The armory

Uthren walked along the corridor towards where Barry now waited. He was waiting with his arms crossed leaning against a door. It had the words armory above it.

"This is it" Barry said as they approached it.

Uthren nodded before looking at everyone behind him. They all stood there waiting to see who was going in first. Uthren looked back to the door watched Barry go through first before Uthren himself followed. He looked as hundreds of guns of all sorts lined the wall; rockets, handguns, machine guns, rifles, all of it was there. He glanced to the left seeing through a window what looked like vehicles. He kept walking to where a man with a dirt smuged face and goggles stood.

"Are you Barry" The man called.

"Yes I am are you the supplier"?

"Indeed you will find all of your equipment in the back room over there" he said pointing in the direction of a big steel door before he turned back to his work.

Uthren followed barry to the door before pushing the button to open it. As soon as he did a metal locker came down slowly from the roof and stopped in front of the door.

"So much for a room" he heard Sam say from somewhere at the back of the group.

Uthren ignored the comment as he opened the locker, inside were six suits one with each of their names on. A holosceen inside the locker blared to life and a familier voice came from the speakers. It was Narcea's.

"This is team 164857290 A.K.A Omanare team these suit which you are holding are nano fibre tech strong enough to stop a bullet that is at least three meters away. It is also radiation proof meaning you don't need to worry about nukes and can withstand virtually any explosion know to Human kind. It is designed to fit you perfectly and weights next to nothing. It allows you to run faster, jump higher and hit harder than any ordinary Human. Also inside is a helmet perspecifically designed for each of your roles in the team. Now all of you hold out your suit in front of you this may tingle".

As he said it a pain shot through his arms as the suit attached itself to him. He could see everyone else was in pain except Tecila who showed no emotion what so ever. Uthren looked down to see his ice blue suit attached to him. He noted that everyone else had a differant colour suit; olive green for Barry, black for ghost, white for Sam, orange for Cronatius and grey for Tecila. He looked further into the locker and pulled out six helmets in turn all with matching colours to their owners suits.

"Now" Narcea's voice said "rest for tomorrow you finish the fight for Gaia-5" and with that everyone put their helmets on.

The End

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