The year 2121. The human empire streches through the galaxy. When fighting on Gaia-5, Uthren is called back to the Cerberus but all is not as its seems. With reported cases of strange visitors Uthren digs deep, but what he finds is not good for everyone aboard the battlecruiser


Uthren awoke in his chamber. Slowly he got up and walked to a small round window. What he saw through it was breath taking. A planet green in color with two rings around it. To the west of the planet a blood red sea.

"Wow... that is amazing" Uthren said to himself quietly.

Uthren slowly turned, walking to his bathroom. He then quickly had a shower before getting changed into his uniform. About ten minutes later he was walking down the corridor just outside the cantine. When he walked in it turned from the blissful quiet to a racket of chatter as the other soldiers voices came to his ears. Uthren groaned. What he would do to get some peace. He slowly trudged towards the bar, grabbing a tray on the way. Uthren stopped for his food before going to get a glass of water. As he filled his cup he heard a voice calling his name.

"Hey Uthren! Over here."

Uthren turned to see who it was before grinning. There by the door to the hanger stood Cronatius his squads riflemen and apart from Uthren the only surviving member of the squad. He was walking over to him when he called.

"Hey Cronatius guess whats on the menu."

"Let me guess, slop, slop and what do you know more slop" he said sarcastically. 

"Sure is" Uthren replied happy to find some one he knew.

"Well eat up we are leaving in five minutes for Gaia-5.

Moments later Uthren and Cronatius were waiting by the Z17 Hawk helicopter that they would be riding in.

Uthren sat on one the seats in the open part by the guns while Cronatius sat in the gunner seat to his left.

"Hey look, a newbie" Cronatius said to Uthren pointing.

Uthren looked up. A marine was walking quickly towards them with the pilot just behind him. When he reached them he asked.

"Are you Uthren and Cronatius"?

"Yes we are private, what do you need soldier" Uthren answered.

"I have been assigned to be you're other rifleman."

"Well soldier thats good but we have three rules" Uthren said. "One never leave a man behind, two listen to me and do what I say and three, be prepared always for everything, oh yeah by the way what is your name soldier"?

"Sam sir."

"Ah Earth born nice to meet you Sam" Cronatius said. "Well get on we are going to be leaving soon.

The End

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