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I sent Charlotte and Hephzibah to my dearest friend on earth so they could stop his approaching suicide. Hephzibah wanted to go, despite me not wanting her to. she said she knew what to say. I suppose she knew best.

They stepped off to the house and Alcatraz and I retired to my study to watch their progress in Hephzibah's looking glass.



I stepped off onto the bottom step of a dark house to see a young man about to open the door. I only wish someone had stopped me from doing what he is about to do.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..." He turned and stared for a second. His eyes were bloodshot and suddenly he turned back around.

"You've not going to stop me, whoever you are, you can't know what I'm going through."

"Pain? Rejection? Lackluster? Depression? Like there really isn't anything left in the entire world to arouse you from this eternal loneliness? Would that be about right?" He continued to stare at me.

"I've killed myself, I did it about 290 years ago, give or take a few years."

"So I'm now seeing ghosts?"

"Don't you recognize me Alcatraz?"


"In the flesh." He ran into her arms and seemed to collapse in on himself. Sobs escaped from roughly his face area, it was buried in her neck.

"Is he biting?"

"No, don't worry." He pulled himself off and I could see how his tears were of blood.

"I couldn't bite my Charlotte. But why?"

"Why what darling?"

"Why did you leave? Why are you here? Why wouldn't I just kill you? I don't know anything it seems anymore."

"First off, I never left, I changed to find you and you left without even bothering to see me again."

"I was told you'd gone to find your true love."

"And I've finally got him in front of me." He ran into her arms yet again but this time he lifted her until her hair showered over his face and lowered her face to his, kissing her tenderly.

"Careful - she doesn't like the bumping."


"Oh, erm, Alcatraz, there was a specific reason I came here, other than stopping you. I'm carrying our child."

"That isn't possible."

"Excuse me, but it is very possible for your pairing.  I have a book that'll explain the ins and out but be sure that at the moment - she definitely is pregnant and you're the only possible father. Your daughter even said, and the unborn don't know how to lie."

"I want to believe you, so I'm going to let myself."

"Please come with us to Olympus and we'll prove it. Hephzibah can do it much better up there as she's still getting used to the power. And Paethos I'm sure would like to talk with you."

"But I can't come into the sun, we'd have to go at night."

"We've granted you a stay of sunlight but we can take you straight inside so you won't have to be in any light."

"I'd like that."

There was a clapping from behind us. "Well done. A father, two Gods and then there's me. Am I to be left alone yet again?" I turned and saw a beautiful figure in the doorway to a lounge, she was in silken lingerie and her blond ringlets spilled down to her waist. This girl was the image of child-like perfection. i was sure that this was Lillith.

The End

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