Planet Fall

Uthren awoke to the sound of a speaker blarting out commands. He sat up and listened and realised that Narcea was telling him to get to the docking bay ASAP. He quickly got up and put on his helmet. He looked at all of the screens to the left of his right eye before jogging out of the room towards the bay.

Moments later Uthren arrived. There at the bay was everyone except Sam who Uthren guessed was on his way. Barry walked over to him and shouted over the noise,

"Uthren grab your gun we're leaving".

Uthren nodded before turning to the rack, he grabbed his automatic rifle which he did not know the true name of and ran to where they were standing. He heard the door open and Sam ran in grabbed his gun and came over as well. In front of them was a smallish pod roughly the size of a Harbour 92 assult jeep. Barry walked up to it and hit a button, all most instantly four doors slowly opened to show six seats inside.

Uthren went to the furthest door and sat down inbetween the door and the rack for his gun. Tecila sat down on the chair to his right and Ghost in the one to his left.Nobody said a word until Narcea's voice sounded through each of their helmets.

"Omanare team this is Narcea speaking what you are in at the moment is a classified z-19 drop pod. If you do not at this moment have the double belt done up now I can assure you now you will die, so let me brief you. This pod is at the moment on a plasma shield in a moment I will make the shield disable and you drop through the atmosphere  onto Gaia-5. So as you sit in this circle with your backs to the centre i tell you now to mide yourselves as the doors close. Narcea out.

Uthren looked around the pod to where he could see, he saw everyone except Sam who sat behind him. He looked at Tecila who smiled and said,

"Get ready this is going to be bumpy".

And with that the pod dropped towards the planet.

The End

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