Chapter 7 - The Snow MoonMature


I open my eyes Monday morning, things felt... different. Raven left last night, we really didn't talk about much. I didn't tell her about my encounter with Aiden, she would have pushed the issue. Though, I have to admit that no matter how hard I try. I can't stop thinking about Aiden. His light skin, his sandy blonde hair. They way the sun shined in his eyes making them look like emeralds. And if the sun hit them just right, you could see the small brown spot by his right pupil. The way he looked at me... its like he saw through everything. The forcefield/wall, or whatever you might call it. Its like he just saw me, the real me. But what am I thinking? I'm in no place to even think about a guy. Especially with the fact that I'm a witch. My life is screwed up enough, it wouldn't be fair to screw up someone elses. 

I sigh, "What am I doing?" I pet Merlin, "Why can't I stop thinking about him?"

"Mrow..." He replies.

I rub his head and get up and do my morning routine. My aunt and I still haven't spoke since I quit. So I planned on getting out of the house early. Today was nice, so I didn't mind walking. But, since the whole Peter incident I now carry a pocket knife in my boot for easy access. 

I go naked today. No colour, shimmer. Just foundation, concealor, blush and mascara. I put on a sky blue t-shirt and toss on my black hoodie over it. I just, didn't care anymore. I hate it here. I was attacked, no friends. I was already a freak and no one even knew I was a witch.  I grabbed my bag and headed out before her alarm went off. I grab my Zune, and am royally pissed at myself because I forgot to charge it last night. 

"Great..." I mutter to my self and toss it into my bag. 

I walk along the side of the road and just try to occupy myself. I tried to think of how to strick up a conversation with my aunt, but I just couldn't come up with anything. 


I look around and see nothing but trees. I slowly reach into my boot and grab the knife and grip onto it. 

"Hello?" I shout.

"Well, hello Penny." 

I turn and see Peter coming from between the trees, "What are you doing here Peter?" I ask and back up. 

"Do you have any idea what its been like? Cast out like an unwanted child? Not allowed to see my friends? Work? Even live in the town I grew up in?" He asks.

I started to shake slightly, "You should have thought of that before you attacked me." 

He smiles, "Scared Penelope?" 

I stand my ground, "Only of hurting you." 

He smiles slightly, "Gave you a little back bone did I?"

I glare, "You wish. You think you have it bad? Everyone HATES me. They blame me for what you did. Like its my fault. You attacked me. But I am the one being punished. And that isn't fair." 

"C'mon. Admit it. You had fun." 

I shake my head, "Date rape is your forte. Not mine. Now, leave me alone. Or I'll call the cops." 

I turn to walk away and out of no where, he's there grasping at my throat.

"You think you're sorry now? I'll make you sorry." He breaths heavily into my face. "Once your gone. Everything will be back to normal." He huffs.

I claw at his fingers, the knife rested in my pocket. I felt my blood coursing, trying to find air. I started to black out when I looked into his eyes, only they had changed. They weren't brown anymore. They were...yellow and glowing. I put hands up and try to focus on Peter being shoved away.

He chuckles, "So. The rumors are true.... WITCH!" He hisses. 

I didnt have time to care, I focused just enough to make him let go and stumble onto his back. I fall to the ground, choking. Barely managing to stay conscious when he started coming back to me. I get up and try running, but he was too fast and I knock into him.

"Peter, stop." 

He grabs my wrists and pulls me up by my throat, "Noo." He replies and his lips curl into a murderous smile.

So... this is it. I thought to myself as I began to black out. I wanted to hold onto a happy thought, but for the life of me I couldn't find one. I suppose I had my parents to look forward too. I felt my body going numb, and I felt warm against the cold wind. I expected to hear something, anything. But I didn't. I felt... at peace. Almost like lying in grass on a warm spring day. The sun shinning on my face.

"Penelope?! Penelope, come on. Open your eyes. Breathe!" 

I hear being shouted. I looked around and saw no one in the meadow, only myself. I lie back down and close my eyes, waiting for the light to appear. For me to cross over.

"Penelope, come on. Lucy needs you." I hear and feel something push against my chest. 

I open my eyes, and as before I was alone. But I kept feeling that pressure on my chest. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled from the meadow. I didn't want to leave. 

I feel myself come too and open my eyes. My sight was fuzzy, but it focused as I took in a breath. I see a dark figure infront of the sun.

"What happened?" 

"Peter. He attacked you again. I heard you say his name and came running." A male voice replies. I try to sit up, and get dizzy. "You better rest till a little. At least till the paramedics come." 

I look and see its Aiden, "Aiden?"

He nods, "You alright?" 

"He tried to kill me. He said if I disappeared. Things would go back to normal. I have it recorded on my phone." 

"That's good. Evidence for the sheriff." 

"Where is he?" 

A look of shame flooded his face, "As soon as I came, he dropped you and ran. I wanted to make sure you were alright first. You weren't breathing." 

That's when I realized, "I died..." I whisper.

"For a moment...yes. But I gave you CPR, and you'll be fine."

"Aiden Lycos! Aiden Lycos! Paramedics are here!" 

