Chapter 6 - The Wolf MoonMature

The first month of school had come and gone. As envisioned I was the schools outcast and cruel joke. Lucy never left my side, we've become best friends. Sometimes I feel bad, being my friend made things hard for her too. She says it doesn't bother her, but deep down I think it does. If only a little. The leaves changed, and it had become sweater weather. I tried to keep my chin up, but lately it had only gotten harder. All the hushed whispers, threatening notes in class. On my locker. What happened to me, didn't even matter. 

I was waiting outside the entrance for Lucy when I see a black SUV pull up to the side. Lucy steps out and comes up to me acting as if I didn't just see what I saw.

"Morning Penny." She smiles.

"Uhh... did you win the lottery and forget to tell me?" 

She laughs and shakes her head, "No. Family visiting. They like to check up on me every once in a while." She replies and we begin to walk inside. 

"How come you haven't mentioned them?" I ask.

She shrugs, "There not around much."

"Were they close with your parents? You told me your older brother raised you." 

Lucy rubs her temples, "Its a long story Penny. I'd really like to get inside and eat breakfast." She replies agitated. 

"Okay..." I reply and follow her inside.

Something was wrong, I could tell that much. She was silent while we waited for our breakfast. Lucy is never quiet! She is usually a bubbly, bouncing bunny on loads of red bull. She picks at her breakfast, which is also odd because she eats as much as the quarterback from the football team. 

"Lucy, I can tell your upset. whats wrong?" I ask.

She doesn't looks up, "I don't want to talk about it." She replies.

"I'd like to make you feel better if I can. Something is bothering you. We're friends. Let me help." 

"It turns out my family is moving back into town. And they want me to give up my place. I like being on my own. Not under there thumb which is exactly were I'll be when they move here. There looking at properties today." She sighs. 

I wanted to comfort her. But I couldn't. I felt the slight singe of jealousy. She had family. All I have is my aunt. At the moment, it seemed as if Lucy had the whole world in her hands.

"Maybe things will balence out and it won't be so bad." I force out of my mouth and sip my milk. 

She rubs her temples, "I know we usually hang out first period but I need to go for a walk. Clear my head." 

"Kay..." I reply as she gets up and walks away. 

I don't know what to think. I throw out the trash and put the tray on top and go outside to the back field to sit on the benches. I take out my zune and plug myself in, merely waiting for the time to pass. I was surprised that it was so cloudy outside, the past week its been nothing but sunshine. I was listening to the latest Avril Lavigne song when my backpack suddenly falls off the bench.

"Damn." I curse and lean over to pick it up. 

A warm breeze comes out of no where and flows through me. I look up and see a guy walking across the field. If he was new I couldn't tell exactly. But I've never noticed him before. He was tall with a slender but muscular build. A strong facial structure with blue eyes. His hair short and curly. He looked as if he were a model from a magazine. He just looked...

"Too perfect." 

I see his head turn towards me for a moment. There's no way he heard me. My heart starts to race and I grab my bag and head into the opposite direction. Just as I get into the building, the bell rings. I fight my way through the crowd to get to my English class. I walk in and see the normal early faces, but am surprised when I see someone sitting in my seat. I walk up and notice it was the guy from the field.

"Excuse me... but your kinda in my seat." 

He looks up at me, "I didn't realize there were assigned seats."

"Well there isn't. But I've been sitting here since school started." 

He picks up his bag, "Ah. Sorry then." He replies and takes a seat by the window. 

I take my seat and take out my binder. I suppose I would have to wait to talk to Lucy later because she hadn't come in yet. Skipping without me. Harsh. Students arrive and fill the seats quickly after when a little old lady comes walking in. 

"Mrs.Ackerman is away today. I will be filling in for her. I am Miss Rodegard, and today we will be doing a review sheet on Stand By Me chapters 1-4." She replies handing out the sheets.

I text Lucy, no response. I sigh and try to work on the sheets. Suddenly my head starts throbbing. 

Look at her, just sitting there.

How dare she even show her face here.

God, what a slut. Trapped by Peter.


"Hey! Knock it off!" I shout and get up.

The elder teacher gets up from her seat, "Is there a problem?" 

I turn and see all the students just doing there work, "I...uh... I think I need to sign myself out. Sorry." I reply embaressed and rush out of the class.

As I passed the classes down the hall the voices got louder and louder,

I swear to god. If you help me pass this midterm I will never cheat again.

