Chapter One

When I go to school each morning after some kids have been hostagized, everyone’s silent. They're watching the gate, waiting to see who will walk through it. The other supernatural want to know their friends are safe, if they're ever going to see them again. The mortals want to know who's left to terrorize.

So when I walked through the doors of my school, shaking the snow out of my hair, everyone was watching me. Some with sympathetic expressions, others were smirking and sneering.

Sneering is normal, sympathy is not. Why feel sympathetic for someone when they're only getting swamped by mortals attempting (and failing) to torment them?

I weaved around the people that were mulling around, tensing up my hands and letting the fire flow through them, the ice disappeared with only a small cloud of steam.

My school's split in half. The Hall and cafeteria are in the middle of the school, then there are two sides that are identical. One side is where the mortal Staff and students stay, during lunch and free periods, then there's the other side, where the supernatural students and staff hang out. Our schools so typical it's ridiculous, the only thing that separates it from a cliché American high school is that we have two different species clashing together.

As I walked past the hall I finally let out the breath that I'd been holding, walking through a crowd of people that hate your guts because of your species isn't exactly the safest thing to do.

When I glanced at the watch on my wrist I nearly groaned in frustration, 06:55, Curse you Ari I thought.

I heard that Seth!  My little sister sounded offended, but right then I was in too much of a bad mood to put up with Ari right now, so I forced her out of my head, which is difficult to do if your little sister is a powerful prodigy.

I sat on one of the tables in the Quad, only a few people were loitering around at this time of the morning, the rest of the sane ones were still at home in bed.

I say sane is the lightest sense of the word.

My school’s social hierarchy is quite similar to every other school in America, Popular people, Interesting people, normal people, the I-don’t-care-what-I-am people, the outcasts and the people you can’t really label. I guess I fall somewhere between interesting and normal, with a bit of popular (or at least I like to think so). That’s the supernatural side of the school, mortals come under social outcasts, they’re the sand at the bottom of the pyramid, though that’s probably what we are to them.


There’s also the primary school, that’s completely different, there’s no Hierarchy, just the bullies, the bullied the bystanders and the lets-throw-the-people-you-don’t-like-across-the-playground kids (bet you can’t guess which group Ari’s in).

Since I was born, fate decided that I needed to have a hard life, which is why, that at that particular moment, the one and only Daniel Nex walked through the door with his little posse.

Why do the gods hate me so much? I sighed. Daniel had also decided to make my life hell, where fate started from the day of my birth, Daniel started on the first day of kindergarten.

“Hey, Flame-boy, your mother was good in bed last night” he smirked, his Irish accent sounded almost taunting.

“Oh, the shocking intelligence of your insult has wounded me” I said flatly, putting my hand over my chest in mock hurt.

“Oh don’t you think that you’re a little genius, Flame” He sneered, flicking leather jacket so that the collar travelled further down his neck.

“No, my sister’s the genius, I’m just smarter than you” I shrugged, trying to keep a straight face.

Daniel grabbed a handful of my shirt and pushed me back against the wall. “Are you calling me stupid Flame?” he growled, trying to sound intimidating, and failing miserably.

I pretended to be exasperated. “Yes, I am, and if you thought about it you’d know what I’m talking about” I rolled my eyes and grinned.

“Oh you’re going to regret that you filthy little warlock” He snarled, gripping me by the scruff of my neck.

I could almost see the rage building up inside him; he drew his fist back and readied himself to punch me. I smiled even wider, six seconds.


“I’m going to enjoy this very much flame


“Oh, believe me, not as much as I am”


“Is there something wrong with you?” he frowned.


No” I said simply.


Danny punched me before I could stall him any longer.

“Ow” I exclaimed, clutching my nose, I pulled my hand away and warm liquid spilled onto my palm.

“That’ll teach you to mess with me” He sneered, turning around, and the way that my older brother was glaring at him made the flush of excitement fade from his cheeks.

“And that’ll teach you to Listen to me when I stall you” is what I meant to say, but instead I came up with some unidentifiable drivlle that made no sense.

Daniel’s two lackeys were looking as pale as he was, so obviously they looked transparent.

“So, you’ve decided that punching my little brother is a good idea huh?” Red glowered down at Daniel, his hands were clenched into fists and he looked ready throw Daniel out of the window.

“I uh, He called me stupid! He deserved it!” Daniel stuttered, his​cocky attitude diminished.

“You will be in a minute” Red gripped Daniel yanking him up so that hi s feet were nearly half a metre of the ground.

“Red Flame! Put Daniel down right Now!” Mrs. Cur snapped, moving around the tables.

“But-” Red began before she cut him off.

“No! How dare you threaten another student like this! You’ve been suspended twice for provoked attacks; you won’t be getting out of this one!” Red let Daniel drop to the floor.

“He punched my brother!” He gestured to me,  I was sitting on the floor with my warm, yet ridiculously thick blood dripping slowly down my nose, right now I’m glad that my heart doesn’t beat, otherwise my nose would be throbbing.

Another teacher had rushed forward, Mr. Nex, Daniels older brother.

