The founding of Omanare team

"Right" Narcea said going over to the holoscreen "we have chosen you and two over of the best soldiers that humanity controls to put together the most elite team of specialists that the galaxy has ever seen. The team will consist of Lieutenant Barry Fisher as the squad leader. Barry is a specialist in demolition and close quarter fighting and has been fighting longer than any know soldier."

A picture appeared on the big screen showing a man in his middle fortys with slightly grey hair and a stubble. He looked quite tall and had lots of battle scars sprew across what they could see of him.

"Next" Narcea continued "we have you Uthren a perfect soldier able to use and weild any gun that he can find, you will be the teams main warrior while weilding prototype weaponry. Cronatius you will act as team sniper as you will stay further back while killing them from afar. Sam you will act as scout and will be given the tech to hack through anything as well as the tech to disrupt theirs. Ghost you will be team CQB armed with the most heavy of weapons so no armoured vehicles can stop you and finally we have Tecila who is going to be the specialist trooper armed with smgs and using a jetpack there is no place you won't be able to get to."

The screen was now showing a women holding two smgs while behind her was a band of captured rebels. She was tall for a women and had blond hair with green eyes she was smiling at the camera.

"Dam shes hot" Cronatius said.

Uthren smiled at the comment before he heard a click of a gun. He spun round pistol draw to find that Cronatius had a pistol to the back of his head and a knife to his neck.

"Say that again knucklehead and I will cut your head clean off" came a women's voice as  the lady on the screen stepped out from the shadows. It was Tecila.

"Dam she's good" Sam whispered to Uthren when the doors opened and there stood Barry.

Tecila lowered the gun sheathed her knife as Narcea started to add ress them.

"Right good that you are all here as this is the founding of Omanare team and you all need to report the armoury for your gear.

The End

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