One Step to End It AllMature


Lilith stirred next to me, groaning lightly as she rolled over to face me. A small smile covered her lips as she pressed her body against mine. I wearily smiled back and embraced her, still clothed with the hints of last night's meal on my lips. 

"Hey," she said sleepily, rubbing her eyes and yawning. 

"Morning love," I responded, kissing her lips lightly. The motion didn't mean anything tough, no sparks or tremors of excitement, like love had never existed. 

"I'm going out to hunt," I said parting from lips as she tried to keep me next to her. She frowned and snuggled against my side, curling her fingers in my hair. In the silence of the house, all I could hear was Lilith's breathing. A light sound like the patter of a mouses feet. 

"You mean your going out to whore yourself until you can't stand the woman...then you'd kill her...Am I right?" A tight, sad pain gripped my chest and clamped like a vice. I tugged Lilith closer and cuddled into her neck, allowing her to stroke my hair and hum ever so softly. Tears pricked my eyes but I held them back and took a deep breath. 

"Yea...I loose myself in the pleasure, for a few moments everything is right again. The world is still spinning and my lover is in my arms. Yes Lilith, because it is the only thing I have left." Lilith frowned and whimpered softly, her lovely gaze meeting mine. 

"Just like Paethos..." Lilith muttered. "His past, you know if it?" I nodded. When Paethos was a human he did the same thing, minus drinking their blood. "He spiraled into insanity, don't loose yourself. You have a big heart Alcatraz, one that Charlotte could never understand. Please, stay with me tonight?" I winced and shook my head, planting another kiss on her forehead.

My body was already beginning to feel the tell tale burn of the hunger, but it was mixed with another emotion that I hardly cared to examine. Despair...depression, whatever you wanted to call it. All I knew was that it was cold and every time I killed the sensation left me, if only for a moment.

"No, Lilith. I have to kill." I stood and moved to the door, pausing at it's threshold. 

"To die?" she asked in a quiet voice. I froze and sighed, walking from the room. 


I stood next to a young red haired broad, her mouth moving but my ears not registering the sound. She waved her tan hand in front of my face, pulling me back to the conversation. 

"So what do you think?" she asked, leaning closer to me. We were just inside the brothel, in our own private room. I growled and rolled my eyes. 

"I think it's wonderful," I said faking a sense of emotion. She giggled pressing herself upon her and trying to take to her plush bed, so that we could have our ways with each other. Her lips brushed against mine and an image of Charlotte burned before my eyes. I lost control of myself, as if watching someone else control my body.

Fangs hooking into her neck, I drained her till their was nothing left. Tossing her empty body against the wall and breaking her back. I wanted to stay and destroy the body, for some reason she had brought back Charlotte's image. Sadly, I could not. The sun was a mere hour from the horizon and I had to get back.


At the house, I stood in the main living room. A pulsing idea throbbing behind my eyes and controlling my brain. My eyes were fixed upon the golden door knob that lead outside. The time was 10:35 in the morning, the sun was far above the horizon and would reduce my body to a pile of ash within seconds.

Charlotte was with the gods, Paethos was with the gods, blood no longer tasted sweet and warm, and the constant seduction and sex made me feel filthy. Step after step, I moved to the door and rested my hand upon it's shinning surface. As my hand turned the knob, a presence filled the room. 

"I wouldn't do that just yet..." An unfamiliar female voice said, calmly. I turned, recognizing one of the women. I knew what they both were...gods...

The End

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