What was I going to name this THING? Why was this happening to ME? Did I want a kid at this moment, NO. Do I love the child? YES.

What would I name her? What she be like? Would I have a full pregnancy, or a short one being a God? Would she be smart, of course she’s my daughter. How couldn’t she be? She’ll be the next Einstein! YES!!

But, what would he say? How would I tell him? Would I hide it? Should I just leave the kid there? No, I’m not a bitch. Too myself. I can’t say the same for Alcatraz. He hates me. I hate him. Easy. I would have never had to see him again, but, I have this thing.

I but my hand on my stomach, and grinned at Hephzibah. Well, at least I wasn’t going thourgh this alone. I had a friend.

This also explained why I was pucking, and eating weird food that I hated but she craved.

“For now I’m calling her Ella.” I said. “That’s going to be her name, but it’s simple.” I said to Hephzibah.

“O.K. Soo…how do you plan on tell Alcatraz?” she asked.

“I have no clue. I don’t think I should.” I murmured.


“He is going to want the child. He is going to fight for her. But, she is mine.” I said.

“She is both of yours.” she replied.

“Yes, but she is in my tummy.” I said. She laughed.

“She has his DNA. You should tell him. She would want you too.”

“How do I tell him?”

“Just go and tell him!”

“FINE!” I yelled. “If you go with me. For purport.” I said quietly. She giggled.

“I’d be honored.”

“When shall we go?” I asked.


“Like today?”

“Yea.” She said.

“Ok, let me change.” I said.

“Wait, can I borrow something?” She said. “I have nothing that fits in with today’s world. Modest cloths if you can.” I nodded, and went to my room. I chose a simple black top with a pair of jeans for Hephzibah and a pair of shorts and I tee shirt for me. I changed, and looked at myself. I still had my looks. No bumps. Good.

“Ok, here.” I said as I walked out. I handed her cloths.

“You where trousers? And SHORTS?” she seemed shocked.


“Hmm..” she want into the bathroom and changed. She papered soon.

“Ready?” she asked.


The End

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