He looks at me, "We better go." He replies and picks me up.

"I think I can walk." 

He looks at me, "Its probably better if you stay off your feet."

I nod slowly looking at him, "Okay." I notice he was all healed, "Hey, you're cuts are gone." 

He smiles and nods, "Yeah. That stuff you gave me works great."

"I suppose we're even now." 


He just looks at me for a moment before we peek outside of the woods, the ambulence was there.


"What happened?" A paramedic asks.

"She was attacked in the woods. She was gone for a moment, but I used CPR to bring her back." Aiden replies and puts me on the gurney. 

"I'm fine." I reply.

"We have to conduct some tests miss. We need to bring you to the hospital."

I sigh, "Fine." When suddenly I realize that the other paramedic was bandaging my arm. I look, "What are you wrapping up?" I ask.

"It looks like a dog bite." The paramedic replies.

"A dog bite?" Aiden questons. "I didn't notice a bite." 

"It wasn't deep. She'll be fine." He replies. "But we needs to get going. You did great giving her CPR, you think on your feet." 

"It was instinct I suppose." Aiden replies concerned.

"We'll file a report and send it over to the Sheriff. Your friend will be fine. You can visit her in a couple hours." The paramedic replies and places me into the ambulence.

I was focusing on breathing when I heard him say, "Just make sure she is taken care of."

"Don't worry Aiden. We will." The paramedic replies and gets into the driver seat and starts up the ambulence.

I looked up at the paramedic working on me, short hair and light eyes. He looked young to be in a profession like this one. I could only imagine the things he's seen.

"Don't worry. You're in good hands." I wonder if she knew how close she was.

I nod, "I believe you."

He fakes a smile, "Good." He attaches me to a heart monitor and examines my throat, "Deep bruising. But there doesn't appear to be any damange. But we will need you to take a breathing test at the hospital. Just to be sure." 

I look at him, "Can I ask you something?" I ask and hold onto his hand.

His eyes begin to glaze over a little and nods, "Yes."

"Have you worked on any of the victims that were attacked by the animal?" 

He nods, "I have."

I take a deep breath, "Was it a wolf?" 

He pauses for a moment and shakes his head. Breaking contact. "Don't be ridiculous. It was likely a wild dog of some kind." He replies and keeps working on me. 

"Maybe.." I reply and lie back down.

Ever since I was a kid I was able to compel people into telling me the truth. Lately I had been working on it, past few years. It comes in handy. But, I hadn't gotten it down to eye contact yet. I still needed to touch in order to complete the process. 

We get to the hospital and they keep me for an hour or two for observation. I pass the breathing test, barely. But I manage to convince them that I was well enough to go home. The hospital wasn't huge like a normal one, since it was a small town it was pretty simple. 

I finished signing the paperwork and was putting on my sweater when Aiden came out of the elevator. 

"Aiden... what're you doing here?" 

"I wanted to check up on you. See how you were doing." 

"I passed the tests for the most part. And I managed to convince them to let me go home."

He pulls out a purple flower from behind his back, "I thought you might like this." 

I smile, "A violet. There one of my favorites. But you didn't have too."

"I know. But when I was on my way here, I saw it. And it reminded me of you."

I tilt my head, "How so?" 

He smiles, "The colour. You have an unusual eye colour."

I immediately turn away, "I know. Its weird." 

"Not at all. I find the colour rather beautiful." 

"Really?" I ask with my back turned.

"I do."

I turn back playing with its petals, "Its beautiful.. Thank you." I smile. 

"Your welcome." He returns the gesture. "Now, where are you headed? Home? Police station?" 

"Well I filed the report here. The sheriff came because of the seriousness." 

"Did she say anything about what there gonna do with Peter?" He asks.

"Arrested. But I'd rather not get into it. I really need a caffine fix." I reply rubbing my temples.

"I'll drive." He replies and pushes the elevator button. "Its okay Aiden. You've done enough. You shouldn't feel obigated to shadow me." 

"I don't feel obligated. I want too." He replies and the elevator doors open. "After you." He adds and moves to the side holding the door open. 

I step in next to him and he pushes the ground floor. You could cut the silence with a knife. What is he doing? Does he feel sorry for me or something? I ask myself.

"You wait right here. I'll bring it around." Aiden replies and goes around to the parking lot.

"I can walk." I mumble to myself.

I didn't know what to do. But I didn't really have that much time to think because he pulls up in a black Chevy Camero. I had to admit that I was shocked. But, then again. He was full of surprises.

He gets out and opens the door,"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Nothing. Just think I'd remember seeing this in the schools parking lot." I smile slightly. 

"I walk to school. I don't drive much." He replies as I get into the seat. He runs around the front, "So. To the grill then?" He asks.

"You do realize your skipping school right?" I ask.

"Yeah. I am perfectly aware that I am skipping school." He smiles and starts the car. 

The radio plays while we head towards the grill, there were cruisers out all over the place looking for Peter. I crouched down and try to shrink into myself. I just wanted to be invisible.

"Don't worry Penelope. You're safe with me."

I look over at him, "That obvious huh?"

