Chapter 1Mature

This story is about an orphan in a strange time- England after the third great war. Christianity has returned with a vengeance and has permiatted every part of the country. If you're not with god, you're against him. This, he did.

Bells chimed in the Catholic church. Hundreds of people dutifully walked inside, talking to each other about their lives. Rumours went around and generally un-godly things were discussed. In the crowd, however, is the focus- an ugly teenage boy with an un-godly amount of achme. At least, that's what the bishop said. The boy didn't mind though- he was an orphan, he didn't mind being alone. As for the ridicule, he knew how to deal with it, which was to not deal with it at all. Just don't talk to anyone and he'd be fine. Unfortunately, it was this in-ability to speak that made sure not a soul in England knew his name. That was also fine with him, the less others knew the better. The boy entered the church and sat down on the floor in front of an old man with a long grey beard. He was bishop Shephard. For the thirty eight week straight the bishop prayed for the boys body, asking the holy ghost to remove the boys leprosy. 

Frustrated, bishop Shephard crossed his arms and said to the congregation "Good evening gods children!"

The congregation mechanically replied "Good evening." 

Shephard recalled from memory "We, the children of god, have lived under the wrath of god, but he who is merciful, has spared us as his chosen ones. Let us not be tempted by the evil one, lest we forget the shadow of fire." His voice rose to a yell "God bless England!"

The congregation stood up, crossed their left arms over their chests with closed fists and yelled "God bless England!"

Shephard smiled "You may be seated." 

When they all sat still, Shephard began with a fake smile "This has been a fine week in gods country. A new member of our family has arrived, little baby Susan. Please give her the welcome she deserves. May the family let her know gods joy. A fine crop has come to be harvested as well. But now, I must tread onto a darker story. That of this orphan who came to us from across the sea. His leprosy will not heal. Please, pray with me." 

As Shephard prayed with the church, he caught a glimpse of a grin from the boy.

The End

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