"Hey....Alcatraz...Wake up," A soft, milky voice called to me. My mind floated in a foggy land, pictures and memories haunting me. From the stabbing of my mother, where I would stop plunging the knife into her. Over, and over, blood flying back into my face as her screams tore apart the air. My two younger sisters cowering in the corner next to the dead and disemboweled corpse that was my father. One, little Alua, coming to me and pleading with me to stop. Finally, I turned to them, my body soaked in blood as my hand held the knife. 

"Allie! Allie! Please stop, what have mama and papa done to deserve this? They loved you! What in the god's name have you done?!" 

That was the word...that one word sent me over to edge. What in the god's name did I do, I killed my parents because of their feverish worship of those damned deities. Alua and Sann, my two innocent sisters with lambs white hair. Their sparkling blue eyes looking to me, tears dripping down their perfectly tanned faces. But they had followed my parents, like sheep to the slaughter, they unwittingly followed. And so they died along side my parents...alot more humane but still, death came. 

Then came to images of my realization of what I had become, a vampire. Mind you I didn't know that was the name, but I became angry and scared. My skin drained of color, my eyes became red as the blood I had spilled. Large canine fangs then grew and pricked my lower lip every time I spoke or smiled. Then the hunger, the searing...painful hunger. How on those first nights, I became intoxicated with the smell of blood. Visiting the local brothels, how messy I was in retrospect. Crimson splattered across my face, on the bed, and all over their naked bodies. 

Lastly, the images of my time with my three vampire friends, how over time we unknowingly met and came to live in the large mansion just outside the city. The nights of laughter and joy that fell into rage and sadness. The gods intervening until we arrived where I am now, a lonely vampire.

My lover now a god, my one great friend and intellectual also a god. Just so they could save their true loves. Something I thought I was to Charlotte, apparently not. Even after our night of wild passion, exchanged kisses, and words of eternal love. She chooses her human lover...then Paethos has the gall to ask if I wanted to go back in time, to when I was human. To when I was inferior! 

My eyes fluttered to see Lilith's creamy skin and long blonde hair. I was lying in her lap, resting in the middle of the living room. The house felt so empty now, as if it's life was stolen. My throat tingled where it had finally healed, and I stared up at Lilith...angry and confused. She offered me a weak smile, leaning down to kiss my lips. I flinched and pulled away, she pulled me back and pressed her frame tightly to mine. Tears stained her face as her lips spoke centimeters from mine. 

"We're all that we have left for each other, Alcatraz. Charlotte and Paethos...their gone, gods now. Only you and I know each other, love each other. Her lips pressed against mine, tongue snaking into my mouth. I wanted to cry, to pull away and run to Charlotte's room but I couldn't. I just imagined that Lilith was Charlotte, that she was the one kissing me, undressing me, rocking me and writhing with me on the cold floor. It was a lovely deception, one I wished was true. 


The End

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