Gamma base

Looking out of the window of the chopper down at the ground Uthren wondered what the planet would have looked like before war came to it. To his left he heard a groan he looked over to Sam who was lieing down.

"Don't like the treatment do you" Uthren said smiling like a chesher cat.

"Yeah this tech of weaving your bones back together in minutes hurts".

"Not suprised" Uthren said slowly getting up "come on lets go find the others".

Standing up Sam limped forward with Uthren behind him, both walked into the other compartment. Looking left Uthren saw Cronatius sitting at the window facing away from it. Looking up he smiled. Ghost came through from the other compartment carrying some food and water.

"Eat up it's not often we get meat" he said chucking all three of them a piece.

Uthren attacked it ravenously as he only got meat once every few months. The others did the same.

"Gamma base approaching prepare to disembark."

"This is us" Cronatius said grinning before grabbing his kit and standing up. Moments later they jumped off the chopper.

"Ok we are getting on shuttle 49 and are in first class" Uthren said.

"Your kidding right first class!" Sam exclaimed very bewilded.

"No jokes Sam i'm serious now lets go or we will miss our flight".

They quickly started jogging towards the shuttle launch station. When they reached it they saw a group of marines waiting for them. Quickly the marines ushered them along to the right shuttle before they sat down in first class."

"Well we're here so lets just get ready for the flight" Ghost said buckling his belt.

"Nervous flier?" Cronatius asked.

"No just don't like big shuttles"

"Oh I see well get ready we are taking off."

The End

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