Who cares if some guy 1000 years ago thought people were evil and wrote about it. All you need is to turn on the news these days.

Fuck, how could I have let this happen? What if I'm pregnant? What will Eric say? God, he'll probably leave me. 

The voices became so loud they overlapped, to a point where I couldn't even understand it. I ran outside, I didn't even sign out. I ran to the only quiet place I could think of, the woods. I ran for the closest opening, my mind slowed down. 


Silence was all I wanted at the moment. My head still ached, but it wasn't so bad. I lean against a tree and try to get that feeling. The feeling where the darkside calls, and it takes you to a point of no return. The tingle of creativity. The thirst for a new voice. The ability to write again. 

After about fifteen minutes, I realize that it would likely never return. So, I try to focus on something else. I remember when my mom tried to give me my first lesson. 

"Remember Sweet Pea. Magic is about wanting something. And letting yourself finding it in yourself to find it. That's the real gift." She smiled at me and made the leaves dance around her.

"Oh mom... I wish you were here. Maybe then I could actually do something." I sigh.

My phone beeps, a message from Lucy. Family Emergency. 

I drop it back into my pocket and stand up and look around to make sure no one was near. I collect together a pile of leaves and take a step back. 

Remember Sweet Pea. Magic is about wanting something. And letting yourself have it. I hear in my mind. I take a deep breath, Something I want. Something I want... I open my eyes, I want the leaves to dance. 

For the first few moments, nothing happened. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye, some movement. One small dried up leave started to twiddle and move. At first I thought it was the wind, but there wasn't any. 

"Dance." I whisper and hold out my hand to it.

As if a small flow of wind appeared, it started to come towards me. Jumping along over the other leaves. It rises up to my hand and hovers. Almost as if awaiting instructions. Completely in shock I move my hand slowly in opposite directions and watch it follow my movement. 

"Okay... let's see if I can actually do this..." 

I hold out both hands and feel this new found energy flow through me. It felt like my blood was on fire, my heart about to explode. But it felt...nice? I can't really explain it. I felt...different. Almost as if for the first time, I was alive. I look at the pile of leaves and gesture for them to rise. Slowly, they began to move. Just like the first one. Alright my little dance... 

Soon, the leaves were dancing. Just like they did for my mom. Any gesture I made, they followed it. Soon, I found myself twirling around. All the yellows, oranges and the reds made it look as if the wind was on fire. How my body felt. The longer I danced with the leaves, the harder it became. My chest grew tight, my breath heavy. Finally I come crashing to the ground as the leaves fall around me. 

I couldn't help but smile, it worked. I lean against a tree and feel my heartrate return to normal. I pick at the leaves and couldn't wipe the grin off my face. 

"I can't believe I did that." I laugh.

I grab my bag and take out my sandwich. All of a sudden I was starving. But that was probably because I skipped on breakfast this morning. 

"Thank god for egg salade." I muffle in between bites. 

I take out my phone and look at the time, it was 2:30pm. Still nothing from Lucy. I pack myself up and head over to her old place. Where she lived with her family before they moved. It was in the really secluded part of town. I sneak past the shop and grab my scooter and make my way. I ride for what seems like forever before I see the gates in the distance. I hide my scooter in the bushes and look in the gate, there are three black suv's parked in the driveway. I carefully open the gates and sneak in around the side. It was a large old styled colonial home. One that you'd raise a huge family in. I take a peek in the dinning room and see a large group of people sitting and talking. Lucy is no where in sight. 

I try throwing some stones at her old bedroom window, no one answers. I walk around and pound on the door. I hear footsteps come towards the door and hear it open. When I turn around I see the man that I helped at the shop a while ago. Not the one with the girlfriend, but one who was in and out. It was odd. 

"Shopgirl." He greeted me.

I cross my arms, "I'm here to see Lucy."

"Oh, so serious." He chuckles. "Lucy is at school. Where you should be." 

My eyes tighten, "She was at school. Don't lie to me. I know she's here." 

He shrugs, "Fine. Then she's sleeping." I try to push myself past him, but he's build like a brick wall and I bounce back. "I don't think so little lady."

"Let me pass." 

"No." He replies and grabs my wrist. "Fuck!" He screeches and releases my wrist and falls back.

I watch as he pulls his hand back, my bracelet burned into his flesh. Thanks Aunt Eden. I push past him and run up the stairs. I open Lucy's door to find she wasn't there. I take a step back and open the door next to it and find her lying on the bed facing the window.

"Lucy?" I whisper.

