I lay on the floor with Lilith sleeping on top of my naked frame, her breaths lightly fanning on my skin. My eyes stayed shut, lips pursed to keep all my emotions from spilling out. Dammit, why had I done that? I knew in the pit of my heart that I never loved Lilith and never would but she was so sad, depressed, and alone.I frowned and leaned up a bit, pulling Lilith into my arms like a groom would carry his bride.

She mumbled in her sleep and nuzzled into my chest, her fingers curling around each other as a child's would. How could I blame her though, we both shared the same feeling...betrayal. Lilith brought down by Paethos and I by Charlotte, we thought we had found the lovers of our immortal lives...the ones to share every tiny little secret and joy of the vampire life. Now we were the only two left in the large house...hell maybe the last two vampires left.  

I carried Lilith up the stairs to her room, setting her under the warm covers. She sighed calmly and pulled the white pillow closer to her. I winced and kissed her cheek, a tear falling down my face. This all felt so wrong...so messed up. A fiery burn built in my stomach, flashing through my veins like liquid fire and consuming my thoughts. Ever since I had returned to earth, I hadn't fed, I was starved. My eyes lingered on Lilith's sheet covered body before I retreated to my room and dressed.

The clothes I donned were standard for the teens of the day, after all I hardly looked a day older than 17.  Graphic t-shirts, skinny jeans, and converse, it would be enough to get me close to any girl of my choosing. Right now I was in the mood for something dark, dirty, dangerous. I didn't just want to kill my prey I wanted to torture them. Immediately, I spirited away from the house and into the city.  

It hardly took me any time to reach the underbelly of the city, many of the prostitutes and gangs had been out for the early hours of the night. They were kinda like me in the fact that they thrived in the darkness. Moving through the dirty, rat infested streets, I looked long and hard for my victim, not to old or young but in the prime of their life. 

"Hey darling," a perky voice called from the shadows. A young girl no older than 19 with bright blonde hair and blue highlights, stepped forward. She smiled brightly and hooked her arms around my neck letting her lavender perfume waft around my noise. "You looking for someone?" she asked innocently. I grinned, thought my fangs stayed hidden. 

"Yes I was actually, I need some lovely dame to spend the night with," I played a coy smile across my lips. "I'm so terribly lonely." The woman smiled and cuddle right up against me. Her mascara creating thick black lines around her bright blue eyes as she batted her lashes at me. 

"Well if you treat me well, you could find yourself in the presence of very good company." I hooked my arm around the small of her back and pressed my lips to hers. I guess if I no longer had a lover, humans would have to fill that emptiness. Their blood, their love, their innocence. I wanted to steal it all away from the girl at that very moment but I waited.

She kisses back, giggling as her body pressed into mine. When we parted her lusty eyes met me and her fingers locked with mine. She took me with her back to her apartment, it was a lovely place. The rooms walls were a bright scarlet color and candles lit the entire pace. Incense filled the room with a thick, warm smell. I felt the hunger uncoil in my stomach like a snake, daring me to just kill the woman right there. No, let's have some fun. I am a vampire with nothing to live for and no boundaries to hold me. I can have my time with her. 

The girl turned around and grinned pulling off her jacket and displaying her all to revealing lace bra and panties. I purred happily and took a seat on her couch, brandy sat waiting for us in two glasses. I instantly downed the drink, shivering as it burned down my throat and warmed my stomach. The girl laughed and downed more of the alcohol than I did, she was tipsy and hot, sweating hard as she straddled my waist. 

"Youknow..." she slurred hugging me, "You skinsreally...cold." I nodded and kissed her already flush cheeks. The sound of her heart drummed furiously in my ears, the rush of her blood as loud as the traffic outside. 

"I'll warm up after a bit of time with you," I said, tickling her ears with my whispered words. The girl smiled drunkenly placing her hand on my pants and fumbling to undo them. "Hush, hush," was my reply as I pushed her a bit violently to the wall. My lips pressed to hers and moved against her, her hands moved across my skin creating sparks as we pulsed against each other, finally throwing off her clothes we moved to the bed.

It was amazing how easily she opened herself to me, or how pleasurable it was to move through her...with her. Every scream and moan that she made only prompted me to continue. Pleasure mixed with passion and pain as the hunger engulfed my mind. I widened my mouth and latched my fangs into her throat, the girl whined and began to struggle weakly. I had worn her down and now her life was mine, I drafted the blood slowly enjoying my meal until her veins were sucked dry. I removed myself from her and stood, licking the blood from my lips. 

"Thanks for the night," I chuckled at her corpse. "Well Paethos...Charlotte, I hope your enjoying your godhood where ever you are. Cause I'm really enjoying being a vampire...a monster, here." Calmly pulling on my clothes, I walked briskly back to the house and up the stairs. Lilith was still sleeping soundly as I laid in bed with her and wrapped my arms around her. I felt so warm now with the girls blood coursing in my veins. It was so wrong and yet it felt so right! 

The End

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