Chapter 1Mature

Chapter One

“Wake up”

Matt nudged the form of Karl again with his foot. He took a few seconds to look at Karl and take in the dirty top and mud stained trousers, this couldn’t be healthy. He could hear the traffic already and they were late for college. Matt knelt down and shook him “Come on babe it’s time for college you have to get up” he felt Karl move an almost imperceptible movement. Suddenly Karl lunged at him, knocking him from his crouched position.


 “Morning Matty” Karl grinned

 “Get off me Dude! We’re late for college already…” Matt paused “So…how come you’re so bouncy?” He questioned “I mean…” He couldn’t say it. It was partially his fault for Karl sleeping on the streets. As if Karl could read his thoughts he hugged Matt tight “It’s not your fault darling”. It’s my mum and dad’s. They wouldn’t accept our love; they are stuck in the past” “I don’t get why you won’t come and live at my house? It’s a lot better than sleeping here night after night.” Matt looked hurt ”Don’t look like that Matty, you know why I can’t, it would be too easy for them to find me, you know I want to…so how late are we for college?” Matt rearranged his emotions “Oh…only about 5 minutes” Karl dragged his bag from behind the graffiti covered dumpster and slung it over his back. Taking Matt’s hand he pulled him down the alleyway “Come on then sexy we have a class to get too”

The End

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