Chapter 4Mature

“Ciera!” Matt hugged the waitress “how’s grad school? What you still doing working in this dump?” he noticed the manger giving him evils and laughed “Carlos chill, I was joking dude! I was joking” Matt made calming hand gestures, ordered 2 orange juices then turned and ran to his table, it was one of Matt’s favourite past times annoying him and Carlos, he hoped, knew he was only joking. After about 5 minutes of waiting and making small talk their drinks came. Just as they were almost finished Tyler and Lyndon came in. They both went to different colleges than Karl or Matt but they still took every opportunity to make their lives a living hell.


“Oh no not again, it’s the two gays, what is this place coming to Lynd?” Tyler remarked on seeing Karl and Matt sitting in the corner. “I don’t know Ty. What is it coming to?” Lyndon was a bit dumb on account of been dropped on his head as a baby though Tyler was often heard to remark that it was just because he himself were so smart that nobody noticed how dumb Lyndon was until he spoke. “Hey Lynd watch this” Tyler scrawled GAY! on a napkin and screwed it up then measuring the distance he aimed it at the back of Matt’s head and launched it “Thwack” it hit the back on Matt’s head an bounced off. This produced hysterics of laughter from Tyler and Lyndon and an anguished yelp from Matt. “Oi gay boy over here” Tyler shouted whilst trying to keep breathing, he was laughing so much his breathing was laboured. “Get a life Tyler go annoy someone your own size” Karl shouted back, he was still annoyed about what Mr Thorpe had said and wasn’t in the mood for another confrontation but it looked like he would get one whether he wanted one or not. “Make me you great ugly, gay brute” this produced more hysterics from Lyndon. “Right you bloody bastard I’m going to kill you!” Karl was livid he leapt out of his seat and within a matter of what seemed like milliseconds had Tyler by the throat and Lyndon on the floor with blood pouring from his nose “Alright gay boy stay calm” Tyler managed to squeeze out the words even though he could barely breathe. Karl dropped him and aimed a kick at the retreating back of Lyndon who had taken the chance and was making a run for the door. “You cowardly loser” Karl shouted after him “You can’t even bear to take the consequences of your own foolish actions”. Tyler was trying to crawl after him but Karl dragged him back by the scruff of his neck and got right in his face “You ever insult me or my boyfriend again and I will kill you and that isn’t a threat...” he paused for effect and smiled madly “That my poorly misguided friend...that is a promise” he threw him to the floor and walked back to the seemingly paralyzed Matt who had watched it unfold with apprehension unsure whether to stop it or not. Matt buried his head in Karl’s shoulder and shook like a leaf on a windy day while Karl comforted him. When Matt was at last able to speak without shaking he said “Karl...babe...y...y...You didn’t have to do that for me” Matt was still shaking slightly “You should of ignored them” he started shaking more violently. Once the shivers had subsided Karl replied “I didn’t do it to shut them least not completely...Matty I did it ‘cause...well I did it ‘cause I love you” Karl tilted Matt’s face up and kissed him gently on the lips. Matt broke the kiss his eyes full of unshed tears “Hey babe, don’t cry” Karl wiped Matt’s eyes “’s not that it’s just the fact that you love me it makes me feel special...thank you Karl for standing up for me” Matt kissed Karl again his tongue briefly toying with Karl’s in an age old dance of commitment and love then he hugged Karl tight, they finished their drinks, paid and hand in hand began the walk to Matt’s house.

The End

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