I walk around the bed and see her eyes open, glazed over. She was barely breathing. I get up on the bed and tap her cheek. 

"Lucy. Lucy, wake up." 

Her eyes turn and she looks at me with a blank stare. As if she didn't know who I am. 

I pick her up, "Come on. I'm getting you the hell out of here." 

She felt limp, as if her life force had been sucked out of her. I take my bracelet off and put it on her wrist, after a moment it started to burn her. I rip it off and it slinks under the bed. I didn't even have time to think when the door was busted down and I saw him and a girl come through. 

"What did you do to Lucy?!" I shout. 

"I told you. She was sleeping."

"I found her unconscious and non responsive. Try again." 

"Who is this girl Jeremy?" The woman asks.

"I'm a friend of Lucy's." I reply. 

"Your about to be lunch." She smiles.

I look close and her eyes begin to change colour, from a brown to a dark green to almost a blue.

I take a step back, "What the hell." 

"Step down Emily." He growled. 

"Why? This can be fun." She smiles. 

She jumps at me and I drop Lucy, I put my hands up and she freezes, "What the hell?" We repeat at the same time.

He takes a sniff of air, "I smell witch." 

"Release me." Emily scowls.

My heart was racing, "Yeah. I'm a witch. And here is how things are gonna go. I will put your little friend down if you agree to let us leave. If not, she goes out the window."

"Are you threatening her?" He shouts.

"She threatened me first."

He takes a step to the side, "Fine. As you wish." 

I pick Lucy up as best as I can with my one arm and pass him while holding Emily in the air. I could barely breathe. I look back once we pass him and toss her against the wall.

"If you come near Lucy again. I can promise I won't be so nice." 

"Tough talk for a little witch." Emily snips.

"I might be little. But that doesn't mean I'm not powerful." I reply and carry her down the stairs. 

Maybe this won't be so easy. I hear in a male toned voice. 

I manage to get her outside and into one of the SUV's. I hop into the driver seat and open the viser and the keys drop into my lap. I put them into the ignition and drive out of the driveway. Was I scared they'd report there vehicle stolen? No, why? Because they knew I'd tell them about Lucy being out of it. 

I hear mumbling in the backseat, "Lucy? Lucy, are you okay?" 

She seems to make her way out of it, "What happened? Where am I?" 

"I'm taking you to my place." I reply.

"I was at school, walking around the courtyard. Then I suddenly have a headache." She babbles.

"I found you at your old place. Was that your family in there?" I ask.

She shoots up, "What do you mean? There were people there? Are you okay?" She asks and hugs me.

She blocks my view and I swerve for a moment, "Lucy! Lucy I'm driving!" I shout.

She pulls back, "Sorry..."

"And I'm fine. I just wanna make sure you're alright." 

"How did we get out?" 

I pause, what was I suppose to tell her? That I used 'magical' powers? "I told them I'd call the cops." I reply.

"I'm just glad you're alright." 

I drive her to my place and have her lie down on the couch, "How are you feeling?" I ask.

"A little dizzy. But I think whatever they gave me wore off." 

I feel her head, "You feel fine. And the colour is coming back to your face." 

"Do you have anything to eat? I'm really hungry." 

I nod, "I'll go check. I think my aunt grabbed some sandwiches from the market." I reply and go into the kitchen.  I open the fridge, "So what do you plan on doing?" I ask.

"Well, what do you mean?"

"Are you gonna call the sheriff? Report it?" I ask.

"It was a prank. Nothing to get to worked up over." She replies.

I grab a sandwich from the second drawer, "Are you serious? A prank? You were like...comatose not to long ago. And you're not gonna report it?" I ask.

"Its been a thing that goes back and forth for ages. Don't worry." 

I toss the sandwich at her, "I am worried. That isn't something normal." 

"Well I'm sorry that you don't think its normal but I'm not gonna report them over a prank. Maybe it went overboard, but whatever." She replies and bites into the sandwich.

"Yeah. Whatever." I reply and go up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Lucy asks.

"I'm taking a nap. Suddenly I'm not feeling so well." I reply and slam my door shut.


I flop on my bed and look at my ceiling. I can't believe this. Does she really expect me to believe that this was all a prank? I could have exposed myself for nothing. There's no way. Something is up. She has been acting to weird lately. What am I suppose to do, pretend that it never happened?

I do the only thing I could do. I grabbed my phone and text my oldest friend, Raven. And tell her everything thats been going on. Maybe she'd know what to do. 

