Chapter 5 - The Cold MoonMature

I feel something cold and wet on my cheek, I was relieved that my alarm hadn't gone off. I open my eyes and see Otto lying his head on my out stretched arm, licking my face. I look down and laugh when I see Merlin stretched out next to him. I had to admit that I was surprised that they were getting along so well. Given the fact its in there DNA to hate one another. I move my arm slightly and he rolls over onto his belly. They both get up and come towards me and I scratch there heads. 

"Morning you two." I smile. 

He seems to make a snogging sound while merlin takes on the usual role of a cat and purrs. I sit there for a few mintues and look out the window, but... it looked as if the sun was fading from the sky.

"What time is it?!" I ask allowed and scramble for my phone and find it under my bed. "4:30pm?!" I shout and jump out of  bed. 

I rush into the bathroom and run the water for a shower. I grab all my stuff and toss it into the sink as I toss of my clothes. How the hell did I sleep so long? why didn't anyone wake me up? Oh god. My mind races. I hop into the warm water and scrub my flesh till it almost feels raw. I didn't even have time to put music on. I wash my long hair quickly and put in a soft hair treatment in. While that was making its way through my hair I shaved quickly and washed myself with cucumber shower gel.

I took my time in rinsing out my hair, just to make sure it all got rinsed out. I had to get ready pretty quick, eat and check on my aunt before I left. Only hours hours to do so? I'm dead.

I hop out of the shower and dry off and towel dry my hair before putting it up in a towel so I could eat something and do my nails. I rush across the hall and toss on a tshirt, undies and a pair of shorts. 

I allow myself sometime to slow down after I get dressed. Long enough to go downstairs and eat something before I finish getting ready. I walk down the steps and go through the swinging door to be greeted with a post-it note on the fridge.

Seemed like you needed the sleep. So I turned off your alarm. Please don't be mad. Over at the shop. I hope you enjoy the party. Love you.

--P.s Make sure you eat before you leave. 


I rip it off of the fridge and toss it into the trash before opening the fridge. I grab one of the turkey sandwiches I bought the other day and take out the silver container holding the left over chicken salade. I grab a plate and pour out the salade and then unwrap the sandwich. 

I go into the cubby closet and raid my aunts nail polish. I had yet replaced mine. I couldn't find a colour I liked so I went with the safe option, a clear coat. I go into the livingroom and turn the TV on to find Bones on ShowCase. I enjoy the sandwich and the dressing soaked caesar salade. I had to admit that it hit the spot. Espcially the vein of bacon that I found underneath. 

I drink my iced tea and begin painting my nails. Otto and Merlin layed in Aunt Eden's chair as if watching my prepare. I grabbed the bottle and cracked it open, the fumes were strong. It felt odd painting my nails, I haven't in forever. I always painted my thumbs last, I some how always managed to screw that fingers polish up. I do my toes quickly and waves my fingers around to help them dry faster. 

Finally when all is done, I go back upstairs and begin to brush out and blow dry my hair. Tonight I was going for, elegent, sophisticated. Above all, to look like someone who fits in. I put music on while doing my hair, thankfully I already had a dress appropriete for the occasion. Or atleast I hoped it was. It was a knit chiffon buckled dress. It has powdered glitter, spagetthi straps and a satin waistband where the buckle rests. A very simple, but pretty dress. 

Thankfully my hair is pretty straight, so I just need to plug in my staightener to give some curl to my hair. I fluff them out a bit so it doesn't look too done before turning it off. I look at the time, two hours. Geez. I had about an hour and a half to finish getting ready, minus fifteen minutes to get to the shop. 

I grab my make-up bag and do a nude smokey eye with a pink glossy lip. Unfortunatly because of the dress, I had to take off my pentagram and amulet necklace. So instead I put on a short chained necklace that has a sparrow with open wings, and across the chain were three small black pearls. 

I slip into a pair of black laced heels and look into the mirror before reaching for my dress coat in the closet. 

