After ten full minutes of jubilation, Gregor yet again asks the quiestion niggling at the back of my mind.

"Seriously though, why do we look ten "

"I'm guessing we're 11, to be going to Hogwarts," Megan answers, with nothing else to go on, and still hyped up from the recent realisation, we all shrug.

"And Harry, are we gonna try and help him?"I add in.

"Well yes!" Gregor voices with a well duh! Roll of his eyes.

"Befriend him and tell him the future!? He'll think we're nuts!" Hannah disagrees.

"We'll help him subtly? Pretend we have prophetic dreams or something?" Megan asks, I frown, that could work, but we'd have to research it, "if we befriend Harry,"

"We befriend Hermione," we finish together.

"What about Halloween? We can't put them in danger if we know about it! They're kids at this stage!"

"Emma, they're kids for the next seven years, and so are we!"

"But we have the minds off of age witches, therefore we're responsible."

"No, Dumbledores responsible."

"Dumbledore won't do jack to help anyone!"

The cabin resounds in silence. The other four looking at me in shock.

"I agree with Emma," Hannah starts weakly, "I've heard all the reasonings behind Dumbledores being no help," she adds at the three glares turning her way.

"And what are they?" Megan asked.

The door opens, cutting me of pre-rant,

"Anything from the trolly dears?" The little lady asks, my stomach plummets, eighteen in mind or not, sweeties for breakfast is appealing as hell.

Disheartely checking my pockets, my eyes light up at the unfamiliar feel of coinage, and a paper note, talking them out, I see two silver coins, three brown coins and a gold one.

Knut, sickle and galleon.

"Yes please, I grin, getting up and looking out the sweets.

Two couldren cakes and three fizzing whizbees later, it's Gregors turn. Who needs to borrow my two sickles and galleon to pay for his bucket load of sweets. I get a Knut back.

"Between you and Harry", I say to Gregor, "they'll be no sweets left." He just grins.

I turn to the paper which had been in my pocket.

Miss Nelson, you and your friends have been brought back in order to help the wizarding world which was falling into disrepair in your current time. By befriending and changing the views of certain classmates, I am sure you all can do wonders to save our world.

Many thanks, D.


"What?" Steph asks after swallowing a mouthful of sweets.

"Read this," I tell her, the other four lean in and read it together.

"Who's D? Dumbledore?" Hannah asks.

"No, it can't be, Dumbledore dies, remember?" Gregor puts in.

"So we've been pulled back by some magic, does this mean we have magic?"

"We'll find out soon enough," Megan answers.

As the sky outside darkens, we quiet down once more, Steph falling back asleep. Eventually, we were jerked back to awareness by a loud voice filling the carriage.

"We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutes time. Please leave your luggage on the train, it will be taken to the school separately."

Looking around bleary eyed, I catch sight of the luggage above Steph and Megan's head and snort, beggining to giggle.

"What?" Hannah asks, leaning forward to stare at me past Gregor.

"Imagine taking these on the boats," I say through the giggles, nodding towards the suitcases. Steph smiles sleepily and we lapse back into a tired silence.

When the train does stop, we join the end of the throng heading out of the train and out onto the cold platform, shivering and pulling our cloaks tighter as we look around.

Over the heads of everyone, I notice a small, yellow flame, nice and smug inside a lamp. I grin as I here the familiar voice.

"C'mon, follow me - any more firs' years? Mind yer step, now! Firs' years follow me!" Hagrid's voice calls over the thunderous chattering of the students around us. I grin, my heart racing as we walk over to the ginormous, hairy man.

Next to me stands Draco Malfoy, platinum blonde hair shining in the tiny light as he mutters about the oaf. I ignore him, not wanting him to spoil my mood.

The path Hagrid leads us down is pitch black, all I can see is Malfoy's almost pure white hair. Behind me Steph has grabbed the back of my cloak for support as we blindly make our way down.

"Yeh'll get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts in a sec," Hagrid eventually calls, him and his tiny light disappearing round a corner, "jus' 'round this bend here."

In front, as people rounded the corner, they all said "oooooh" Malfoy pushes the girl in front of him then rounds the corner. I am next.

"Wow!" I say as I turn, seeing the large, glittering castle in front of me sitting perilously on the edge of a huge, black cliff.

"Wow, it's big!" Steph whispers from behind, releasing her hold on my cloak.

"No more'n four to a boat!" Hagrid informs us, drawing my attention to a fleet of small boats floating on the murky water.

With a silent discussion, Steph, Megan and I end up in one boat, Gregor and Hannah in another with one other male.

"Everyone in?" Hagrid shouts just as I get comfortable in the boat. "Right then - FORWARD!"

We all move off, gliding smoothly over the dark water, everyone silent as we gaze up at the slowly nearing castle.

I subconsciously reach into my pocket before pulling my hand back and groaning softly in disappointment.

"What?" Megan and Steph ask at once, turning to glare at me.

"My phone." I groan, staring sadly at the castle. "No phone. No Internet. No tv."

"Oh!" Steph realizes with a start. "Not good."

"Supernatural, Doctor Who, Grimm. The new Hobbit movie. We're gonna miss it all." My eyes sting as I imagine the catch up we will have to do.

"Yep. But being at Hogwarts makes it worth it all." Megan tries to comfort me.

"Heads down!" Hagrid orders suddenly as the boats near a narrow part of the cliff. I bend my head, staring at my clasped hands which are starting to become clammy, despite the coldness in the air.

