Chapter Two

Eating lunch with blood on your shirt would normally put people right off sitting next to you, but my friends have seen worse. 

"So you got to have a conversation with Wizard without Daniel butting in?" Tammy asked, watching with a small yet evil gossip girl smile on her face. 

"Yes" I sighed, but that meant that air dislodged another chunk of dried blood from my nose which caused fresh blood to start leaking out. "Oh you have got to be kidding me" I mumbled, standing up and grabbing some napkins off the table and moved away towards the empty hallway. 

I sighed as I headed towards the boys bathroom, I wasn't going to my nest class with blood dribbling down my face (again).

I entered the bathroom, grabbing some toilet paper and sponging the tender skin around my nose. Being punched really sucks.


Maybe I can change schools I thought, but immediately dismissed the idea, why would I want to leave here? Daniels the only problem and I can handle him, and if I transfer now then I get jumped right to the top of the list of people to be taken to the Missions. 


Missions commonly known as hell on earth, Vampire guards, no one gets in, no one gets out, unless given permission, or you turn eighteen. 


I finished cleaning my nose and left the bathrooms, they're not exactly something you'd expect in a five star hotel, what with the graffiti, the strong smell of urine from where people have been dared to ignore the toilets. And I think that the walls used to be pale blue with granite stalls, but now the walls have been painted over so many times that there were just a muddy brown (or that could be other things mixed in with the paint as the walls don't smell to nice either)


Once I left the bathrooms, I reached mu locker just as the bell went. Ah, history, just what I need, a class with the older brother of the reason my nose hurts.




I think that history is an excuse to force the dark god's rule into our daily lives. 


They don’t teach us much about the other gods, but I’ve got the general outline.


From what I can gather, there are ten elements, each with its own god. Light, Darkness, Spirit, Time, Fire, Water, Earth, Air Life and Death. Each has a royal family and a god, we don't learn about any other gods accept for the dark god, who took over the world in 1066 while possessing some guy called William the conqueror. He turned his most trusted Knights into Vampires, from which the rest of the Strigoi Vampires are descended. The Mori were the Vampires that still stayed faithful to the church, eventually their blood lust lessened, and they got different powers. 


The Sorcerers didn't even try to fight back at first, they were still completely faithful in the gods, and they also believed that they were all strong, merciful leaders that would lead us all to greatness. 


At first it worked out, and then William died.


You see, the man that William the Conqueror was fighting was King Harold, the vessel of the light god. He was killed by William, who after hundreds of years became old and withered, as he was human; no matter how much power the god had he couldn't keep his first body alive. 


So when he died, the god had to take on a new body, and he took on one of an Irish Strigoi, the Strigoi weren't as bad as the originals, and this guy was the son of one of the original Vampires. 


Then the dark god hooked up with the god of Death (his wife since the dark ages) and they had children. 


The most famous of which is Nyah Nex, Daniel's older sister.


But Obviously, with the god being insane and all, he started having affairs, and he kept all of his mistresses in a harem in his big shiny black Castle in London, I've been there and seen it, I had to, it's compulsory for all royals to go there and receive some sort of approval. Not a clue what for.


So Back to my history lesson, we were doing 'The rise of the Great Empire of Shadows', which is apparently the era that we live in now, It's initials are TROTGEOS, and also 'The rise of the great God of the dark and Shadows' now that one's got like, eleven words, TROTGGOTDAS. Now if they expect us to memorise that then I'm going to run away, no questions asked. 

I picked up my history book and walked towards my class room.

Maybe this lesson won't be as bad as last lesson.

The End

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