I look at the two of them, "Is it stupid that I'm nervous?" I ask them.

"Woof!" Otto barks. 

I smile, "Thought so." 

I grab my clutch and toss in my lipgloss, my cell phone and my keys and lock the door behind me. I count the steps I take reaching the shop, but somehow manage to lose count just as I reach the shop. 

"Wow, you look so pretty!" Agnes exlamins. 

I curtsy, "Thank you. Its a fancy party." I reply swaying around. "Figured I should dress up a little." I reply.

My aunt comes out the back, "Oh Penelope. You look so beautiful." She smiles.

I look at the time, "He should be here shortly." 

As soon as the words were out of the mouth a car pulls up and he hops out of the backseat. He opens the door smiling, and when he sees me... he looks stunned.



I do up my jacket, "I hope that is a good woah." I smile slightly.

"You look...amazing." He finishes.

I take a look at him in his suit, "You look pretty dashing yourself." 

"Why thank you." He smiles. "Shall we?" He asks and holds out his arm. 

I link my arm in his, "We shall." I smile and turn back, "Now. Behave ladies." I tell my aunt and Agnes. 

"Oh, I'll keep her in line." My aunt smile.

"Who, me?" Agnes replies acting shocked.

"Have fun." My aunt smiles and waves. 


He opens the door for me and we go outside to the car. A driver comes around and opens the door for us. 

"So... what am I in for?" I ask. 

"You make it sound like I'm about to feed you to a pack of sharks." He laughs.

"I just..." I put my head down. "I don't know. Not use to being in a town where everyone knows everyone." 

"Don't worry. Tonight is just about having fun. Meeting new people. I won't let anyone take a chunk out of you."

I smile slightly, "Thanks Peter. You've been a really good friend." 

"You deserve it." 

I look out the window and see lights shinning in between the trees. I felt my heart racing, why I had no clue. Something told me something big would happen tonight. 

"I feel like my hearts gonna explode." I laugh. 

"You'll be fine." He chuckles. 

The house looked completely different when we pulled up to the entrance. The fountain was on and it was shining different colours. It looked like something out of a movie. Everyone was dressed in there finest for the dinner party. As soon as my feet hit the marble, I felt the mask come on. 

I can do this. I can be normal. Lying isn't that hard. People do it all the time. Then again, its not like I'm lying. I'm just not telling them everything. It was a matter of keeping my aunt and myself safe. 

Peter and I grab some drinks to start with while people finishing arriving. I had no idea what it was, but it was delicious. A chocolate dessert in a cup. Like a milkshake, only more fancy. I watched as all the Originals arrived, a thick fog seemed to cloud the room.

"Wow, it looks like everyone is here." Peter says.

"I don't see many kids here." I comment.

"That's because they go upstairs and party alone. Drink, get smashed and puke on thousands of dollars worth of bed sheets."

"Yum..." I reply awkwardly.

Miranda Pierce clincks a spoon on her glass, "Welcome everyone. As you know this is a special year for Willow Creek. We were founded in 1736, by the fellow founding families in this room. Which means its our 275th anniversery. You know the usual events. But for those that are new in town, I'll explain. The founding families host dinner parties for all the townsfolk so they can experince some of the history. Then, on all Hallows eve we have a founders day ball. Mostly attended by the adult, but everyone is invited." She announces. 

I lean in to whisper, "Do they do this every year?" 

He shakes his head, "No. Only when there are special occasions."

"Dinner should be ready shortly. Then drinks after. Feel free to look around. And above all else, enjoy the party." She finishes and everyone applauds.

Everyone settles around the massive dinner table. I looked at all the cuttlery and try to remember the lessons my father use to give me at the dinner table. The first course was a soup. What kind I honestly can't say.

"Peter...what is this?" I whisper. 

"Its duo of gazpacho, a mixed soup with yellow and red tomato." He explains.

"How many courses are there gonna be? I mean, I ate before I came." 

He chuckles slightly, "Likely seven. And don't worry. Portions are small."