The boats come to a stop and we all clamber out, rocks and pebbles crunching under our feet as we look up to the castle.

"Oy, you there!" Hagrid calls, looking past me and to the right, directly at a small, chubby boy. "Is this your toad?"

"Trevor!" Neville cries, holding out his hands for the slimy creature.

Hagrid then proceeds to lead us up to the stone steps, towards the huge oak door.

"Everyone here? You there, still got your toad?" Neville nods Hagrid raises a huge fist, knocking three times on the door.

It swung open and Professor McGonagall stood there, her black hair up in a tight bun, a stern expression on her face.

"The firs'-years, Professor McGonagall," Hagrid informs her.

"Thank you, Hagrid, I will take them from here" She pulls the door wider, allowing us to see the Entrance hall and clamber in.

The stone walls reached up and up, dwarfing us, I couldn't even see the ceiling, Harry was not exaggerating. In front was a magnificent marble staircase, leading further in. The urge to explore the endless corridors and rooms overcame me but I stayed still. I will have all year to do so.

"I can't wait to explore this place!" Steph whispers to me, eyes wide and a grin on her face.

"Ditto." I reply in equal wonder and excitement.

McGonagall leads us through a side door before turning to speak, everyone immediately falling silent as she does.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," McGonagall begins, "the start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very inportant ceremony because while you..."

"How long do you think it took for her to perfect that speech?" I whisper to Steph and Megan of whom I am squished in the middle. Megan glares at me, telling me to shut up. Steph sniggers.

"Exuse me, do we have a problem?" McGonagall asks, turning her full glare in our direction.

"No, sorry miss," I murmer, feeling my face heat up as everyone turns to stare at us.

"As I was saying, At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours." She pointedly stares right at me as she says this.

"The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourself's up as much as you can while you are waiting." she glanced around, her eyes lingering on Neville and Ron, "I shall return when we are ready for you," She adds, "Please wait quietly." she left, and I turn to my friends as tons of conversations start at once.

"Yeah, that's smart," I begin with a snort, "believing we will remain quiet!" Megan rolls her eyes.

"What houses do you guys think you'll be in?" Hannah asks, "I'm either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

"Slytherin or Gryffindor," I answer immediately.

Several people next to us scream causing us to look up.

"What the-" Harry exclaims in the silence. Looking behind me, I see the ghosts slowly glide through the wall.

"Wow! Even better in real life!" I tell Megan Finlay who nods in agreement, eyes wide.

I spend the conversation staring at the silvery-white seethrougness of the ghosts in wonder and, just as I'm about to ask how they talk when the don't breathe, Preofessor McGonagall walks back in.

"Move along now," She orders sharply, "The Sorting Ceremony's about to start." The ghosts, to my dissapointment, float away. "Now, form a line and follow me." I quickly jump behind Gregor, Megan lands up behind me and we walkout of the entrance hall and into the Great Hall.

Millions of candles hang around the walls and float above the tables, four huge tables each sitting a couple of hundred students.

From somewhere in front, I hear Hermione whisper about the ceiling. I refuse to look up, knowing that if I do I will end up tripping. Instead, I watch McGonagall. I watch her put a dirty, three legged stool down, the old, black sorting hat above it. I stare at the hat, counting down.




The hat begins to sing a long, three minute song. I applause when it is over. Professor McGonagall steps forward, unrolling a long piece of parchment.

"When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," She tells us before immediately shouting the first name.

"Abbot Hannah"

Pink faced, blonde haired Hannah stumbles out of the crowd, puts the hat on, covering her eyes and mouth. The hat takes a moment to decide before shouting it decision.


The table to our left claps and cheers as a smiling Hannah runs over to join them.

"Bones Susan." went up next, getting sorted into Hufflepuff as well, she runs over to sit next to Hannah.

"You'll be soon." I tell Steph, she gulps, going unnaturally pale.

"Boot Terry" goes to Ravenclaw, the table second to the left cheering for him.

"Brocklehurst Mandy" quickly joined Terry whilst Lavender Brown went to Gryffindor. The table to the far left clapping this time.

"Brown Stephanie." Steph gulps again before slowly walking over and picking up her hat. Her terrified face quickly vanishing under the black hat. It takes a couple minutes before a decision is finaly made.

"Gryffindor." A grinning Sreph then replaces the hat before runnin over to sit next to Lavender.

Millicent Bullstrode came after her, becoming the first Slytherin. Then Crabbe joined her before Justin-Finch-Flethly found himself in Ravenclaw. Another name I know personaly came up after wards.

"Finlay Megan." I had to give Megan a push in order to force her to step up. The decision was a long one. Eventually, the hat opened its mouth.

"Hufflepuff." I raise an eyebrow as she joins the table. I had honestly expected her to be in Ravenclaw. After Megan was Seamus Finnigan before another name I knew yet not from the Potter universe came up.

"Forrester Gregor"

Gregor then proceeds to walk up to the stool.

"Ravenclaw." the hats decision was instantaneous.

After Gregor went Goyle who quickly joined Crabbe at the Slytherin table.

Hermione was called up after, sitting next to Steph once her house has been called.

"Gray Hannah,"

I smile encouragingly at Hannah as she nervously takes the hat. Her decision is another immediate one.


She grins as she walks over to sit next to Megan.

Neville is after Hannah, taking a seat opposite Hermione, Steph and Lavender. Two Slytherins, Morg McDougal and Draco Malfoy follow him. Then comes the name I have been both dreading and anticipating.

"Nelson Emma."

The End

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