Trick meMature

I sat with my back against the bathroom wall. I had been in here for a hour, pocking my guts out. I had no clue Gods got sick.

I want in for a new round, pocking. What was happening to me? Was I dieing? I asked my self. I rolled onto the floor, tears filling my eyes.

Less than a day ago, I broke down, lost my love, and found out I had some weird thing that makes me puke. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I had morning sickness. But, that was a stupid thought. No way.

What had I done? Why did I chose to loose every thing I ever had? Why had choose to become the thing I hated?

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Paethos voice called.

“I’m coming.’ I said. I washed my face quickly, and papered. “I have a feeling we are needed before we go.” I said. I walked down the hall and came to the big room.

“CHAR!! Come see this!” said Apollo I nodded.

I walked to the bowl Apollo had. I peeked at the bowl.

ALCTRARZ AND LILLTH WHERE DOING IT! I turned around and pucked.

I thought. I looked at my tiny watch, and realized I had to got talk to people. Or Gods for that matter. I rolled over and flushed the toilet.

The End

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