The days following the prank were hard. Lucy seemed to have cut me out of her life just when I thought I had found a good friend. We still talked but it seemed that she made every excuse not to hang out with me anymore. Her excuse was that she was helping her family settle in. Since I didn't really have any other friends, I spent a lot of time at the shop. I was filling a few orders at the cash when I noticed my aunt looking at me.


"You look so sad." My aunt comments.

"Well. I'm a freak. A social lepre. And somehow managed to offend the one person that talked to me." I reply tieing a knot on an order.

"Things will get better. We just didn't inticipate Peter being so in favor."

I look at her, "And if they don't? I'm just stuck here?" 

"For once, the shop is doing well. We're caught up. Have good workers."

I pick up the orders, "Maybe its good for you. But in case you haven't noticed. I'm miserable here. I have no friends, everyone gives me deathglares." 

"Just give it a little more time Penny..."

"No!" I shout and drop the orders. "We've moved for all of your reasons. Can't we just move once. For me?" I ask.

She sighs, "I'm sorry Penny... but no." 

I take off my apron, "Then I quit." I reply and leave the shop.


She follows me outside and tries to call me back. I ignore her. 

I take out my zune and tune into the music while walking around town. To be honest I've been avoiding the forest. I look at the time, I had to get to the bus stop for school. Thankfully, its friday. So I can mope in my room all weekend. The bus pulls up and I get on it. I could still hear the voices, but managed to tune them out when needed. I seemed to lose control when I was emotional. 

Time seemed to be standing still. The bus ride seemed to have lasted for hours. I go around back and walk around. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, as well as skipping breakfast. I often saw him around the trees, he seemed anti-social. I couldn't help but stare sometimes. He always seemed to be writing in his notebook. English comes and goes and I move on to study hall, again no sign of Lucy. 

"Penelope Thorne please report to the office."

I sigh and grab my stuff and head to the office. I really just needed a break. 

"Hello, I'm Penny Thorne." 

The secretary looks up, "Your aunt has signed you out. She requests that you meet her in the back parking area." 

I finish filling out the form, "Alright. Thank you." I reply. 


I cut through the halls and go out the back, I don't see her van anywhere. I look around and am completely out of the loop and miss someone waving out of the corner of my eye.

I turn and see a slender figure with long red flowing hair with black underneath, "Raven!" I shout and run and hug her.

"Hey you. Surprise!" She giggles.

"I had no idea." 

She hugs me tight, "It sounded like you needed a friend. So, I decided to come up for the weekend." 

I move back, "You have no idea." 

"Come on, lets go have some lunch." She replies and links her arm with mine. 

I nod and get into her simple styled car and we drive to the grill. Finally, something positive out of all this. 

"So, tell me whats going on." 

I take a seat and sigh, "How much time do you have?"

"Enough time to try and fix things." 

I rub my temples, "Everything just seems to go from bad to worse. I mean, you know all that happened with Peter. A teacher that I actually could relate too is missing. Lucy still hasn't talked to me. And I am pretty sure that I am losing my mind." I babble over a plate of nachos.

She leans into me to whisper, "Well if it will make you feel better. That cute guy is totally checking you out." She smiles. 

I turn over and see him looking at me from a single table, "Oh... him." 

"You know him?" She asks.

"He's in my english and study hall. His name is Aiden something." 

She leans back smirking, "Oh, Aiden something? Like you haven't totally lurked him up?" 

I put some nachos in my mouth, "Have you tasted these? There tasty." I try changing the subject. 

"Fess up." She laughs slightly. 

I shrug, "I don't really know that much about him. Just from what I've noticed in person. No online profile, just his journal I guess."


I shrug, "There is just something about him. Something different." I reply and sink into my chair.

"You like him?" She asks.

"I don't know him." I laugh.


Raven watches closely as he finishes his coffee and leaves. We talk about her schooling, she was in school for graphic arts. She also wrote some pretty awesome stories on occasion. 

"Any boyfriend I should know about?" 

She blushes slightly, "Well I am seeing someone. But it isn't serious yet. Or official." 


"Demetri." She smiles.


"Art history." 

I smile, "Nice." 

She giggles, "Indeed."

"Aunt Eden is gonna freak when she realizes your here." 

Her smiles disappears, "I'd prefer if she didn't know."

I frown, "Why?"

She plays with a strand of hair, "I don't want to say. Not right now."

"Is something wrong?"

