As I slowly drift back from my dreams, a rumbling, vibration feeling fills my senses. In my now somehow seated position, my head is lying against a hard, smooth, cool glasslike substance, sitting on a comfortable yet straight backed chair. Murmurs and slight chatting come from the other side of my make shift headrest.

This is not my bedroom.

Cautiously, I decide to open my eyes. My face is smudged up against a see through glass and, looking through it, I see a similar glass on the opposite side of a small hallway. The other glass panel has a red curtain covering it from the inside. I lift my head to find the glass panel is in fact, a door.

I turn my eyes to the room I am in. The first object to catch my eye is a young, auburn haired female in black jeans and a black hoodie.

Frowning, I continue looking in the carriage to see three others in the compartment, a tall boy, and two girls, one of them blinking around, much like me.

"Hullo." I say bluntly, speech still addled by sleep.

"Hi." She says back, lifting an arm to push her short blonde hair from her face, next to her a large window gives us a view of countryside passing by.

"I'm Emma, and you?" I ask, looking back at her.

"Hannah." She answers, eyeing me warily. "Any idea where we are?"

"On a train?" I Answer-ask.

"How did we get here? Last I remember is going to bed last night."

"Same. But this is definitely not where I fell asleep."

"Do you know who they are?" I ask Hannah, my eyes going back to her.

"No." She says, looking out the glass door distractedly.

"Okay then. What about where we are?" I try again.

"You answered that one, we're on a train." She replies, light blue eyes flicking towards the window.

"Okay. So neither of us know where we are. We have just been packed in a train and you are okay with it?" I ask sceptically.

"I only woke up about a minute before you. And there's no point crying about it. I presumed one of you would know." She replies.

"And your parents? Your family? You were moved here in the middle of the night!" I exclaim.

"Yeah, but this is a dream." She answers.

"It doesn't feel like a dream to me." I inform her before a grunt from beside me distracts the two of us.

The only boy in the compartment jerks up, looking around before fixing dark blue eyes on Hannah.

"Where 'm I?" I asks slowly as he stretches.

"On a train." I answer, he turns to look at me.

"Well no duh Sherlock!" He groans. "Uh...who are you?" He then asks, his eyes switching to Hannah.

"I'm Emma and that's Hannah." I tell him.

"I'm Gregor." He says, looking to the petite ginger in front of him.

"God! That can not be comfy!" He winces.

Hannah and I look to the girl to see she was sitting straight backed with her chin tilted, leaning on her chest.

"She's gonna have one sore neck when she wakes." I agree, wincing.

Then something triggers.

"Gregor?" I repeat, looking from him to Hannah to the ginger. "No freaking way!" I then shout, causing the auburn girl in front of me to jerk awake, glaring around her.

"What?" Gregor hisses

"Gregor Forester?" I ask. His head shoots back to mine, eyes wide.

"How do you-?" He begins but I cut him off, turning to Hannah.

"Hannah Gray?" I say to her hesitantly, she nods, looking wearily between me and Gregor.

"I'm Emma!" I exclaim, but they both give me blank looks as the glaring girl begins to sit up. "Emma Nelson." I finish, a grin appearing on my face.

"Well that certainy is an odd coincidence," Gregor says, "but last I remember you were all 18 years old, not, what? Ten? This is some weird ass dream!"

"How the heck do I know?" I answer.

"Huh? Wha's goin' on?" The new awakened girls glare had turned into a blank expression.

"We've all been kidnapped." I inform her with a wry grin.

"Huh? Why are you happy about that. Who are you?" I roll my eyes at her.

"Same questions every time." I mock sigh before leaning forward and shaking the still sleeping ginger.

Steph, Hannah, Gregor and Emma," Gregor answers Megan as Steph looks up, blinking innocently at us.

"You better have tea." She tells me, light blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Apparently we've been kidnapped," Megan tells Steph.

"So? Where's my tea?" She asks, glare turning from me to Megan.

Before any of us could answer, the compartment door slides open and we all turn to face the small, bushy brown haired girl who walks in.

"Hi, have any of you seen a toad? Neville lost his," she asks in a prime voice, stepping to the side to allow us to see a plump, black haired boy snivelling silently.

"No, sorry." I say, staring at the girl with eyes wide open, realisation dawning. "You could get an older person to try a summoning charm though."

"What?" Hannah, Gregor and Megan exclaim, looking at me as though I was nuts.

"Why didn't I think of that?" The girl complains, slumping slightly.

"We can't all be geniuses like me." I tell her with a grin.

"I'm Hermione Granger. And you are?" The girl informs me, holding out her hand, I take it, a grin forming, I don't care if this is a dream or not, this is awesome.

"Emma." I tell her, shaking the hand. "That's Gregor next to me, Hannah at the end, Steph there and Megan opposite me." I inform her, the others are all frozen in vague versions of shock.

"Are you all first years too?" She asks, I nod. "Great! What houses do you want to be in? I've read all about them in-"

"Hogwarts: A History" I answer for her, "don't you have a toad to find?"

"Oh yeah! Thanks." Hermione says before turning and leaving, taking Neville with her.

I turn back to my friends

"Oh. My. Goodness." I exclaim alongside Gregor.

"What!?" Steph snaps, glaring from Gregor to me to the door.

"That was Hermione Granger!" I inform her.

"So that means..." Hannah begins, Megan, Gregor and I answer her.

"We're going to Hogwarts!" We shout simultaneously.

"But we're muggles." Steph informs us slowly, "we can't do magic."

"We can't be on the express if we can't do magic." Gregor answers. "And how do you explain us all being eleven if we can't do magic?"

"A dream?" Hannah answers this time.

The End

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