Chapter 1 (or 2 haven't decided yet)

Bridget is a teenage girl who lives on the streets, she has a strange burn mark on her upper arm and falls into visions of a past celtic-like reality involving a different race of beings, she meets ross, a rich boy from london who translates a journal that they find together. the journal is of thanatos, a high priest of the waovu, the celtic-like race in bridgets visions and gives instructions on how to bring him and his race back, this is ongoing so i dont know anything more yet!

bridgets feet slipped out from under her, she landed heavily on the wet tiles and prayed that no-one inside the house had heard her careless mistake and decided to investigate. it was too late to back out now, she thought as she carefully crept her way across the last portion of the roof, her rubber soles slipping and threatening to topple her again.

the nasaris were the richest people in town, they owned 3 businesses and a private jet, and tonight bridget was going to try and hit the jackpot, the family safe.

she nimbly hopped from the roof and onto the top floor balcony and kept as low to the ground as possible, almost like a cat, she quietly chuckled, how ironic to think of herself as catlike with her pupils being almost feline, hers were horizontal rather than vertical. she drew up the hood of her thin, oversized black coat to hide her dirty blonde hair, and deftly brought out a pen and a nailfile. she slyly put both into the keyhole and fiddled with the lock until she heard a click that was as quiet as a whisper.

bridget turned the handle and inched a toe into the lavishly decorated study. after sneaking glances into the room for about two minutes, she confidently opened the door before swiftly walking to the expensive mahogany desk on the other side of the room and crouching under it.she quietly tapped the panels on the inside of the desk and was about to give up when the last panel she tapped made a hollow sound. unable to contain her grin she pried the wooden panel away with her long, grubby nails, it moved easily revealing a number keypad. an informer had already told her the combination, it was the dogs birthday, how moronic she thought while tapping the numbers in. the back panel the desk kept her from seeing the red alarm bulb that had begun to silently flash when she had finished entering the code.

gleefully she opened the heavy metal door, to reveal, nothing. confused, she put her hand in and felt around the safe, all she could feel was the cold hard metal that made up the casing. blinking away tears she closed the door and carefully replaced the wooden panel, a pair of slippers were visible on the other side of the desk along with a hurried whisper, 'stay quiet.'

the lights in the hallway clicked on and the pair of expensive leather slippers that she could see shuffled slightly. the heavy oak door burst open with a deafening bang along with a gruff voice shouting 'where is he then?!' the softer voice that bridget had just heard said ' he must have gone out of that door, i saw it closing when i ran in.' a heavyy set of footsteps led to the balcony and bridget took her chance and rushed to the open door that led into the carpeted hallway.

she burst out from under the desk, with her long black coat flying out behind her like a pair of bats wings. shouts of fury echoed from behind her yet she refused to falter and look back, instead she raced on, flying down sets of marble stairs and through lavish hallways. as she ran, a throbbing in her temples slowly emerged, inwardly she groaned and forced her already tired legs faster, she just needed to get away, get away before it claimed her again. frantically, she rounded a corner and could see the heavy front door that was inlaid with gold just beyond a last set of stairs, when the throbbing in her temples increased and blinded her, she fell to her knees while clutching her head with pain, her screams faded as she slowly sank into unconsciousness amidst a world of colours and foreign faces.

The End

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