She shakes her head, "I'll fill you in later. I gotta check in at the inn. We should catch a movie tonight. Meet me at the theatre at quarter to eight."

I felt as if she was brushing me off, "Well. Wait a moment --"

She ruffles my hair, "I gotta go. Talk to you later." She rushes off waving. 


I sit back down and finish my iced tea before heading home. I look across the way and I see my aunt working in the shop. I felt guilty, but at the sametime not guilty. For once I wanted to move, but she didn't want too for money reasons. I've never known her to be selfish like that. I brush off the guilt trip for a moment and take my usual shortcut through the woods.

My earbud fell out of my ear for a moment. I grab it to put it back in when all of a sudden I hear scouffling. I sneak up behind trees and see three large guys beating on Aiden, who wasn't even fighting back.

"Fight back!" The bald one shouted.

"No." Aiden pants. 

"Your weak." Another replies and goes to give him a kick.

I step out, "Hey! Leave him alone!" I shout.

"Oh? And what are you gonna do?" The bald one asks.

"I think it takes a pretty pathetic person to injure someone who isn't even fighting back." I reply and walk over to them. 

He makes an odd gesture and takes a step back, "Let's go boys. He's weak. Not worth it." 

I watch them fade into the woods and go to help Aiden, "Are you alright?"

He looks up at me, "They could have hurt you." He coughs.

"I can take care of myself." I reply and put his arm around my shoulder.

"I'm probably too heavy." 

I shake my head, "I'm use to lifting. Don't worry about it." I take him back towards the shop, we have a fully loaded first aid kit there. "Does anything feel broken?" 

He shakes his head, "No." 

"If it means anything. I think you were really brave."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, anyone can fight. It takes a really brave person to stand down when the battle is wrong." 

"Maybe I am just a fool who can take a beating." He laughs slightly.

I smile, "Well. There is always that option too." 

"Where are we going?" He asks.

"To the back of my aunts shop. I have a first aid kit there." 

"Thank you Penelope." 

"You're welcome Aiden." 

I seat him on the picnic table in the back while I sneak in to grab the first aid kit. A lot of it was just cuts and bruises. I had to sit infront of him to clean the ones on his face. He had a slash on his brow, cheek and lip. 

"It won't sting. Its a mix I make myself." I reply and dab some on the wounds. "How's that?" 

He looks at me, "You're right. It doesn't hurt." 

I smile, "Good." As I apply a make-shift bandage to the small cut on his brow. "You might want to have a doctor look at this one. I can't tell if it needs stitches." I reply putting the stuff back in the kit. I take out the small bottle of almond oil, "And apply this to the really sore areas."

He takes the bottle, "Whats it for?" 

"Its almond oil. In the older times, riders would put it on there legs from long rides. It soothes the ache. I though it could help with the bruised areas."

He smiles, "You know alot about natural remedies." 

I shrug, "I know a little of this. A little of that. Nothing to really be impressed about." 

"Why do you do that?" He asks.

"Do what?" 

"Act like you don't do anything important." He replies. "No one else would have helped me Penelope. People today look out for number one."

I fix a bandage on his arm to get out of eye sight, "I believe in paying it forward. Thats all." I reply finishing up the bandage. "Well, this should tie you over till you see a doctor." 

He looks himself over, "You are quite a healer. Thank you." 

"Just try to take it easy over the weekend. Apply the almond oil before you sleep. So it can work its way in while you rest." 

He nods, "I will. Thank you, but I have to take off. I have to find my cousin. She seems to be avoiding me these days." He replies.

"Oh? I didn't know you had family in town. Everyone thinks you're new." 

"Yes and no. I use to live here while I was younger. I just came back to visit my cousin Lucy." 

My jaw drops, "You're Lucy's cousin?" 

He smiles and nods, "Don't look so surprised."

I close my mouth, "I'm sorry. I just didnt..."

He laughs and winces, "Its alright. I know she hasn't told anyone. We prefer to keep our lives private."

I nod, "I know how it is." 

"I will repay you someday. Pay it forward as you said." He replies beginning to walk away. 

I grab the kit from the table, "No need. Its fine. I'm just glad that you're alright." 

He turns back, "Oh, and Lucy was right about you." He smiles and walks away.

"What do you mean?" I call out, but he keeps on going. 

I carefully sneak the first aid box back before heading back to the house for a nap. I lied there for a moment and thought about all the weird stuff going on. People disappearing, sketchy people moving into town. I tried to piece it all together but  I was way to tired. It wasn't long after that I passed out.

The End

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