Chapter 2 - Suspision

It was the next morning and the royal guard called the kind into the war office, it was believed that there alliance with the kingdom of the desert was going to be disbanded and go to war.The king was shocked, but he knew in his gut that there alliance would stay strong, the king said "There is no possible way that they will betray us, we have been in an alliance for 300 years, you must of heard a rumor,so everyone settle down".While they were talking the eldest brother,Danny was listening to everything and he knew that he must find out if its true or not.

While everyone was in the war office,Erick was in his room day dreaming about how fun it was to play with kids in the town,Crystal was down in the garden picking flowers to surprise her mom tomorrow,its her birthday.

While in the desert kingdom,everything is quiet, theres no one in the city or in the palace.The king of the desert kingdom was at a spiritual temple in the middle of the desert,he goes in and a red light appears and a screaming is heard.

The End

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