Chapter 3Mature

Karl ran through the gates with Matt in his arms.


“What do you think you’re doing? Karl put Matthew down this instant!” it was Mr Thorpe, their biology teacher and the most hated teacher in the whole college. “Sorry we’re late Sir the alarm didn’t work” Karl lied. No one at college except Matt knew he had run away. He had left a note for his mum and dad along the lines of ‘Don’t worry about me too much; you can’t handle the truth so I’m staying out for a few days’. He hoped it stayed that way but even as the thought crossed his mind he knew that soon something had to change. Mr Thorpe’s monotone voice broke his train of thought and dragged him back to the reality of the situation. “Hmm...Yes...well...get into class before I fail you” “But Sir, you’re our teacher aren’t you a bit late to?” Karl called over his shoulder as he and Matt ran away laughing. “Oh...yes...damnation!” Mr Thorpe started running towards the class cursing under his breath.


Karl and Matt dropped their bags on the floor and threw themselves into their chairs just as Mr Thorpe ran puffing into the room holding an official looking envelope. Sorry I’m late I had to take a detour to the head teacher’s office Matthew...Karl I want to see you after class” Mr Thorpe looked stern then his face softened and he began talking to the class though his eyes occasionally drifted over Karl and Matt as if looking into their minds.     After the class Mr Thorpe called them both over and waited for the room to empty. “Now you two you know the school rules right?” Mr Thorpe paused to allow them to answer “Yes Sir” they answered in unison “Well then you will know that homosexuality is not permitted in this school. If you wish to display your sexuality so freely the headmaster shall have to reconsider your place in this college. This is a letter for your parents, they explain the rules about homosexuality in greater detail” Mr Thorpe handed them each one of the official brown envelopes with the schools logo and slogan on them “Carpe Diem” (Seize the day). They turned to leave but Mr Thorpe called after Karl “Oh and Karl change your shirt once in a while”. Karl had never really hated Mr Thorpe he was attractive in that roguish way. If you concentrated hard, But for the first time in his college life he understood why everyone hated him so much. Matt had to drag him away before he made a decision he regretted “Now is not the time Karl. Come on let’s go get a drink.” Karl protested “But that pint sized arsehole just threatened to throw us out just because we don’t conform! This isn’t right Matt how can you just walk away from the bastard! We need to go back there and fight for what is right! We can’t let them get away with this!” Karl was in full flow curse words in every other sentence. “Look babe I know it’s not right but now – is – not – the – TIME” Matt tugged Karl’s sleeve hard and almost sent himself flying head over heels “Thanks for almost breaking my neck Karl!” Matt cautiously laughed then tugged at Karl’s sleeve again and headed towards their favourite café.

The End

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