"I didn't know this was a dinner party." 

He rubs my back, "You're doing fine. Just relax. Have a sip of your iced tea." He suggest.

I take a sip, "It tastes kinda bitter." I reply and return to dinner. 


The best course was the lasagna, which was like the sixth course. Before that was some pasta, garlic bread and etc. The garlic bread was great too, but the lasagna was amazing. 

"That was the best dish I've ever had." I smile as the waiters collect the plates. 

"If there is one thing Mrs.Pierce knows. Its great cooks." He smiles. 


She stands from the head of the table, "And now for the final dish. Homemade Gelato." She smiles and returns to her seat.

The waiters come out with small bowls of chocolate ice cream, I was ready to burst. But it looked so good. Chocolate ice cream with thick chocolate chips around it. I hear the gossip going on around me, but all of a sudden I wasn't feeling well. After the dinner people went back to get drinks and gossip. 

"Peter, I don't feel so well... I think I ate too much or something." 

He helps me up, "Here. We can go out to the gardens. Maybe the air will help." 

He helps me out of my seat and puts his arm around my waist, almost carrying me. We go out onto the terrace, the air seems to help. But only so much. 

"I have no idea where this nausea came from. Or why it suddenly got so warm." I reply trying too cool myself off. 

He comes up next to me, "Might be anxiety. I wouldn't worry so much." He replies and strokes my arm. 

My head was spinning, I felt so out of whack. I had no idea what was going on. My head was throbbing, my mind spinning. I was trying to center myself when suddenly I felt cold stone on my back. I open my eyes and everything is blurry, then I feel Peter pinning my arms against the wall. 

"Pe...Peter... sto...stop it." I mumble. He kept going, kissing me and groping me. I felt numb, all over. I couldn't fight him off. I just kept getting weaker, and weaker. "Petter! I sai...say no." I mumble and manage to push him away enough for him to stumble and trip. 

I pull myself together enough to run down the steps and into the gardens. I just needed to get away. I make my way through the gardens, just as I hear him cursing. He's following me?! My mind goes off and I run into the woods. I had to get out of here. But he would surely catch me if I ran back through the gardens. I run deep into the woods and hide behind a tree. My heart about to explode.

"Oh come on Penny!" He shouts. "I was just messing around. It's not like you weren't enjoying yourself."

I hold myself against the tree, just hoping and praying he'd go away. I hold my breath whenever I think he's close and listening. I have never been so scared in my entire life. 

"Fine. Sleep in the woods. See if I care." He scowls and walks away.

I wait a few moments after hearing the steps fade into the distance. I get sick beside the tree and turn to go back to the house. My head was spinning so I was still clumsy. I get grabbed some behind and slammed onto the ground. My skull is on fire.

"I am gonna get what I deserve Penny. I have been well behaved long enough." He hisses and pins my arms as a bites my neck. I scream at the top of my lungs but he has it covered. He scratches at my legs and arms. I hear him grunt as he tries to undo his pants. me. I plead in my mind when all of a sudden Peter slammed off of me. 

I try to get up, but my body was still weak. I look over and see a shadow standing over him. Peter is shouting and screaming. Suddenly I notice I can't hear anything. The figure chomps at peter, not actually biting him. It seemed as if it were to scare him. Peter gets up and runs away, only to slam his head into a tree. 

I see it look at me before taking off into the woods. I lie there for a moment, waiting to get the feeling back before I get up and walk back to the party. I can only imagine what they thought. My dress ripped, my hair all messy. My skin dirty and bloody. I was half way out of the manor before anyone said anything, whether or not they noticed I can't say.

Lucy comes out of no where and hugs me fiercly, "Penny! What happened to you?" She asks.

I burst into tears, "Peter attacked me outside. I ran into the woods. I didn't know what else to do." I explain while trying to catch my breath. 

A man comes out of the crowd, "Charles Gilbert. I'm a doctor. I can help clean up your cuts."