“Wizard, get Seth to the Sick Bay” he sighed, sounding irritated, which was slightly annoying, since I’m currently in a lot of pain.

Wizard rolled her eyes as she walked over and gripped my arm, pulling me up of the ground, then she handed me a tissue to put on my nose.


“Now that looks like a nasty break” she winced slightly as she examined my nose.

“It is” my voice was muffled, since my blood wasn’t as runny as other people’s it much thicker, like soup, now imagine having an unlimited supply of the best tomato soup dripping from your nose, and going to a school with soup enthusiasts.

Now change the Soup to blood and turn the soup enthusiast to Vampires and you’ve got a perfect match to my current situation.

“Hey, aren’t you eyes green?” I asked, tilting my head back slightly, but trying to watch Wizard. It might be a little strange to know her eye colour, but I’ve had a crush on her since third grade, and who can blame me? She’s got those deep green eyes that are a mix of Navy blue and Sea green, and her long blonde curls, and she’s getting a really nice figure, and I like her profile too, shows how much she’s matured recently.

“Uh yeah, my eyes are normally green” she admitted sheepishly, blushing slightly.

“Then why are they brown?” I asked suspiciously, though I think I already knew the answer.

“Well, my eyes change colour with my mood, Green is, normal, I guess, and red is, uh, Hungry” she was avoiding looking at me.

“What’s brown?” I asked.

“It takes a while for my eyes to change colour, brown is in between green and red” she blushed.

I groaned. “Why is it that every Vampire I meet wants to eat me? Does my blood really smell that good?” I groaned, which hurt my nose a little.

“Yeah, but look on the bright side, when you get older Vampire women won’t be able to get enough of you” she chuckled, handing me another tissue as the one that she gave me earlier was completely crimson.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of” I mumbled, who wants to die on​the first date?

Wizard giggled slightly, then just shook her head  and steered me away from a wall, I’m lucky that I didn’t get one of Daniel’s henchmen escorting me to the office, they’d just hit me again and throw me outside.

Wizard frowned slightly, then reached over and pulled my nose straight with a lock crack.

“Holy freaking crap!” I gasped, clutching my nose. “What was that for?” I demanded, my voice even more muffled as a fresh flow of blood started leaking out.

“I thought that it might set quicker, you know, with you being a warlock and everything...” she trailed off.

“Ah yes, and we’ve hit the wall, not a big one mind you, just the fact that I’m a freak of nature that’s built of darkness and destined to destroy everything” I scowled, my slight happiness at Wizard being sent with me was deteriorating rapidly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you or anything, I’ve just heard that Warlocks heal faster than normal, closer to a Vampire’s super healing than a normal sorcerer” she said, I could hear the guilt in her voice.

I sighed; “I’m sorry too, I don’t like it when people mention my ‘problem’” I sniffed slightly, regretting it as blood went up my nose.

“I know the feeling” she mumbled.

Wizard’s different from other Vampires. She’s a Mori Vampire, she has a particular power, but she can only drink blood from willing donors, or she’ll loose all humanity, her power and become a Strigoi, I know that her power is controlling anything with electricity, heck, if she’s trained properly she, could read and control your mind. But right know how powers are limited to her controlling electrical appliances and being a walking battery charger, just ask her to hold your phone for a few seconds and then once you take it back it’ll be fully charged.

“Did Daniel take your cell phone?” she asked, reaching into her pocket.

“No” I scowled. “But he took my IPod” I put my hand on my pocket where I normally kept my phone and

“Is this it?” she asked, producing an IPod with the MacDonald’s logo on the cover.

“Yes” I mumbled, my cheeks reddening slightly. She handed it to me and I slipped it into my pocket.

We turned the corner and Wizard opened moved to open the door for me I walked into the Sick Bay where a six year old was having his knee swiped by the nurse.

Once she had finished, she turned to me and sighed. 

"Been in another fight have we Mr. Flame?" she asked, eyeing my nose.

"Not so much as a fight as a beating" I said, sitting down on the​ bench that I always do when someone (normally Daniel) hits, kicks, Punches, slaps (or on one occasion, stabs) me. 

Maybe now you'll be more careful Seth" she sighed, examining my nose.

"How is it?" Wizard asked curiously.

"Oh, he'll be fine; I take it that you set it straight?" The nurse tilted her head and gave her an amused smile.


"Uh, yeah, I kinda did" she smiled back shyly. 

"Well, apart from being extremely painful it was the best thing that you could have done, his nose shout set properly, and it's already starting to mend" she picked up her clipboard and began searching for her pen as she filled out one of the many 'Accident' forms that she is forever filling out for me. 

"Corey would you like to return to your friends?" she asked without looking up at Wizard. 

"Yeah, actually, I'll go and um, talk some sense into Danny" she moved towards the door then turned around and shot me a small smile.

"Bye" she waved as she walked out the door.

I sighed, Wizard and Danny wouldn't talk about anything, she would pout at him, tell him that he was being horrible, then they would start making out, which always puts me off my food for the rest of the day.

The End

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