Chapter 1 - The Unbreakable Bond

The Dark Dimensions Connected

Cyd is a very normal wizard.. or so she thinks until she becomes the Guardian of Alex, the Vampire Prince. Together, they learn the secrets of both the Magicx and Vamperic Realms and discover secrets that may lead them both to love and misery.


I was rudely awakened by a very loud noise made by my suite's door being thrown recklessly on the wall. I became aware of people talking outside my suite and moving about the corridors. I decided to ignore whoever these people are and continue to sleep when my mother burst into my bedroom looking utterly menacing and authoritative but with regality and grace.

"Cytheria Diana Verlinden! What are you thinking still staying in bed when you know there are many things to do?" My mom said while removing the bed covers off me and pulling me by my right arm to a sitting position; desperately trying to get me to consciousness which she need not bother for I am fully awake already.

"Mom, I'm awake!" I said, pulling away from her grasp and putting my feet on the floor, ready to stand. "Why do you have to barge in this early in the morning? You'll disturb the other students?"

"Disturb?" she asked sarcastically. "Cyd, you are the only one sleeping in this dormitory while others are busy preparing for the Inaugural Ceremony tonight. Have you forgotten your responsibilities? I thought I told you I'm going to be busy today and you should not add to my worries."

The what?! I thought, suddenly at a loss. Oh, yeah! The ceremony... Aish!

"Yes, you told me that, mom. And I already prepared everything for tonight so you need not panic." I said, emphasizing the last three words.

"Not panic?! Don't you know how many high-ranking Magicx Officials and Vamperic Royalties are coming tonight for the ceremony? Just thinking about the preparations I need to supervise and check makes me lose control." My mom said as she crossed my room and opened the door of my dressing room. She started rummaging that part of the dresser where my semi-formal dresses were kept. "By the way, what will you wear tonight? Remember to look really proper for the occasion despite the semi-formal theme."

Wait. Did she just say 'lose control'? I thought, astonished a bit. You have got to be kidding me.

"Ambassadress Catherine Isabella Verlinden never loses control." I stated matter-of-factly with amusement in my voice, while getting to my feet and standing near my study table facing my dressing room and my mother's back.

My flighty but determined mother is currently the Ambassadress for the Alliance of Wizards and Vampires (AWV for short) and the Overseer of the Treaty of Peace between the two realms. She has been holding these positions for almost five years now after being appointed by the Prime Minister Alfred James Willingham through a special law. She has poured much of her energy working day and night to uphold the position she so wanted to have since the treaty was established almost seven years ago.

"Mom, you never lose control. You might get out of hand sometimes but lose control? Never!" I said with conviction. "And I doubt you'd want to now that the fulfillment of your every dream about the accomplishment of the treaty is now being achieved and done excellently."

She stopped rummaging my dress closet and came to stand near me, facing me. She looked at me with a mother's love for her only child and daughter. "Yes, my dearest Cyd. Our dreams for a more peaceful world between wizard and vampires are really coming true. I just wish you father was still alive witness it with us." As she was saying this, I saw tears cloud her eyes but immediately blinked them away as if by doing so would cease the pain and heartache.

"Mom, don't look so sad. I know dad is happy for us now.... Wherever he is." I said while I hugged her tightly. It was such a sentimental time and I just can't brush it off easily. However, I pulled away and said with a pout. "But, mom, I don't need to wear a dress. I am supposed to be inaugurated as a Guardian, remember? Meaning, I will have to wear the academe uniform and the Guardian Brooch.

"Oh yes! I almost forgot. You have really grown so fast I thought were still at the Sorceress Level. Now you are a full-fledged Wizard already! You have done well, Cyd. I am so, so proud of you." She said the last sentence with heartfelt affection while holding my face with both hands. I saw in her eyes the happiness of a mother who did everything for the welfare of her child despite the hardships she has to encounter. But I can also see a bit of longing in there... maybe for my lost childhood or for my late father. Either ways, I am determined to have a blissful morning for both of us for we would really have a very long day and I might as well add night so I didn't brought up any reference about the two despairing part of our lives.

"I've really grown and all that I am now is because of your love. I will be the best Magick that the two Realms have ever seen. I promise." I declared solemnly.

"I know you'll be great, my precious one. However, do not be too hard on yourself. I love you for who you are... You don't need to do anything to prove yourself to me." Mom told me reassuringly as her hands moved to clasp mine together. Knowing the mood has lightened up, I cried out my disappointment for the Inauguration.

"Thanks, mom. But now that I am in the Wizard mastery level, I thought I'll have more adventures that just guarding a vampire royalty." I said with obvious disinterest.

Mom looked at me, totally flabbergasted. "Cyd, being a Guardian is not merely a task or mission but a High Honor. Very few wizards were chosen to guard and be diplomats to the Vamperic Royalty. The fact that few qualify is the reason why we has so much difficulty in coming up with the protocols for the Treaty. You know this is the only time when both the Magick Parliament and the Vamperic Council have agreed that there would be no harm in allowing the both young wizards and vampires to interact with a low percentage of danger. It is high time we should ascertain that everything we have done will really led us to authentic peace. You should know that by now since you have studied the Treaty many times before."

Actually, I know it is one of the High Honors but I am more of the adventure-action type of person and I would rather get all worked up in a magical duel than to be dog tail of a Vamperic Royalty, whoever he or she is. But I also know that cooperation is one of the keys to the success of the Treaty and if the wizards and vampires won't get along well, I doubt the Treaty would have any use at all. This means I do not have much choice especially now that everyone is looking up on my mother for the success of the negotiations and as a loyal daughter, I would have to stand by her beliefs no matter what...not that I mind it. Not to mention that my advancement in the Magicx Mastery Level adds up to all the pressure.

"As long as I've proven that the vampire I'm assigned to guard is respectable and civil, I will tolerate my position as Guardian." I said seriously, stressing out my point. "And mom, promise me that when I'm become an Enchantress, I can decide if I am to retain my position or not"

My mom looked at me pensively and sighed. "If that is what you want but make sure you'll have a qualified replacement when the time comes or I will not permit you to give up your being a Guardian. You know being one is not easy and one has to undergo an inauguration just to be one so I suggest you keep that in mind." I grinned at her showing my delight. "But for now, do your role well, please?"

"Yes, oh, Yes! Uh... by the way, mom." I said and she looked at me questioningly. "I love you." I said warmly and kissed her long on the cheek.

"I love you so much, my precious, precious daughter." She responded with a kiss and a very tight hug that meant to tell me a thousand things. After a moment, she let go and said, "You better prepare yourself now.... You missed breakfast already by waking up so late. What time is it? Oh my! It's almost 10:30. Remember the lunchtime is 11:30am. Go down before that to have lunch with the other students, all right? The Academe's schedule is always strictly followed but you know that already. I must go now. I still have a luncheon meeting with the Diplomat Committee." She tells me as she roams around to check my room. "Ah, one more thing. The room. Is it--?"

"It's wonderful, mom. You better go or you'll the one who's going to be late." I said quickly knowing she's almost in a rush.

"Just be ready, okay? Not just for lunch but you know..."

"Yes, mom! Quit worrying. I will always be ready."

She looked calm and said, "I'll leave now. No, do not usher me out. I will be fine. Be good, Cyd. See you later."

"Bye. Take care. See you tonight!" I called out as she went out of my room and I started to prepare myself for something inevitable.

The End

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