Chopper down


Uthren looked over to his left. He saw the green grass and the mighty mountains to the north. He smiled wondering how war had come to such a place but then remembered that war was in most places in the galaxy.

"Hello is anyone there" his radio chirped.

"Yes what do you need soldier" Uthren said into his mic.

"We need immediate evac, we are roughly twenty clicks north from you"

"Roger that, ETA four minutes.

Putting down the mic he called the pilot telling him where to go before calling,

"Sam, Cronatius get your guns ready".

"Roger" Cronatius said before turning round to the door before checking his B15 automatic rifle.

"Ok" Sam said before sitting next to Cronatius and doing the same.

Uthren turned to the same door, checked his N42 machinegun and then holding his gun in one hand he opened the door.

"Ok marine I see you." Uthren said into his mic "we are coming in."

Cronatius then opened fire on the rebels followed by Sam. Rebels dived for cover, very few making it into some. Uthren jumped out before speeding towards the flare slowing down as he got closer.

"SAM GET OVER HERE QUICK!" Uthren shouted back over the noise of guns.

Quickly Sam got off his chair and jumped out of the chopper and ran over towards Uthren and the soldiers.

"Move it soldier I got your back" he called waving to the marines that where left. One nodded before he and the others charged towards the helicopter. While they ran they where shooting over there shoulders. The rebels shot back killing two marines just before they reached the chopper. When the last man was in Uthren and Sam pulled the injured marine to his feet before Uthren did a firemans lift and ran towards the chopper With Sam just behind shooting at the rebels. Uthren heaved him in before climbing up himself. The Helicopter started to take off when Sam jumped towards it grabbing it as it took off. Quickly Cronatius helped he in before he closed the door.

"Buckle up this is going to be a bumpy ride" the pilot called back.

Uthren grabbed the rail then, he saw a sudden shower of sparks and he realised what was happening. Uthren called over to Cronatius,

"Cronatius we're locked."

"S**T" came his response.

Sam looked at him pure terror in his eyes.

Cronatius looked at the rookie and smiled,

"hold on kid."

Uthren smiled too,

"Brace yourself" he called.

Then a massive explosion shook the chopper. Uthren looked back, part of the passenger cabin was gone. Almost instantly the helicopter started spinning, a red light flashed to show the damage on a screen. The helicopter span and then flipped before it hit the ground. It hit with such force that it bounced and hit the floor again before rolling. Uthren passed out


The End

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