"Just a little." He smiles.

I sigh, "Ever since I came into town things just seem to have gone down hill for me."

He pulls into the lot of the grill and parks, "I'm sure there are some good things that have happened. I mean, you met Lucy."

I felt tears coming, "Yeah. And she doesn't even talk to me now."

He brushes my bangs from my face, "That doesn't mean she isn't your friend anymore." He pulls out the key, "Now, we're gonna get a table. Eat, coffee or whatever. And we'll go from there." He replies and unbuckles his seat belt and comes over to open my door.

"Thanks." I reply and step out.

"Inside or patio?"

I tug on my sweater, "Inside if you don't mind."

He nods, "Sure."

We go inside into one of the booths, I slink into the corner. Hoping that no one could see me. He sits across from me and passes me a menu.

"What's good here?" He asks.

"There burgers." I reply.

"Is it bad that I'm surprised that there are girls that actually eat?" He chuckles slightly. "Well besides Lucy."

I smile slightly, "I remember my dad use to tell me that real beautiful people will always look that way. No matter what they look like."

"Your father is wise." He nods.

"I use to listen to him talk for hours on end." I reply.

"Use too?" He pauses, "That's right. Lucy told me you live with your aunt."

I nod, "Since I was little. They died in a fire."

"I'm sorry. I know what its like being on your own. I've been on my own since I was fifteen."

"I thought you and Lucy were cousins?" I ask.

He nods, "Her family took me in. So its been that way for the past few years. I got lucky."

"So that's why no one knows."

We order and begin to talk more, about what? Anything really. We talked about everything and anything. School, what it was like growing up the way we did. Lonely, and hard.

"Lucy misses you."

I play with my straw, "I really miss her too. I don't understand why she got so mad. I mean, the joke wasn't funny... at all."

"I agree. Lucy is just going through something. She's reached the fork in the road and has to chose which direction she wants to go in."

"All because family is in town?"

"Its complicated."

"Believe me. I know complicated." I smile.

He looks at me, "Something tells me that you do."

For a moment, we just stared at one another. I broke eye contact first, I felt too exposed. Too...naked. I've never felt comfortable around anyone before. He has eyes that seem to stare at you raw, right into your soul.

"I want to take you somewhere. Mind going for a walk?" I ask.

"Lead the way." He offers.

I take him into the woods. I know I should probably avoid the woods from now on, but the whole town is surrounded by them. Its impossible to avoid them. So, I take him in deep into the woods. Where I found the gazebo.

"How did you find this place?" He asks.

"One day when I was walking in the woods, I came across it. I found it out of no where. I've been coming often ever since." I reply.

He examines it, "Why? Its worn down, forgotten."

I shrug and stand by a ledge, "Doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful once a time. I think its just been forgotten. I find peace when I come here. Its a good place to think."

He sits next to me, "You don't see the world the way other people do. Do you?" He asks.

"I suppose not. But I couldn't imagine seeing it any other way."

He stands next to me, "Why not?"

"Because if we don't stop and look around and see the beauty in things. Everything would seem ugly."

"I wish I saw the world the way you did Penelope." He whispers leaning in.

My heart was racing, "Why?"

His finger caresses my wrist, "I wish I could tell you." He hovers for a moment, my heart was thundering. He leans in till I can feel his breath on my lips, "I'm a ---"


I close my eyes and dig into my pocket, of course it had to ring. He takes a step back looks out off the ledge.


"Penny? The sheriff just called me. What happened? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Aunt Eden. I'll explain it all later."

"Where are you? I'll come get you."

"I assure you I'm perfectly safe. I'll see you at home soon. Okay?"

"Well...if you're sure."

"I am. I got to go. Love you."

"Love you too Sweet Pea."

I hang up, "Sorry about tha---" I turn, and he was gone. "Aiden? Aiden, c'mon this isn't funny..."

I looked around. He was really gone. I shrink into myself and sit on the harsh gazebo floor. I couldn't help but feel crushed.


I take out my phone, text message. Lucy: Hey. You're aunt told me about what happened today. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

Lucy: "Are you sure? Maybe we can meet for coffee?"

As much as I wanted to see Lucy again, I couldn't stand the embarrassment. "I think I'm just gonna head home to rest. Tell your cousin thanks for me. G2G." I reply and put my phone away.

I zip up my hoodie and head towards the shop. I walk in and find my aunt and Agnes working. She comes running at me and hugs me.

"Can I get a ride home?" I ask.

"Of course sweetie." She turns to Agnes. "I'll be back. Mind watching the shop?"

Agnes shakes her head, "Not at all. Go on." She beckoned us.

I go out the back and get into the van, she follows. She doesn't really talk, I think she wanted to leave me to my thoughts.

"Mind if I take a week off school? I mean, with everything that's happened..."

She pats my hand, "Of course not dear. I'll go by the school in the morning to get the work." She replies and pulls up to the end of our driveway.

"Thanks Aunt Eden." I reply and close the door.

I watch her pull out and head inside. When I make sure that the close is clear I go upstairs to cry myself to sleep.

Was it really all in my head? I couldn't help but wonder.

The End

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