Chapter 2: SamMature

Sunlight began to slowly wake the boys in the orphanage. Tired, they rose so as to avoid being beaten awake by their priest, a tall man called David. Conversations began and soon the noise began to escalate. One boy called Sam with blond hair and a square face looked at the only orphan there without an actual name. So, he decided to antagonize him, hoping to figure one out that would stick. "Hey crap face- ya, you ugly, I'm talkin' to you!"

The boy didn't answer. He just stood up and walked to the door, dutifully awaiting the priest. When the priest came, he looked at every bed with a smile- everyone seemed to be awake. He said with authority "Quiet children! We have much to learn today. We will be going through the book of Revelations again, right after your Social exam. During your..."

Sam grinned and whispered to a few of his friends, bragging about how easy it would be. Just circle any answer that had anything to do with god or England. The priest looked at Sam and sweetly asked "Did you just interupt your father?" 

Suddenly wide eyed, Sam said "Nn- no father!" 

The priest frowned "Then who has spoken?" 

Sam mumbled "I-I dunno!"

The priest stepped forwards "It'll be the locker for you, filthy, child! How dare you interupt your father?!"

Everyone turned as an odd sounding, unfamiliar voice said "I have no father but the one in heaven... and even he is a bastard."

The priest's fists clenched and his eyes widened in rage. "WHAT FOUL CHILD SAID THIS?!"

The nameless orphan stepped forwards, a look of contempt upon his face. Controlling his rage, the priest said "I do not expect you to understand our fanthomless god! Who are you to question his ways? This questioning is unprecendented, it must be punished!" 

With that, the priest dragged the orphan out of the dormitory and yelled "Stay here until I get back!" 


The End

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