Uthren awoke. Everything was silent, he looked up only to see the floor. He was upside down and everything was blurry. Slowly he reached down and realised his leg was stuck. He then slowly over the course of a couple of minutes managed to free himself. He plummeted to the floor maybe a foot down Uthren couldn't tell. As he hit the floor a pain ran through his back. Uthren slowly sat up, his vision no longer blurry he saw the helicopter wreck all over the place and could feel a warm sticky liquid on his chest which he knew was his blood. There were dead marines all over the place. He heared a groan to his left. Uthren got up and walked over towards the mangled metal. He pulled away a piece of metal to find Sam, lieing there with both his legs broken. Someone slowly came round the other part of the wreck. A marine he did not know was walking towards him with Cronatius on his back unconscious but alive.

"Whats your name marine" Uthren called to him.

"Names Ghost" he replied.

"Well Ghost we had better get these two out of here."

 Uthren then picked up Sam put him on his back before jogging over to catch up with Ghost.

"The base is about a mile north of here we should make our way there" Ghost said.


Uthren and Ghost started walking towards the mountains. They walked for what Uthren thought was an hour until finally the base was in sight. It was under attack! Uthren saw the Evac choppers on the pads ready to go.

"Oh hell no" Uthren said in despair.

"Dam" Ghost said at the same time.

Then sprinting down the hill, they started towards the base. As they got close some guards saw them and shouted,


"Ok" Uthren called back to them.

Uthren and Ghost got to the base of a pad when a burst of plasma hit the floor meters from Ghost quickly they started to make their way up the stairs when a second burst of plasma hit the pad melting the crew and chopper alike.

"Next pad now!" Ghost shouted.

Uthren looked at the gap between the pads, a meter maybe, easy enough to jump. Taking two steps back Uthren and Ghost ran and jumped being careful not to drop Sam or Cronatius they landed on the other pad. They quickly got into the chopper seconds before it took off and sat down in the passenger cabin.

"Are you Uthren?" A voice asked.

"Yes" said Uthren turning.

"I am Mortanki and I have a message saying that you, Cronatius and Sam are to report to Gamma base to be taken back to the Cerberus. The fleetmaster wants to speak to you."

"Well, ok but Ghost is coming with me to" Uthren said. 

"I don't know" Montanki said doubtfully "I don't think they are going to like this."

"Well thats their problem then isn't it"

The End

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