The Cerberus

As the shuttle came to a stop Uthren looked over at his team.

"Right we're here, lets get this done." Uthren said before grabbing the packs. He chucked one to each member of his team before putting the final one over his shoulder. They quickly made their way into the docking port.

"Wow well thats a definate eye opener any day" Ghost said looking at the giant port within a massive airlock. Hundreds of ships were leaving and coming from every part of the galaxy that humanity controlled.

They walked towards the giant doors into the ships corridors, soldiers briskly walking past. They kept going untill they reached an end sprouting off in two differant directions.

"Left" Cronatius guessed walking that way.

Sam looked at Uthren who shrugged his shoulders before following him. They walked for ten minutes before reaching a lift. Sam pressed the button and they waited before getting in the lift and going up to the second to top floor. As the door opened to show a man in flowing gold robes, the robes to show his dedication to the decity.

"Welcome Uthren, Cronatius, Ghost and Sam I have been expecting you, I am Shipmaster Narcea commander of the legendary Cerberus and I would like you to take up a proposal for you."

"Cool" Sam said "and what would that be."

"Sam, can be very quicked mouthed, I read your file just hold on I am getting to that."

"Oh sorry, sir"

"Good right Uthren I would like your team to under go on a new mission with so secret that it classed that only other shipmasters and above can see it."

"Well then" Uthren said "lets here it."

"Good" Narcea said smiling.

The End

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