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I sat alone in the study watching a pool of water. Well, it was a visual link to to oldest friend, Alcatraz. I could see how he was slipping like I did before the battle with the Gods. It was one of the few stages before a vampyre would just step into the sun and end it all. I'd seen it plenty of times with other vampyres. Alcatraz was the oldest one left, it was expected but I didn't want to watch it.

I threw the bowl across the room, shattering the clay and splashing water all over the floor and books. I'd been saved by finding Lillith. yet as I watched his joining and eventual parting with her earlier, it hadn't brought him any happiness. He was more lonely, just like myself.

I took my golden covered life'c cord from my pocket, trying to flake it off and burn it with a candle flame. Trying and failing at turning myself into a vampyre again.

I heard a quiet knock on the door and Hephzibah opened the door. I must say, she makes me happy. I love her, I cherish ever moment with her. But nothing could rid me of this horrible loneliness I felt in the pit of my stomach.

"Is Hades behind on the souls again... how many are left to be ferried over?"

"Paethos. I'm not coming here to tell you you need to do something for another God. I'm here to make you do something for yourself. It's Charlotte. I'm worried."

"What are you worried about darling?"

"She's pregnant."

What.... wait a second. She hadn't done anything as a God had she. I got up and found the most extensive book on Vampyres and God transformation that I could find. I flicked through the pages until I could find the ones on procreation.

Whilst as a vampyre, it is impossible for the female of the species to procreate. Because their body cannot change the change of pregnancy cannot happen. However, the male of the species is able to procreate in very rare circumstances. Most vampyres will kill their prey, especially after the primeval act of intercourse where the body is less restrained. However, some vampyres, it has been documented, have not killed their mortal lovers and impregnated them. This is because the male ejaculate of the vampyre is as 'immortal' as they. It does not leave the mortal female body or die for even months on end. Giving rise to a greater chance of conception when the female ovulates and a hybrid vampyre-human child. The child in most cases will be brought to the Gods and destroyed along with both mother and father.

Ok, that would explain the sudden disappearance of George in the late 1800's. George was a vampyre I'd met while I wandered the back streets looking for a kill. He'd always been a bit soft on killing his lovers though. I suppose that's what happened to him. I read on.

The transformation from vampyre, or even human to God, allows for a more free approach to procreation. God children age and live in their roles from conception, being able to talk to the Goddess Hera before birth.

Hephzibah - she'd taken Hera's role rather than Hestia's! I had almost forgotten that.

Gods can become pregnant in two ways, Sexual Reproduction and Partheogenesis. Most conception is of the first kind, however, in some cases a God can partheogenesise because of an extreme loneliness is felt, spurring on the female or sometimes male, to make themselves pregnant. This can be done actively, when the God wishes this to happen. Or passively, when it happens in extreme cases of loneliness and the body craves someone, or something to be unconditionally devoted to them, such as a child can.

"Hephzibah, come and read this... it's sort of like a manual." She leaned over my shoulder and scanned the page.

"So it's completely possible."

"Yeah. She partheogenesised."

"I'm not so sure."

"You don't think she's had sex since she's been a God do you?"

"Heavens no! I'd have known abaout it, childbirth and conception are my main things! I'd have had to ticked a box on my list for the conception!"

"So... how?"

"Before I became a God it ran on automatic. It just gave hit a misses on people. sort of fifty-fifty."

"But she wasn't able to before. You read it. Female vampyres can't."

"Then I'm stumped."

"It's ok. Although I think it would be best if you gave her a visit and found out."


"You know, it says in here that the baby knows which God it is before it is born and you can speak to them."


"Our son has taken the role of Hephaestus, and yes, he already loves us both."

"Tell him I love him as well. You and he have made me a very happy man."

"I'll tell him." She put her hand to her almost non-existant bump and she giggled. She'd only become pregnant two weeks ago. How amazing was it to think that the baby was already a thinking machine!



After my brief meeting of the minds with Paethos, I travelled to where Charlotte lived. Charlotte had sent Paethos back home last time he went over because she was ill. So it made sense! It was morning sickness! There was a strange feeling in the air. Like the choosing of a God. Her baby was choosing!

I could have run if it weren't for my knowledge of my baby not liking the rapid movement of my hips. So I kept by sedate pace all the way to her house.

I found Charlotte at her dining table, eating what appeared to be Waldorf salad. Which I knew she didn't like.

"Hello Charlotte. I've come over here on the wishes of Paethos."


"I need to tell you something. I would say sit down but you already are."

"Well, go on." She put the spoon down with a loud clatter in the bowl.

"You're pregnant. You baby is choosing their role as a God as we speak."

"W-w-what? That's impossible! I'm not pregnant! I haven't even touched a man since I was a vampyre! Stop the absurdities."

"No Charlotte, I'm pretty certain."

"How can you prove it?"

"I'm the Goddess of children basically, I can sense your child. You're even glowing with the aura of pregnancy."

"I see no aura, and if you'd excuse me, I have to plan a bit of warfare in the eastern parts of earth. Plant a few ideas in some brains!" She got up and went to the war room.

"Charlotte wait! I can project your baby's thoughts to you if you'd like. As all Gods can project thoughts."

"You can do that? Wait... why am I even interested you aren't right. I'm not pregnant!"

"I can tell you the gender, and who they chose as their role. I can even tell you how you got pregnant."

"Well, It's be a laugh. What have you got to do?"

"I'd prefer it if you were still."


I knelt down and placed my hands on her stomach. I could hear the voice of a little girl, so I projected both her and my thoughts to Charlotte. Who are you? I haven't been named yet Hephzibah. How do you know my name child? I know everyone's names, I know everyone's true loves. So you've become the Goddess of love? Yes. Although can you tell my mother that I'd like a name? Of course child. But may I ask one more thing? Yes. Who is your father? My father? Well he's not exactly around at the moment. He's sort of on earth. But child there aren't any Gods taking leave on earth or even on errands... we're all on Olympus. My mother's true love is on earth, he is my father. His name is Alcatraz. But child, I'm sorry for vexing you, Artemis told Charlotte, your mother, that he wasn't. He was. She was marked as a vampyre from birth as was he. They both would find their true love out of sync with their own times. That's all I know. Now I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.

And the baby was silent.

"I can't be pregnant by Alcatraz!"

"Come with me Charlotte. I have a book that will be of a lot of use to you at the moment. The war will have to wait."

"Do all babies have that good a vocabulary?"

"Only God children."

"How do you know that?"

"My son speaks almost the same way."

"You're pregnant as well?"

"Only a little more pregnant that you. I'm only two weeks. You're about a week and a half."

"Can I ask a quick question?"

"Fire away."

"Will the baby be a full God?"

"She's chosen her role, so yes."

"But she's half vampyre!"

"Ah, well you know how we were soaked in the gold liquid pool?"


"Your anmiotic fluid basically does that to you, although she still is Alcatraz'z baby - the DNA doesn't change from human to god, vampyre to god, or human to vampyre."

"I see. I thought in your time women couldn't be educated?"

"Paethos has been giving be a late education and with this godly brain I'm picking it up as if I've always known it."

"I see."

"So will you name her?"


The End

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