Chapter 1 - The beggining

            There was this kingdom deep in the forest,everyone there was with one with nature and the animals. Each kingdom had a monarchy (king and queen), the King, Abad was a fair king and was always told if there was going to be an attack.The queen, Belem, She always helped make clothes for people that didn't have enough to buy cloth or make there own clothes, she would always bake bread for the hungry and homeless.


They also had 3 children, 2 boys,1 girl, The oldest Prince,Danny, he was the bravest of them all in the whole kingdom, he attends school to learn, and go to training when its done, he wishes to become a doctor one day so he can the people in need. The youngest, Crystal, the princess of the family, she got everything she wanted from toys to clothes she might only be 7 but she does good int he kingdom, she plants flowers all around the kingdom so it can be beautiful, when she is done using a toy, she fixes it up and gives them to the kids that are unfortunate, she might be a princess but she likes to help.Finally Erick, the second princes (aswell as the middle child), He tries to help but he keeps messing up, he has a good heart but he just doesn't know, but he always goes to the forest and feeds the animals, and sometimes help some animals give birth, he gets along with the animals because when he was born he was born with a ears and tail of a wolf,so he is able to understand the his brother he trains,not with swords, but with bows and kunai knifes.


As the day sets everyone goes inside for sleep and they have wonderful dreams because of the tower in the center of town, its a dream tower if amplifies good thoughts and good judgement,it goes through a rhythm, if its interrupted  then everything will go to chaos. there is always heavy watch over the tower to keep it safe. when night comes the gates are closed,people and animals are asleep, and everything turns good.

The End

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