Mick said. I'm just getting to know my new employee. Josef said, smiling innocently. More like you're trying to flirt with her. Mick said. Well, she doesn't have a boyfriend so what have I got to worry about? He said, confidently. Mick stopped trying to talk him out of it. It's about time I had someone in my life and maybe she's the one. She doesn't know it yet, thought. He said. She is personable, likeable and everything. I need a girl like that.

My p.o.v

Ok. So apart from being the personal assistant of Josef Kostan, I also get to go to all his parties. But I guess that's because I am his personal assistant and he wants me there for business only. Come on! Why do I care if he doesn't like me that way? He probably has got a girlfriend. So, why am I bothered about what I wear and what I look like and everything? I sighed and walked over to the mirror. I know what game he is playing but I am not going to fall for it. I've worked with Jack, I think I know what kind of games he plays. I opened the wardrobe and pulled out a floaty blue dress that showed off my legs. I pressed it against my body. Then I looked in my full body mirror and said. I look good. An hour later I was applying light makeup but I applied enough to make me look gorgeous. I then brushed my hair and put on some blue heels. I skipped down the stairs and saw Josef waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He had that smug look on his face that he had when we first met. Josef, hello. I said, politely. He held out his arm for me to take. I looked taken aback as I looked at other girls who were sort of glaring at me. I guess Josef has a reputation as a ladies man. I took Josef's arm and he guided me to the room where club music was pounding. Wow...Josef. How often do you have parties? I asked. Quite a lot. He replied, twirling me and putting his arms around me. I smiled dazzingly. He laughed at me. What? I asked. You're unbelievably different. He said. Of course I am. I replied. What am I doing dancing with a vampire if I wasn't different? I asked. How do you know that? He asked. I have my ways. I can sense it inside you. It's like a gift I've had all my life. Besides I'm not afraid of you. I said. He smiled. So, would you let me take blood from you? He asked. I wasn't going to ask straight away. But I have to know if you trust me enough to let me. I studied his face. He seemed trustworthy. Yeah. I can trust you. I said, smiling at him. He grinned in a way that made my heart thump strangely. He pulled me closer so our lips were almost touching. Maybe Jack was right when he said that he would be good for me. I blushed and looked down, until I felt him lift my chin up which then banged against his chin as I was smaller than him. Sorry! I said, blushing. It's okay, Lizzy. Don't worry about it. He said, as he put his lips closer to my neck. I smiled and blushed again. He was better than I expected. True gentleman. I thought as he twirled me around and put my back against his body. He was so warm. I closed my eyes as he swayed to the music. Don't let me go. I thought. Don't worry, I won't let you go. He whispered seductively. My eyes opened in shock. How did you know what I was thinking? I asked. I have just got that talent. He whispered in my ear. This sent shivers running down my spine. How did this happen? What was he doing to me? I asked. What? He asked, his lips by my ear. How do you make me feel the way that I do? I asked. I don't know. Maybe it's in your soul? He asked. Or is it your heart? He asked. These questions made my head spin. I didn't have time to anwser these questions. He held some power over me. Something that Jack couldn't even do-and Jack was an expert. If I knew any better, I would say I was in love with my boss, and that would be troublesome, since he was something of a ladies man. To put it polietly. There wasn't much to think about when I was in his arms. But that was only because he was all I could think about. He was like a pleasant drug and I wanted more of him. Then Mick and this blonde haired girl came up to us. Well, Lizzy, looks like you're having fun. He said. I blushed. Oh Lizzy. This is Beth. He said, pointing to the blonde haired girl smililing kindly at me. I smiled and replied with a polite hello. The blush was still on my cheeks. I tried to urge it away with all my strength but the blush remained. So when did you get here? Beth asked. I got here just today. I replied, smiling, feeling my cheeks cool. Thank god. So, what do you do for Josef? Beth asked, obviously wanting to know all about my life and how I got here. Well, I worked for Torchwood and then I was sent here by my boss Jack and then I was assigned as Josef's personal assistant. Beth and Mick left us alone, probably to go and be romantic somewhere and leave us to our selfs. Actually, I wish they would have stayed because I felt more comfortable than ever when they were around. I realised that while I was chatting to Beth that Josef had managed to wrap his arms around my waist and put his lips closer to my neck. I struggled to breath as he played with my hair with his free hand. As the party went on we both got closer but something was stopping me. The fact that he was my boss disturbed me greatly, but what disturbed me even more was the fact that I was finding him absoutely irresistible. After the party ended I went to bed, exhausted but very happy. Tonight had been my Cinderella night after all, I was strangely content.

The End

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