Chapter 3 part 2 of 6

"I'm starved I need to go. See you tommrow baby.'" He hugged her tightly he patted her cheek,and he flew out her window.  'Forever" she thought. That night she dreamnt that she was going through a field of flowers with Erice. She woke up the next morning sweating. She slowly to the shower. Rosyln grabbed a towel and put it down and stepped into the shower. She washed her hair and she washed her body. Erice was in her room playing on her piano I can wait forver on the piano. Rosyln came in and slid down next to Erice and listen too the song laying her head on his shoulder. A tear ran down her cheek and he wiped it off. and went into playing her lullaby. She ran her finger down the side of his face and they kissed and she said " I have some news I am pregnant with your baby." She whispered into his ear.  To Be contiued.....................

The End

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