I cry into Lucy's hair, "I just wanna go home." 

Lucy rubs my back, "I'll take you home."

Miranda cuts through the crowd, "In case you haven't noticed Lucy. The party is still going on. Your not done working yet." 

Lucy lets go of me long enough to put her sweater on me, "And in case you haven't noticed Mrs.Pierce, a girl was almost raped on your property. I suggest you call it a night before the cops show up and begin sniffing around." 

"How dare you?!" She shrills. 

A man next to her puts his hand up, "Let them go. She needs medical attention." He cuts her off and turns to us, "Go Lucy. Take her home. And make sure she sees a doctor. I'll call the sheriff." He offers.

"Thank you Mr.Pierce." Lucy replies and helps me to her car. 

As soon as she settles me into the back seat, I black out. 

Hours later...

My eyes flutter open and I find myself at home, snuggled up on my couch. I smell the familiar scent of My aunts herbal tea. I lean up and feel something move. I look down and see Otto sleeping on my belly. I carefully put him down and sit up and the room begins to spin slightly.

"Hey, she's awake." I hear.

I turn and see Lucy sleeping on the love sleep against the wall, "What happened?" I ask rubbing my temples. 

She sits up, "You dont know?

I shake my head, "I remember going to dinner. Not feeling well. And now I'm here."

"Penny...I hate to tell you this...but--"

My aunt walks in, "Given the circumstances the sheriff says she won't need to give a statement. They issued a restraining order." 

"Restraining order?" I got flustered. "Whats going on?!" 

"Peter attacked you... at the dinner party." Lucy finishes.

I blink and shake my head, "No. Peter wouldn't do that." 

My aunt sits next to me, "He did. He drugged you. Chased you into the woods. And tries to take advantage of you." 

My eyes opened horrified, "But he didn't though. Right?" 

Lucy shakes her head, "No. You knocked him down and ran. Then Peter says a huge dog attacked him."

I bring my hands to my knees and felt pain.


I rub my arm, "I feel the bruises." I whisper. 

Lucy rubs my arm, "You should have a shower. You were out for almost 24 hours. A shower might help you feel better."

"And I'll make some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches." My aunt offers.

I shake my head, "I think I'm gonna have a bath and go back to bed. I'm not really hungry." I reply and wrap the blanket around me and go back upstairs. 

"Do you think she'll be alright?" Lucy whisper to my aunt.

"She's been through worse. She's a strong girl." 

I ran the water in the tub, I felt outside of myself. Robotic. Was this how all victims felt? Am I even a victim? What happens now? Do I cry myself to sleep? Cut myself? I feel...empty. Like I don't exist.

I try to sooth myself in the warm water, my body began to ache. I didn't stay in long, it hurt too much. I looked and saw that I'm bruised from head to toe. Scratches on my arms and legs. I submerge myself into the water once more before getting out. 

I dreaded the thought of school on Monday. Given the situation, he was likely expelled. And may have even lost his job. Just when I thought things were gonna work out... I guess I spoke to soon. 

One Day Later...

"Penny... Penny. Its time to wake up."

I open my eyes and see my aunt at the end of the bed, "What? What time is it?" 

"Its noon."

I grab my pillow, "Don't I get a day off?"

My aunt smiles, "Of course you do. But seeing as you have school tomorrow. I figured you guys could go shopping. Outside of town in the city your favorite store is having a sale."

I perk up a bit, "Jack and Jills?" 

She nods and hands me my check, "Go. Hang out with Lucy and try to forget all of this." 

"People will hate me."

"You weren't the one who attacked someone. You're the victim. Not Peter." She assures me.

"I'm such a dope. I thought maybe he was actually interested in being my friend...turns out I was just a piece of meat to him." 

"You're not Penny. You're not." She replies and pets my head. "Lucy brought bagels. I'll see you downstairs."

I lied back on my pillow. I really don't want to leave the house. But I do need some new clothes for school. And a bag. And maybe it won't be as bad as I think. Maybe people will see that I am the victim. 

