Lillth stood on the stairs, smiling her evil little bastard smile.

“That leaves you to go to hell.” I said.

“Shut up, Bitch.”

“Shut up, slut.” I replied.

“Your one to talk.” she spitted. I laughed and tossed my head back.

“I can kick your ass, Lillth. Even if I’m pregnant.”

“Good to know.”

Hephzibah placed her hand on my upper arm.

“Think about what your about to do.”

“I’m about to do what I should have done the day she come into my home.” I replied. I walked up the steps toward her, grabbed her hair, and pushed her down. She grabbed my leg, and tried to pull me down. I just laughed, and walked away.

“Your not going to win.” I said coldly. She murmured something to herself and returned to her room.

“So, shall we go to Olympus?” I asked. They both nodded. I clapped my hands.


“So, your pregnant?” Alcatraz asked me later as we walked.

“I would believe so.” I said.

“Hmm..and it’s a girl?”


“What do you want to name her?” he asked. I bit my lip and sighed.

“I don’t know.” I sighed. “Something Greek?” I asked.

“Sounds right.”

“Hmm..” I thought. I knew no Greek names.

The End

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