I grab my sweater and put it on and go downstairs. Lucy and my aunt were talking. 


"Morning Penny." She smiles. "How are you feeling?" 

"A little better. Still a little sore though." I reply and sit at the kitchen table.

"I thought I'd tell you that Peter was kicked out of school."

I nod, "I assumed as much." 

"Well I'll leave you two ladies alone. I left Agnes at the shop."

"I thought were closed on Sunday." 

She nods, "We are. We're just restocking." She replies and puts the van keys on the table. "Take the van." 


After she leaves we eat breakfast quietly.


"So your aunt mentioned that you wanted to go shopping in the city?" 

I nod, "I do need some stuff for school. But I don't want to leave the house. Nevermind drive." 

Lucy nods, "I can't blame you. But staying home won't fix anything. We can go and if at all you feel stressed out, we can come right back." 

I sigh and nod, "Alright."

---Scene Skipped. Will Write Later On.---


I hear my alarm going off into the distance. Then felt Otto's tongue dampening my cheek. I knew my aunt was gone to the shop. Maybe I could just skip today? Won't leave a good impression. I think to myself and manage to crawl out of bed. 

I walk over to my dresser and pull out a pair of jeans and a Jack Skellington t-shirt. I put on a little mascara and lipbalm before kissing Otto and Merlin before grabbing my phone and keys before heading out the door into hell. I hold my breath as the bus pulls up and I step up. I see all the faces, and hear the harsh silence. I'm the one there talking about. I show my pass and find a seat at the back of the bus and try to blast them out. I could feel my heart racing, ready to burst from its cage. 

I rest my head against the window and watch the houses pass. The ride seemed to go on forever. Music couldn't comfort me, no matter how much I wanted it too. All I wanted was for my dad to tell me that everything would be fine. But, I'm a big girl now. I know better.

"Approching the high school." The bus driver announces.

I go to push the button but one of the other student beat me to the punch. I step down and feel grateful to be back on the ground. From the other side of the road I watch as all the students came together in there little groups. All with smiling faces and fun stories to share from there summer break. What have I to offer?

I look at the large structure that seemed so out of place. The large brown brick outstretched building surrounded by woods welcoming students. I close my eyes and take in a deep breath. I take a step off the curb.

*Honk. Honk. Honk.*

I turn and see Ruth driving in her convertable towards me. Just missing me I run across the street onto the sidewalk. I walk up to the doorway and enter. I was overwhelmed. All the students shuffling, the teachers shouting. I begin walking down the halls to get use to the new surroundings. As I pass the freshly put up posters I begin to pass the students already in some of the classrooms, acting like everything was fine. Whenever I caught a glimpse of Ruth or her drones I would change direction. 

I saw groups scattered in different hallways. I felt envious. Knowing I would never have that freedom of being to tell some people everything about you. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Or I was anyway.

"Penny!" I hear from the crowd. 

I look and don't see anyone. Finally after pushing and some shoving, Lucy pops her head up and points towards the cafeteria. I go in one door, finally managing to get some air. 

"Wow. I forgot how busy it gets the first few days."

"Yeah?" I pant and lean over.

"Penny. Are you okay?"

Ruth and her posse come over, "Of course not. She got Peter kicked out of school for no good reason. Attempted rape? Please. She probably begged for it." 

I glare at her, "No one deserves what Peter tried to do to me. I wasn't even interested in him that way." 

"Oh I am so sure. We saw the way you were draped all over him at the grill." One of her minions reply.

Ruth steps up to me, "Now. After school you better go to the sheriff and tell her you made everything up. That Peter never touched you." 

I could feel her breath on my face and my heart racing. I knew it would make my existance easier, make blending in easy. But...

"No. Ruthy. I won't. Peter attacked me, and got the punishment fitting to his crime." I reply.

"Then prepare for a miserable existance." She mutters.

"Already there." I respond as she turns and walks away.

The End

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